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29 Silly Fourth Of July Memes

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of lols.

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Here’s the thing about memes: they’re funny because they’re true. That’s why these Fourth of July memes are so on point. Everyone has that one friend who’s a little foggy on American history but is all kinds of patriotic come Independence Day. Sure, they get Thomas Jefferson and Captain America confused, but start playing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.” and they’ll suddenly appear misty-eyed clad in an American flag jumpsuit. Don’t forget the one who always overspends on fireworks and wants you all to light them together at the park, which you’re pretty sure isn’t even legal.

What can we say? Americans are extra when it comes to love of their country and the levels many will go to share their patriotism are sometimes baffling. Who can forget the Florida man who stood outside in the midst of Hurricane Dorian, a giant stars and stripes in hand, blasting Slayer (per the Miami Herald)? Whether or not he knew he’d become meme fodder, it was a hilarious move. Whether you want to share some goofy Fourth of July memes because you’re feeling patriotic today, or because they’re a way to laugh off all the ways we still need to make progress for a day, there are plenty to choose from.


A fiercely patriotic meme

In the words of 1974 Tony Award-winning musical Shenandoah, “Freedom ain’t a state like Maine or Virginia, Freedom ain’t across some county line. Freedom is the flame that burns within ya, freedom is a state of mind.”


A Fourth of July meme for those who aren’t feeling it

We can’t all be America stans right now, and that’s OK. Bonus points that this originated from the British Embassy.


A Fourth of July squad moment

Kickin’ it with your homies today? Then you need to represent.


A big fireworks spender meme

When you come home with $500 worth of fireworks and say you’re doing it for the kids.


A red, white, and brew meme

Listen to Uncle Sam. Safety first, friends.


A classic Fourth of July meme from Legally Blonde

Grab your buns and get your weenies. It’s 4th of July barbecue time.


A meme that is pretty self-aware

We know better, but will we do better? Maybe on July 5.


Another firework-forward Fourth of July meme

What can we say? Lighting things on fire is fun.


An alien invasion Fourth of July meme

Who can forget Will Smith punching that Alien in the face? What could be more American than that?


A “who’s ready to party?” meme

Basically every 4th of July beach party after one too many White Claws.


A hard Independence Day truths meme

Next year you’ll nail those Instagram-worthy Jello shots. Next year.


A nostalgic Fourth of July meme

Remember when mom came home with a pack of these for every member of the family? (Raise your hand if your mom still does it.)


A pup appreciation meme

For real, give your dog some extra cuddles during the fireworks.


A Fourth of July snack meme

You thought Cool Ranch was good. These taste like freedom.


A kid brain meme

New Year’s is overrated anyway, right?


A liber-tea meme

Go on. Spill the tea.


Another Office Fourth of July meme

Seems official *shrug*.


An “also me” meme

What? The invitation said “Patriotic Casual.”


A fireworks baller on a budget meme

Why shell out $100 for fireworks when the neighbors have a 50-pack of Roman candles that you can watch from your driveway?


A Ron Swanson Fourth of July meme

A guide to American history from Ron Swanson is always appropriate for the 4th of July.


A Captain America meme

He’s a busy man. He deserves a treat too.


A Fourth of July meme all parents can relate to

Six a.m. never felt so early as the day after the Fourth of July.


A linguistic breakup meme

Hey Britain, u can go now. Mmmkay. Thx. Bye!


A procrastinator’s Fourth of July meme

What if Thomas Jefferson had asked for an extension on the Declaration of Independence? is a great question to ask your high school nephew at your Fourth of July cookout.


A glam-ma meme for Independence Day

When your ride or die really, really loves the 4th of July.


A Fourth of July meme for the trendsetters

It was an iconic move, George.


A hilarious Independence Day prank

Someone do this in real life, please.


A Fourth of July meme for gamers

The castle at the end of a Mario level, but America-themed.


Our actual plans on Fourth of July

Why mess with a good thing?

Now that you’ve had a laugh, put on your best Uncle Sam suit, prepare to post to your stories, and share these hilarious memes with friends to celebrate America.

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