Sweet Summertime

Group of small friends eating ice-cream during summer day by the pool. Focus is on boy.
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19 Summer Snacks For The Best Kind Of Meal

Think easy, light, and full of flavor.

Summer is not the time for elaborate meal plans. Summer is the time for poolside snacks, for treats you can eat as you lounge in the sun, for pretty dishes you can take to your neighbors’ for a summer party. Summer snacks are truly the best part of summer eating, and finding some great bite-sized dishes and summer appetizers that use the best flavors of the season is key. Think tomatoes, zucchini, watermelon, peaches, and more when you think about the best summer snacks.

Of course, some of the best summer snacks are actually a bag of chips thrown in your pool bag on your way out the door. But if you’re looking for lots of punchy flavors, lots of zest, and lots of delicious combos, then this list of summer snacks is just for you. Some of these summer snacks can even count as dinner if you make a big enough plate, and truly anything that will keep you outside enjoying the sun more and less time inside with the stove is a plus. From sweet treats to savory salads, filling dips to bite-sized goodies, this list of summer snacks has it all. Pick a few of your favorites — the kids will even like a lot of these — and make yourself a nice big summer snack platter. There are even a few drink options here (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) so you can drink your summer snacks, too.


A Frozen, Seasonal Treat

You don’t need an ice cream maker or a lot of time to make this delicious watermelon sorbet recipe featured on Yummly. You just melt up the sugar ingredients, add in pureed watermelon, and then pop in the freezer for three to four hours. That’s it! And then you have a perfect, refreshing summer snack.


The Perfect Summer Cake

Blueberries and lemons are perfect summer flavors, and they’re combined beautifully in this blueberry lemon cake recipe featured on Yummly. I love this recipe because it doesn’t include a lot of fussy ingredients, and it also isn’t too sweet. It’s nice and tangy and moist and just a great summer snack cake.


A Flavorful Summer Appetizer

Shrimp spring rolls are one of my favorite light, crisp, refreshing snacks that are also just absolutely delicious. This shrimp spring rolls recipe from Yummly is so easy to throw together, and is a great way to get your kids to help you out in the kitchen, too. I love it for a summer snack, but you could also pair these up with some other appetizers for a nice, light summer dinner.


The Best Summer Fruit Dessert

Fruit salad gets tiresome quickly, but a fruit pizza? Yes please. This fruit pizza recipe from Pinch of Yum is beyond good, and is just so fun to put together. It also looks super impressive at a summer get-together or party.


A Summery Tomato Snack

I love bruschetta so much, and this summer bruschetta rrecipe from Yummly is beyond delicious. Using fresh tomatoes and basil, it’s the perfect pop of summer flavors and takes zero time to make or serve.


The Best Way To Serve Corn

Corn! You can’t talk about summer recipes without talking about corn, and this summer corn salad from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is so great for a summer snack. Unlike a lot of corn recipes, this doesn’t require any grilling — just boil, shuck, and toss with all of the other ingredients.


A Seasonal Ice Cream

Another perfect blueberry recipe — blueberry ice cream.But this one is going to be a little time consuming. You’ll need an ice cream maker, but the results are unreal, and it’s the perfect mixutre of sweet tangy blueberries and the soft creaminess of ice cream. So good.


The Best Summer Guac

Take your guacamole recipe and update it a bit with extra beautiful summer flavors. This mango-strawberry summer guac recipe is only six ingredients and is such a fun mixture of sweet and spicy. Serve it up with your favorite tortilla chips for a great summer snack.


A New Twist On Zucchini For Summer

Zucchini is a big summer flavor and you really can’t go wrong with just some roasted or sauteed zucchini, but I really love these baked zucchini ranch parmesan chips from Damn Delicious. They’re super easy to throw together, and they’re a great summer snack for by the pool, to eat on your porch, or to take to a summer party.


A Super-Easy Summer Salsa

Salsa is already a nice summer snack, but why not try this mango salsa recipe from Gimme Some Oven? Just five ingredients make for a refreshing, bright, and lovely summer snack.


The Most Perfect Summer Crostini

A crostini is always a great summer snack, but this recipe from Yummly uses goat cheese and peaches to make a truly delicious summer crostini. So many fun flavors and nothing beats a fresh peach.


Simple Summer Cheese Board

A cheese board is always a classic, and Half Baked Harvest really knocks it out of the bark with this summer cheese board. Use your favorite cheeses and then add in figs, honey, tomatoes, berries, and other punchy summer flavors to make a truly delicious (and beautiful!) summer snack.


A Zesty Corn Dip

Yes, it’s another corn recipe, but Mexican corn is just so, so good. This Mexican corn dip from Yummly is packed with flavor, and I’m basically telling you all to have a summer snack dinner full of dips.


The Best Summer Lemonade

A tall, frosty glass of something fruity is pretty much the only summer snack I want when it’s hot and miserable outside. Enter this strawberry lemonade recipe featured on Yummly. It’s so easy and so pretty. Just blend up some strawberry puree, add in some simple syrup and lemon juice, and serve with lots of ice and garnishes. Delish.


A Summer Pasta Salad On Skewers

Pasta salad is always a favorite, but I love the idea of serving up this tortellini salad on little mini skewers. It’s the perfect bite-sized summer snack, and it’s not too heavy or messy for eating poolside.


A Frozen Summer Cocktail

This frozen peach bellini from Damn Delicious takes literally three ingredients and about five minutes. Does it get any better than that for a summer snack?


The Zestiest Summer Salad

Oh yes, another watermelon recipe because watermelon is everywhere during the summer. I’ve made a version of this watermelon salad featured on Yummly before and it is so delightful. Tangy, zesty, sweet, and lots of fun textures to bite into. Plus, it looks gorgeous in a big bowl.


A Fresh & Bright Summer Verde Salsa

All you need is a food processor and the ingredients and you can whip up this bright, flavorful, zesty chunky tomatillo avocado salsa from Averie Cooks in no time. If you’re a big fan of verde salsa, you’ll love this one so much. It’s a great summer snack.


The Quintessential Summer Bean Salad

And it’s just not summer without a great bean salad on the menu. I love this black bean salad featured on Yummly, which also includes summer staples like tomatoes and avocado for a filling and delicious summer snack.

Whether you want a plate of summer snacks for dinner or need something to eat poolside or at a party, this list has something for you and the warm weather.