Mother's Day

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New Moms Will Love These 20 Mother's Day Gifts

If only you could get the baby to sleep through the night, too.

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Since your baby arrived, your partner has probably been giving it everything she has physically, mentally, and emotionally. There’s no doubt she’s exhausted from loving that baby so hard, which is why you should put a little extra thought into her first Mother’s Day gifts. She deserves a little something that’s just for her, and since the baby isn’t old enough to do the shopping, it’s up to you.

The early days of new parenthood are challenging, to put it lightly. There’s the obvious sleep deprivation, lack of time for proper hygiene, not to mention the giant learning curve you’re trying to tackle basically every day. It’s a lot. This is probably the reason Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were thought up in the first place because, to be honest, anyone who willingly opts to raise a little human deserves a day of recognition.

While a full night of sleep and a long, hot shower are a good place to start with Mother’s Day gifts, something tangible is also nice. You can go big with some really nice jewelry, smaller with a handmade coffee mug, or find something in between. What matters most is that you put some thought into it so that she knows her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. If you need some ideas, here are some great first Mother’s Day gifts for the new mama in your life. Oh, and don’t forget to get her a card, too.

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New Mom Gift Box

Celebrate her “Established” date with this mama mantra gift box. It comes in two sizes and includes a 100% soy candle (you can pick the scent), whipped body butter, handmade soap, and a bath bomb, lip balm, a box of matches, and body spray. All of the products are made with the cleanest ingredients possible and smell delightful.


Personalized Book

Since the baby probably isn’t writing its own books quite yet, you can personalize a pre-written one for her instead. It’s a sweet story from a child to their mom with pictures and thoughtful messages throughout. There are several customization options so it will really feel like the book was written just for mom.


Roll-On Essential Oils

If she’s a fan of essential oils, this kit gives her three scents in roll-on tubes. Scents include Lavender and Chill, Rose and Reset, and Citrine and Centered. All she has to do is roll a little onto her wrist, neck, or temples and she’ll start feeling the benefits in no time.


Monogram Bracelet

For the mom who likes simple statement jewelry, get her this bracelet with her baby’s initial on it. It’s made from gold-plated brass and the charm drops down about one inch from the bracelet.


A Book That Speaks The Truth

As a new mom, she might be in desperate need of a little encouragement and a good laugh. If that’s the case, this book can give her both. It’s written by an award-winning journalist and fellow-mom and full of wisdom, real-life tips, and reminders that mom is doing an amazing job.


Superfood Face Masks

Sleep deprivation does a number on the skin. Of course, don’t tell her that, just give her this gift set with two amazing face masks along with a few hours for her to relax and use them. Both masks are made from clean superfoods and come in powder form, so all she has to do is add a little water, apply, and sit back while they brighten, exfoliate, and awaken her skin.


At-Home Massage

Because a good night’s sleep is so incredibly important, this gel memory foam pillow has a case infused with millions of microcapsules filled with the highest quality CBD to promote relaxation and a deeper sleep (and, hopefully, a brighter morning).


Custom Necklace

You can customize this necklace with the baby’s name, “mama,” or another meaningful word. It’s available in several metals and you can even upgrade it to include a diamond. The chain is available in four different lengths and you can add up to four 15-letter names/words on the bar.


Monthly Flower Delivery Subscription

Why give her a single bouquet of flowers when she can get a gorgeous farm-direct bouquet delivered to her on a regular basis? Bouqs offers monthly subscriptions in three different bouquet sizes, all of which include fresh seasonal flowers for her to put on display.


Cozy & Hilarious Shirt

You can get this amazing graphic, which reads “Good Moms Say Bad Words,” printed onto a sweatshirt, hoodie, tank top, or tee shirt in a variety of colors. Every piece is handmade and each top is made from soft fabric so she will look great and feel comfortable.


A Luxurious Shower

A shower in and of itself can be a luxury for a new mom, but you can make it even more luxurious with these shower steamers (basically the shower-equivalent of a bath bomb). This set comes with six steamers in lavender, vanilla, peppermint, grapefruit, watermelon, and eucalyptus scents, perfect for rejuvenation and relaxation. All she has to do is drop one of these onto the shower floor and the water will do the rest.


A Pretty Coffee Mug

If she’s basically surviving on caffeine, then she should at least get to sip it from a pretty mug. This one is 10oz, has gorgeous flowers printed on each side of it, and has a black rim. Each mug is made-to-order and needs to be hand washed.


Gorgeous Comfortable Robe

A nice robe is practically a necessity for moms, and this one fits the bill. It’s duster-length and has an open front with a removable belt. Plus, if she’s wearing it while she breastfeeds, there’s no need to worry about spit-up situations because it’s safe to go into the washer and dryer.


Comfortable Joggers

No matter where she decides to wear these super-soft joggers, she’ll be comfortable and stylish. They have pockets, an elastic waist with a drawstring, and a 26” inseam and can be pushed up for a more cropped look. There are several color options, too, so you’re likely to find a pair that matches her style.


New Mom-Size Bag

She might be carrying a diaper bag now, but soon enough she won’t need to bring all of the things when she takes the baby out, just some of the things, which is why a bag like this comes in handy. It measures around 10” x 10” and is 3.25” deep, leaving plenty of space for a wallet, keys, phone, a couple of diapers, a travel pack of wipes, and a snack or two for the road. It can be carried by the handles or worn across the body with the strap, and it’s available in four colors.


Sweet Bracelet

This stretchy beaded bracelet is gorgeous on its own, and it comes with something a little extra, too. On the charm is a code that she can use to access the Little Words Project app or website where she will find a community of people, part of the “Nice Girl Gang,” who are there to share kind words and lift each other up. So, she gets a piece of jewelry and some new friends.


Her Own Coloring Book

If she enjoys coloring as a way to relax, the pages of this adult coloring book celebrate her life as a mom. The book has 84 pages and includes intricate designs with nursery, baby, and general motherhood themes. Don’t forget to gift her a pack of fine-tip pens, too.


A New Hat

For stroller walks, playing in the park, or when she just needs to cover her unwashed hair for a day, this ball cap has the perfect worn-in look and “mama” embroidered right in. It’s available in two colors and comes in one size with an adjustable back. It’s made from 100% cotton twill and comes with a pre-curved visor (adding all the more to the worn-in look).


Pampering Gift Set from Lush

If she loves a little pampering, get her this six-piece gift set with a bath bomb, bubble bar, shower scrub, body lotion, shower gel, and face lotion. The shower gel has a floral-citrus scent to energize, the bubble bar smells like blackcurrant and leaves the skin feeling super soft, and the Sakura bath bomb smells like a mimosa with jasmine and citrus scents.


Weighted Blanket

Sometimes it’s hard to just relax after a long day of parenting, but weighted blankets can often help with that. Luna offers weighted blankets in a variety of sizes, weights, and patterns, and all of them are designed to evenly distribute weight across the body and are made with breathable fabrics to help prevent overheating.

Gifts that are sentimental or that serve a specific purpose during this stage of her life are going to be the best picks for a new mom’s first Mother’s Day. Think about what she likes and what she needs most right now, whether it’s relaxation, a smile, or a loungewear wardrobe refresh, and find her a gift that will fit those needs.