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These 21 Father's Day Crafts Will Make Dad Feel Extra Special

Show off your crafty side this Father's Day.

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Give the gift of your time and creativity. Unique, personalized, and handmade crafts for Father's Day are some of the most meaningful gifts around. No matter your age or crafting experience, Dads love these handmade treasures, which can’t be purchased or ordered anywhere.

Similar to Mother’s Day crafts, these cool projects would make great homemade gifts for Father’s Day. After all, both kids and parents alike love these types of creations, and they’re likely to become keepsakes for years to come. These crafts generally do not require any specialized tools beyond what you can find at your local craft or hardware store. Even better, many of the crafts are suitable for kids to make on their own, while a few others will need a little help from an adult. For the most part, the crafts you choose will depend on your kid’s age and abilities. And before anyone asks: it’s totally cool for adult children to present their fathers with handmade crafts, too. If any of these strike your fancy, whip up a cool coaster set or watercolor piece for your own father. Read on to find the perfect Father’s Day craft for your family, and suddenly your Father’s Day gift planning is totally done.


Custom Checkers For Father’s Day

Create a totally unique game for your family with the Custom “Checkers” for Father’s Day from 30 Minute Crafts. Now your kids can be their own game pieces.


LEGO Pen Holder

This handy LEGO pen holder from Lalymom is not only practical, but it also doubles as a mini picture frame. It’s the ideal gift for those families who love all things LEGO.


Custom Graphic Art Poster (From Your Kid)

Follow the simple instructions from A Beautiful Mess to make a cool graphic poster out of your kid’s latest artwork. It does involve a little knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and access to a printing service, but the end result is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind keepsake.


Recycled Cassette Tape Succulent Planter

Even though today’s kids might not even recognize the things, cassette tapes can be cleverly reused to create this Recycled Cassette Tape Succulent Planter from Creative Green Living. It’s a cool way to make something new out of old media. It’s especially perfect if you have an old collection of cassettes that won’t really play anymore.


Trophy for Dad

The handmade Father’s Day trophy from Meri Cherry Art Studio is one of the cutest creations you’ll ever see. How will your kids decide to decorate this totally unique award?


“Hands-On” Father’s Day Project

A couple of supplies from the craft store are all you need to make this etched handprint mug for Father’s Day, and Delia Creates provides the clear instructions. Then Dad will have a keepsake of the kid’s tiny handprints forever. (This one might make him a little misty-eyed.)


Gone Fishing Wooden Sign

Follow DIY Candy’s cool tutorial to make a rustic wood sign. The “Gone Fishing” message is great, and you could always swap it out for Dad’s favorite hobby.


Tissue Paper Suncatchers

Give dad a totally unique portrait of his kids with the Tissue Paper Suncatchers from Girl Loves Glam. Make one with Dad’s photo, too, and let your kid design a tissue paper wardrobe to match.


Father’s Day Felt Pennants

Show your love with these cute Father’s Day Felt Pennants from Handmade Charlotte. Use the colors of your dad’s team for extra personalization.


Kid-Made Scribble Mug

The colorful and creative Kid-Made Scribble Mug from I Heart Arts n’ Crafts is certain to become an instant keepsake. A few well-placed stickers can even spell out a special word or message for your dad.


Rope Bracelets for Dad

Elevate your dad’s accessory game with these cool Rope Bracelets for Dad from Hello Glow. Using materials from the hardware store, you can make some seriously hip looking bracelets to wear all summer long.


Stenciled Grilling Apron

For dads who are all about outdoor cooking, the Stenciled Grilling Apron from Lovely Indeed is a personalized Father’s Day gift that’s also super useful. Help protect dad’s duds from all that smoke and sauce.


Rad Dad Hat

Create a customized Rad Dad hat with the tutorial from Minted Strawberry. With a spare hat and a few craft store supplies, you’ll have a custom dad hat in no time.


Comic Book Coasters

A little Mod Podge and some materials from the hardware store are all you need to make these seriously neat Comic Book Coasters from Mod Podge Rocks. Use your dad’s favorite heroes (or villains) for a personalized touch.


My Dad Rocks Craft

A few rocks and some cardstock make up the cute and punny My Dad Rocks Craft from Non-Toy Gifts. How will your kid recreate their father’s likeness with rocks?


Artsy Watercolor Father’s Day Poetry

Put your kid’s artistic talents to good use with the colorful Watercolor Father’s Day Poetry project from Pink Stripey Socks. Watercolors, watercolor paper, and sharpies are all you need to create this heartfelt gift.


Kids Artwork Notebook Cover

Now dad can have a journal, planner, or calendar like no other with the Kids Artwork Notebook Cover from Princess Pinky Girl. Add the actual art (or a photo printout of it) to the front of a plain notebook and voila! Your child has their own line of cute accessories.


Cooler With A Makeover

Turn a regular cooler into something fantastic with the DIY Throwback Cooler Makeover from Studio DIY. A little paint and some stickers can create the most unique cooler around.


Family Photo Magnets

The Family Photo Magnets from Fun Family Crafts are both sentimental and useful. Plus, they only become more special as the kids grow up.


Felt Or Paper Flowers

Learn how to make Felt or Paper Flowers from Vitamini Handmade, then create a whole bouquet for dad. These flowers won’t ever wilt.


Easy Bird Feeder Craft

Even the littlest kids can help build the Easy Bird Feeder Craft from This Grandma Is Fun. Give it to dad with some birdseed and enjoy the feathered visitors.

However you spend this holiday, the sweet and sentimental Father’s Day crafts will make a perfect gift for any dad.

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