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Double Your Fun With These Easy Couples' Halloween Costumes

Better together.

With all the focus on the kids, the closer Halloween gets parents might realize they don’t have their own costumes figured out. Don’t panic. Combine forces instead with these easy couples Halloween costumes.

The truth is, you probably have the makings for many of these easy couples Halloween costumes in your closet or attic already. With a little ingenuity, possibly some duct tape, and a sense of fun, you could put together a pairing that will be hilarious and simple in a few steps. Or, and no one will judge you for it, you could just buy a set of these easy couple costumes.

All you need are two willing participants and a little time for your costume order to arrive. But no sweat there. There’s still plenty of time to jump on the couple costume bandwagon. Have fun with these easy couples Halloween costumes. That’s what this spooky day is all about, right?

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1. Sandy and Danny from Grease

Going as well known characters is a great way to have some fun on Halloween. Think old movies, TV shows, politics! There’s plenty to choose from. And when it comes to iconic Hollywood movie couples, Grease’s Danny and Sandy are at the top of the list. Reenact your own choreographed version of “You’re the one that I want” in these couples costumes. For Sandy, slip into a pair of skin tight faux leather jumpsuit with a matching jacket and belt (heels not included, natch). And for Danny, become the Greaser you were always meant to be with an official T-Birds faux leather jacket you can easily pair with black jeans, Converse sneaks, and, of course, a folding pocket comb (all the better to keep your pompadour at its best).

2. Minnie & Mickey Mouse

Mickey and Minnie have been charming cartoon lovers since 1928 and for many they remain the ultimate #couplegoals. So embrace your inner Mousketeer with this darling duo costume. Rather than risk a pair of yellow pumps all night long, this Minnie suit is more forgiving. It’s a polka dot onesie with a front zip closure. Big mouse ears are sewn on the hood along with Minnie’s signature bow. As for Mickey, his costume comes in a similar design. It’s also a onesie with a tail on the back and mouse ears attached to the hood. But while Minnie’s comes with gloves, Mickey will have to purchase those separately.

3. Bob Ross and a Painting

Who could have predicted that a guy quietly oil painting on public access TV would become such a popular show? Even now, 27 years after The Joy of Painting went off the air, it continues to live on in the minds and hearts of fans. If you’re a Bob Ross fanatic, then here’s a great couples costume for you. The Bob Ross Kit includes a curly wig, beard with an elastic head band, paint palette, and paintbrush while your partner gets to wear an oil painting tunic that stretches out as you lift your arms. Hilarious and very timely thanks to the recent release of a new documentary on the famous artist, this couples costume is guaranteed to garner some laughs on Halloween.

4. Ken and Barbie

If you already get comparisons to Ken and Barbie, the legendary Mattel dolls, then go ahead and embrace the comments by becoming them for one night. You and your partner will be responsible for coming up with the most outrageous Barbie and Ken costumes — fortunately there are plenty to choose from — but once you have those nailed, simply slip the pink boxes over your head and voila, you’re ready to party. The polyester boxes are held together with PVC poles and are officially licensed by Mattel so that logo will look totally authentic. Only trick is figuring out how to eat candy through the clear plastic.

5. S’Mores

You know what makes for a great date night? An outdoor fire with plenty of s’mores. Bring back that loving feeling with this couples s’mores costume. This set comes with two graham cracker tunics, each screen printed with the essential s’mores ingredients: chocolate and marshmallow. Comfortable shoulder straps make these lightweight costumes easy to put on so you won’t feel like you’re carrying a real sandwich board all night. Plus, you can wear whatever you want underneath. You could carry the fall feeling by adding a knit hat or a flannel shirt, or just don your favorite jeans and sneaks and call it a day. Either way, you’ll be the sweetest couple on Halloween, hands down.

6. Chips & Salsa

Ever been told that you and your partner go together like chips and salsa? Is there any higher compliment? No, reader, there isn’t. Become this perfect food marriage by dressing up as the ultimate appetizer this Halloween. These couples costumes are two pieces: a tortilla chip tunic and a jar of salsa tunic. Both are made of polyester and feature Velcro closures to hold them in place. And, because you’ll be wearing tunics, you can dress this couples costume up or down. Pair that crunchy chip with heels or opt for slip ons. Add a cilantro hat to your salsa ensemble or nix it all together. Do what you want. Just don’t double dip.

7. Eggs & Bacon

Wakey wakey eggs and bac-y is something you can go ahead and say all night long when you purchase this eggs and bacon couples costume set. This hilarious blue plate special is made of polyester and foam to give texture to your favorite a.m. eats. The bacon strips criss-cross the body to hold in place, while the egg features a hole at the top for a person’s head. While long enough to offer relatively ample body coverage, wearing your own clothes underneath is recommended. And if you want to get a whole menu going, invite your friends to purchase waffle and pancake stack couples costumes. Frying pan not included.

8. Hand Sanitizer

If there’s one thing everyone has started carrying in the last two years it’s hand sanitizer. So how appropriate that you can now become a human bottle of sanitizer for Halloween. But, as everyone knows, one bottle is never enough. That’s why couples should go as a pair of hand sanitizers for Halloween. Made to look exactly like a real bottle, this costume reads: “PureX Hand Sanitizer. Antibacterial. Kills 99.99% of Germs.” Built as a tunic, the suit slips on over the head and a hood acts as the bottle lid. Remind people to practice good hygiene this season while you celebrate.

9. Black Plague Couple

Our generation’s own Black Plague, it can be hard to find the humor in the ongoing pandemic. But try we must and with these 17th century inspired plague costumes, you can conjure up the past quick. On the left, you can get a sheath, column, gloves, mask, hat, and waist belt. While the costume on the right comes with a dress, cape, belt, hat, mask, and pair of gloves. Both sets are made out of polyester. Dig around in your garage for a lantern (which neither outfit includes) and you’ll have the look on lock for this dark reminder that history tends to repeat itself.

10. Addams Family Couple

They may have lived an eccentric life but there’s one thing for which Gomez and Morticia were great role models: they were passionately, madly in love with one another. You two can show your haunting romance by becoming this classic television couple made famous on The Addams Family. Gomez’s costume is a pin striped jacket and pant set with a built in shirt and tie. Morticia, on the other hand, wears a lanky black velvet polyester long sleeve dress featuring a high slit up the right leg. The dress also comes with a necklace to complete the chic look. Put them together and you have a frighteningly fond of each other pair and an award-winning couples costume.

11. Day of the Dead Couple

If you want to salute the Mexican holiday of Day of the Dead, this couples costume has all the pieces you need. Foam and polyester makes up the pant suit costume which includes a classic black sombrero, skeleton mask, jacket, vest, faux shirt, attached bow tie, and a red cummerbund. The dress option is made of the same materials and includes a dress with skeleton bones printed on the chest, belt with a bow, red headpiece, and sugar skull mask. Based on the traditional Mexican outfits often worn on Dia de los Muertos, you can wear this to both celebrations.

12. Matching Skeletons

The skeleton is always a good Halloween costume idea, but it’s especially a good couples costume idea. What’s better than one skeleton? Two of course. No bones about it, you and your boo will be looking cute as a skeleton pair with these couples costumes. Both are super comfy zip up onesies topped with hoods. And to make it extra special, when the hood zips, there are eye holes, so you can actually roll out totally covered. Atomically correct, even the back features the skeleton structure, so you can easily point to past injury locations or where exactly you broke your arm when you were 10. Humerus stuff, right?

Double your fun this year by partnering up in these fun, frightening and easy couples Halloween costumes. Think of it as a bonding experience for you and your all-year-round boo.