These New Petco Halloween Costumes for 2022 Are Pawsitively Boo-tiful

Because you know that you want to dress up your dog as a dill pickle.

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You love your pets at least as much as your own kids. With Halloween fast approaching, you might be fixated on finding costumes for your kids so that they can dress up for the holiday and get all the candy. But, if you’re only getting costumes for the humans in your life, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to dress up the dog, cat, or even bearded dragon in your life. Well, once again, Petco has opened up its ‘Bootique’, chock full of costumes that are howlingly good fun. And, in celebration of this delightful fact, we’ve rounded up the best Petco Halloween costumes for 2022.

Now, if you’re dressing up your pet, chances are you’re looking for a good laugh. And with costumes that range from dill pickles to a pizza headpiece to even (wait for it) a dog doing a beer run with another one on its back, you’re going to guffaw. Because, really, isn’t that the point of putting your pet in a pirate costume? You want to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over how precious your pet looks, and these Petco Halloween costumes will make every single Halloween snapshot totally Instagram-worthy.

In the end, the only worry should be that your pets might, just might, upstage your actual human babies. Because, in the end, if your dog is wearing a watermelon headpiece, they’re going to look pawsitively boo-tiful.


Beer run dog costume

Going to the grocery store to get some adult beverages takes on a whole new meaning when you can go on a beer run with your BFF. Fashioned with a hook-and-loop enclosure, the costume features a plush dog sitting with a bucket of ice-cold beers on top of your own pet’s back. It’s just genius.


Carrier costume for dogs or cats

There’s nothing quite like the sight of your friendly mail carrier coming to your door with packages…until you spy your own sweetie wearing a carrier costume, too. Perfect for both dogs and cats, the costume looks like your pet is doing their job delivering packages — and making people smile along the way. In this case, your pet has a part-time job at Petco (notice the name brand on both the package and the uniform), and is every wearing a baseball hat that matches, too. Just be ready with your phone to video the moment when your pet first starts walking with the costume on — you might fall in love all over again.


Kissing booth costume for dogs or cats

You smother your sweetie in smooches every day. That’s why it makes sense to transform your terrier into a real-life kissing booth. This is the costume that people will make you stop in the streets to take a picture of, because it’s kind of brilliant. The headpiece stays secure thanks to the hook-and-loop closure, and the soft, breathable fabric means that your pet’s head won’t get sweaty while they parade around in their costume.


Pizza headpiece costume for dogs or cats

Pretty much all pet costumes are cute…and then there are next-level ones, like this pizza headpiece costume from Petco that transforms your pup into a slice of pizza. The triangle-shaped pizza headpiece is cushy so it will be comfortable your dog’s head. Carefully position your pet’s head in the costume so that their ears aren’t bent or at an awkward angle. And, if you’re having a pizza party for Halloween, you might want to invite the guest of honor to nibble on some crust as a reward for being the best dog ever.


Unicorn pet costume for dogs or cats

Unicorns are real. Just ask your pet who’ll be dressed as one for Halloween. The unicorn headpiece slides over the head and closes under the neck. The gold horn will allow any onlookers to know that your pet is truly a magical creature. The rainbow tuft of furry fuzz and golden ears the envy of any other dogs out on Halloween night. It can also be a good choice if the merriment of Halloween is too loud for your dog’s ears, since they’re covered by the costume, too.


Watermelon pet costume

Summer might be over, but not for your pet who still wants to savor the long-gone season. This watermelon costume, shows such a sweet side of your dog or cat. It’ll easily fit over your pet’s head, and is an instantaneous mood lifter, because it’s just that funny. After all, when your pet wears this costume, life definitely isn’t the pits.


Lobster pet costume

Although having a pet lobster might be a bit impractical, dressing your guinea pig in a lobster costume isn’t. It’s specifically designed for small animals and will completely cover your little critter. With bright red color, claws, and legs, you just can’t get any cuter. One reviewer wrote, “The material is very soft and thank goodness it has Velcro,” while another wrote, “Overall this is a very cute and fun costume, the quality is great and I'm a fan of the soft material.”


Jack-o-lantern small pet costume

You’ll be out of your gourd when you put this jack-o-lantern costume on your pet. It instantly transforms your pet (whether it’s a guinea pig or a hamster) into a pumpkin for Halloween. The costume has a hood that features two faux green leaves, and a happy, smiling jack-o-lantern on the body. One reviewer wrote, “This Guinea pig/small animal pumpkin costume is quite adorable. It fits nicely and is easy on/off with Velcro straps that go under the belly.’ And if you want to keep using it post-Halloween as a part of their wardrobe, you absolutely can.


Detective pet costume

If you’ve been wondering who’s been eating all the carrots, it might be a case for somebunny to solve. Like, perhaps, your own rabbit when they don this detective costume. Specially designed for rabbits, the costume looks like it stepped right out of Victorian England. The costume comes with a cape and a hat, both in a signature tartan print. All your rabbit needs is a magnifying glass and, if it could talk, a British accent. No case will be too big or small for Sherlock Rabbit.


Tortoise pet costume

It’s kind of ironic when you think about it. After all, a rabbit (which are known to run as fast as 30 mph) dressed as a tortoise, one of the slowest-moving creatures on the planet. And that’s what’s going to make everyone giggle when they see your rabbit dressed like a total tortoise, toting its green shell. If you’re wondering how this costume is going to stay put, it has loops that go around your pet’s legs. If you have young children, you can always dress up your rabbit in this tortoise costume and then read The Tortoise and the Hare to them.


Pickle pet costume

Your dog really is a big dill — pickle, that is. This pickle costume (perfect for both dogs and cats) is new this year from the Petco Bootique. It has a hook-and-loop closure so you’re your pet will feel like they’re getting a big hug. It even has a hood to keep your hound’s head nice and dry in case it rains on Halloween. Although you might be tempted to take a bite out of your Basenji, it might put your pooch in a sour mood — even more sour than a true dill pickle. But when you see your baby in this delicious costume, you’ll be tickled pink…or, in the case of this costume, green.


Skeleton lizard pet costume

When people think of pet costumes, dogs and cats come to mind. But what about all the other animals that want to wear a costume, too? Well, your bearded dragon will shed its skin (but not really) when it wears this skeleton lizard costume. The hooded costume fits beardies with bellies that measure between 5.5-7.5” and is 4.5-5.5” from their neck to their tush. Apart from seeing the skeletal structure of your bearded dragon, this is cute simply for the fact that it’s a costume for a bearded dragon.


Pirate cat costume

Ahoy, me hearties! You’ll happily walk the plank for your kitty when they’re dressed in this precious pirate costume. Unlike many of the pet costumes that the Petco Bootique has, this one is strictly for kitties, but the sight of your fluffball wearing a pirate’s hat, and sporting a knife (and, swoon, a hook for a hand) will have you shivering your timbers. In order to ensure that it’s a pirate’s life for your pet, make sure that they wear the costume a couple of times to get used to it, and be ready to snap that million-dollar shot of Kitty looking like Captain Hook.

Dressing up your pet for Halloween is one of life’s most underrated joys. So when you’re at Petco picking up supplies, stroll to their costume section and infuse some extra happiness into your life that can only come when you see your dog dressed as a burrito.

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