Eww, David

Fisher-Price's new Schitt's Creek collection

Fisher-Price’s New Schitt’s Creek Collection Includes The Whole Rose Family

Jazzagals not included.

This is an idea that truly feels like it was drummed up by Moira Rose herself, perhaps after she enjoyed a bottle or two of Herb Ertlinger’s finest fruit wines. It’s just that good. Fisher-Price has released a new Schitt’s Creek Little People collection, and the details are so spot on you won’t believe it.

“If you’re feeling ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ and your favorite season is ‘awards,’ you’ll love this special edition Little People Collector Schitt’s Creek figure set from Fisher-Price,” the description of this amazing four-piece Little People collection reads.

All four members of the Rose family are present and accounted for in this collection. There stands Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy) in his trademark blue suit, perfectly tailored for him but with a casual open collar for his small town business dealings. Please note the iconic eyebrows and perfect hair, a true representation of Johnny Rose in all his finery. Then there’s our sweet bébé Moira (Catherine O’Hara) in her iconic “garbage bag” dress, a designer bag, and her blonde wig. One of her many wigs, as we know. Alexis (Annie Murphy) is there with her family, pulling off her Boho chic in her floppy hat and sundress. Alexis gets a unique pose with a pivot and hand out in front of her, a first for the Little People collection, and is holding a cell phone just in case Ted calls.

Finally we have David Rose (Dan Levy) in one of his favorite designer black sweaters, stylish sunglasses, and many rings. Ready to be swept off his feet by future husband Patrick, although please note future husbands not included.


The Schitt’s Creek Little People collection, which is sold in a box shaped to look just like the Rosebud Motel, is available on Amazon for just $24.99. A price so low, in fact, that I feel certain neither Johnny nor Moira, star of Sunrise Bay and more importantly, The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening, would surely object. Fortunately it’s a special edition, which means exclusivity. Which means only their greatest and most loyal fans will want to get their hands on this set. And in the world of the Rose family, that counts for a whole heck of a lot bébés.