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8 Easter Mini Egg Desserts To Impress Your Family

Because they’re basically edible decorations.

My absolute favorite Easter treat is a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. They’re just the right amount of sweetness and crunch, and they are just so good to have a handful of at all times. But more than eating them plain, I love mixing them into some Easter desserts and treats. Whether you’re looking for a big Easter Sunday dessert or just some fun spring-themed treats to share with your family, these Easter mini egg recipes are where it’s at. They’re a good mixture of easy and impressive, and you’re seriously going to want them all.

The best part about these desserts is that they use those little pastel Cadbury Mini Eggs, so they almost look like a decoration on your table. You can use them as a centerpiece — like the coconut nests with the mini eggs — and have people munch on them throughout the Easter dinner, or you can bring them out for a big impressive “Ooh!” — like the blue Easter nest cake — when the table is cleared from dinner.

So pick your favorite Easter mini egg dessert from this list. When everyone else is bringing meringue pies and puddings, you’ll have a gorgeous, Instagram-worthy dessert. (If you don’t eat the whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs first.)


Easter Coconut Macaroons

I love these Easter coconut macaroons from A Pretty Life in the Suburbs so much, because not only are they easy and delicious, they also make for a beautiful centerpiece on your Easter table.


Speckled Egg Easter Cake

How gorgeous is this speckled egg Easter cake from Mom on Timeout? The mini eggs are such a sweet touch on this gorgeous cake, which is vanilla with blue buttercream in between each layer. You could even customize the cake with other pastel colors if you want.


Easter Bunny Dirt Cake

I just love how sweet this Easter bunny dirt cake from Cookies and Cups looks, and your kids will love helping you decorate. The cake itself is like a whipped cheesecake consistency, and the mini eggs and bunny are such a festive touch.


Cadbury Chocolate Chip Cookies

You just didn’t realize how elevated chocolate chip cookies could get, but this recipe from Inside Bru Crew Life for Cadbury chocolate chip cookies is going to show you. It’s the perfect melty, gooey, crunchy bite of sweetness you need on Easter Sunday.


Mini Easter Cheesecakes

For a classic recipe, try these mini Easter cheesecakes from Averie Cooks, which are what you already love about the traditional dessert, but just fancy with some mini eggs on top. Again, these also would look super cute on a nice platter as a centerpiece.


Haystack Nests

These are an annual Easter treat on my own table, and I just love them. You can whip up these haystack nests from A Spicy Perspective in no time, and the little mini eggs are such a great taste. It’s like a salty, crunchy, sweet bite, and just the best.


Chocolate Cadbury Egg Cookies

Rich, decadent, these chocolate Cadbury egg cookies from A Cozy Kitchen are unreal. Plus look how adorable they are with all the little pops of color in a perfectly chewy chocolate dessert.


Bunny Bark

This recipe for Bunny Bark from Bakerella is so easy and so fun to customize. Whatever Easter candy you have available, especially mini eggs, can get put into this so that each bite is all of your favorite flavors.

If you just decide to eat a whole bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs instead of making a recipe, then go for it. But hopefully this list gives you some inspiration.