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Eggo House of Pancakes

The Eggo House of Pancakes In Gatlinburg Is The Perfect Family Vacay

And also where you get to eat a lot of breakfast foods.

There is just something about a novelty vacation spot. I distinctly remember as a kid going to a theme park and visiting their new “kid suites” which were all furnished to represent the theme park’s characters and vibes and being totally blown away.

And y’all. That was how my kids felt walking into the Eggo House of Pancakes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Sponsored and rented out by HomeToGo, the Eggo House of Pancakes is a literal mountain house designed to look like a stack of pancakes on the outside — and the inside. There is syrup dripping from the roof line, the hot tub on the patio looks like an enormous stack of pancakes, and the trademark yellow and red of the iconic Eggo logo can be seen everywhere. And the inside? It is a breakfast lovers’ delight.

I have three daughters who live for waffles and pancakes. An Eggo breakfast is very common for us on busy school mornings, and all three of my girls are enormous breakfast eaters. Like, second and third breakfasts, and they could honestly just skip dinner (unless I offer breakfast for dinner and then, of course, they’re all in). The inside of this Eggo House of Pancakes blew their absolute minds.

A two-story house featuring four bedrooms and four full baths with two additional half-baths, there is tons of space and room to make this a huge family adventure. (We literally walked in and were like, “Should we... call our best friends and their kids to come join us?”) The downstairs has been turned into a huge game room area, with doors to head out to the patio hot tub and table (also a fire pit) and tons of entertainment. There’s a huge Eggo-themed pool table, there is a TV over the fireplace (where the mantel is also fashioned out of dripping syrup), and there’s a classic arcade game featuring all of your favorites — my kids thoroughly enjoyed playing Pac-Man.

The little alcove where my 9-year-old took the best nap of her life.Eggo
The perfect, Eggo-themed kitchen.Eggo
The game room where we spent most of our time.Eggo
Please peep the fried egg tables in the kids’ room.Eggo
The main bedroom upstairs.Eggo

There’s also a little area in an alcove that features a stack of plush pancakes to lay on, and all around the house, there are little details like blueberry and strawberry pillows (to represent your favorite pancake toppings) and mini stacks of pancakes to sit on. Upstairs, there’s another big living room with a TV, fireplace, and seating, and there is a super retro kitchen decked out in Eggo yellow and red with a fridge absolutely stocked with frozen Eggo pancakes and Eggo coffee creamer. The jars around the kitchen were filled with fun snacks and gummies, and the Eggo team made sure we had everything we needed for breakfast, including Eggo Blueberry Waffle Keurig cups, bacon, and whipped cream.

The author and her family in front of the Eggo House of Pancakes.Courtesy of Samantha Darby

As Instagram-worthy as this place is, it really was such a special stay for our family. With three girls, two full-time jobs, and all of our activities, it’s not often we get to just fully decompress with our family of five. Staying in the Eggo House of Pancakes was just pure joy from start to finish. Our kids loved wandering from room to room and discovering some new detail, like the strawberry bed sheets and hand soaps shaped like pancakes. But the fact that it’s literally in the heart of the Smoky Mountains is even better.


We spent part of our weekend exploring Gatlinburg, a vacation spot in Tennessee that I went to a lot as a kid. We even took the kids with us to Sugarlands Distillery, a moonshine distillery where we got a tour and got to try some moonshine in a tasting, including the Eggo Brunch in a Jar moonshine. With an attractions pass courtesy of Eggo, we were also able to visit a few spots in town, including Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, which our girls were big fans of.

The Eggo House of Pancakes is a limited edition rental for the month of March, and has been booked pretty quickly each week through HomeToGo. My personal wish is that it becomes an annual spring break rental option because there is just nothing quite like a freezer full of pancakes and plenty of strawberry-shaped pillows to lounge on.