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Here's When Fred Meyer Is Open On Thanksgiving

Freddie has your back on turkey day.

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It happens to the best of us: you wake up on Thanksgiving morning with all the essentials ready to go — you have your turkey, your potatoes, your stuffing ingredients. But then you realize you’ve forgotten some benign but still essential item like butter, ice cream for the pie, the aluminum foil pan for the turkey to roast in. Well, if you live near one of these grocery stores you’re in luck, as Fred Meyer will be open on Thanksgiving day (albeit with abbreviated hours).

If you’re not familiar with the chain, Fred Meyer is owned by Kroger and the grocery store has 134 locations throughout Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. As someone who lives in Portland, it’s my go-to store because where else can you get a pair of shoes, a basketball, a bookshelf, plus all of your food for the week? Oh, also no big deal, there’s a bar in my location with a special station for filling growlers with craft beer (yes, that’s the most Pacific Northwest sentence ever).

On Thanksgiving, all Fred Meyer locations will be open, though their individual hours may vary by store. My local store, for example, will open at their normal time of 6 a.m., which is amazing if you need something to get the turkey in the oven bright and early, but it will close at 4 p.m. (the store normally closes at 10 p.m.). So if you’re in a pinch, you can count on good ole Freddie’s, just call your local store to confirm its exact hours on the holiday, and don’t expect to pop in in the evening.

As you would probably expect, Fred Meyer will be open all day on Black Friday (Nov. 26) so you can start your holiday shopping (and finish your trip off with a beer at the grocery store bar).

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