Father's Day

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11 Father-Daughter Movies On Netflix You Need To Watch With Dad On Father's Day

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If you and your dad are both big movie-goers, then celebrate the upcoming holiday with some cinema. There are so many father-daughter movies on Netflix to watch with your dad this Father’s Day, you have a choice of whatever flick suits your fancy. Whether you’re into lighthearted comedies, mind-warping sci-fi adventures, or gritty dramas, there’s something every father and daughter will love watching together.

In fact, why not make a whole Father’s Day celebration centered around movies? Cook up some recipes dad will love (from burgers to dessert), then settle in for a movie night. Plus, if you aren’t exclusive to Netflix, there are many more movies to watch on Father’s Day on other streaming services, including Finding Nemo and Father of the Bride.

Honestly, the most difficult part will be picking the movie (or movies) to watch together, because there are so many options on Netflix at the moment. There are plenty of father-daughter sports movies (including two based on wrestling), a film based on a singing competition tv show, and a good old-fashioned treasure hunt movie. There’s even a wedding movie where the bride’s father is (rather adorably) fixated on giving her a dream wedding. Whatever your preference, there’s a Netflix movie starring a father and daughter you’re sure to love watching with your own dad.


‘Dad Wanted’

Eager to enter a BMX competition that her mom would never allow, a tween girl hosts a casting call to hire an actor to pose as her father. (With a prize of 100,000 pesos, the competition is worth a little out-of-the-box thinking.) The feel-good movie features some adorable moments between the BMX cyclist and her hired father figure.



A wrestler trains his two daughters for competition at the Commonwealth Games. As he reasons, his girls stand a legitimate chance at winning the gold. If you’re in the mood for an inspiring sports movie, then this film about a father’s bond with his daughters through wrestling is well worth the watch.


'Double Dad'

Essentially the Brazilian version of Mamma Mia!, Double Dad follows a teen’s search to discover her birth father. But navigating Rio de Janeiro is quite an adventure for the girl who grew up on a free-spirited commune.


'Finding Ohana'

While visiting their father in Hawaii one summer, two siblings go on a hunt for a lost treasure. Gorgeous scenery, plenty of adventure, and strong family bonds are at the heart of this feel-good movie


'First Match'

A high-school girl joins the boy’s wrestling team while trying to manage a relationship with her estranged father. Although it isn’t a typical feel-good father-daughter movie, this gritty drama has plenty of heart, and it’s almost guaranteed to make you an instant fan of Elvire Emanuelle



A young singer demolishes a singing competition show with the goal of meeting her father, who just happens to be one of the judges. This Polish musical movie is perfect for fans of The Voice.


'Like Father'

Starring Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, and Seth Rogan, the 2018 drama/comedy is filled with heart. Bell stars as a busy advertising exec who reunites with her estranged father after being left at the altar. Hey, better make the most of that honeymoon cruise in some way.



When Lydia gets tied up in a serious crime with her boyfriend and her gang, she escapes and contacts her ex-con dad, played by Mel Gibson, to help her. When the gang finds her at her father’s house, that’s when this father-daughter action flick, Blood Father, really takes off. It winds up involving landmines, car chases, and general bad*ssery, but also some heartfelt moments, too.



In this sci-fi thriller, a father-daughter duo travel to a faraway moon in search of a rare gem, where they are forced to contend with unexpected troubles. It’s a blast for any family who loves a little dystopia in their movies.


‘Ride Like A Girl’

The bond between this father, a horse trainer, and his daughter, an aspiring jockey, is particularly beautiful in this film. Can she win the Melbourne Cup?


‘The Week Of’

It’s a wedding movie where the father of the bride is one of the starring roles. Determined to give his daughter a wonderful wedding, Adam Sandler has to contend with the groom’s wealthier father (Chris Rock), who has his own ideas about the ceremony.