These Thanksgiving memes about family are so relatable.
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These Thanksgiving Memes About Family Are *So* Relatable

Pass the potatoes and just laugh, you guys.

The holiday season is all about gathering with your family to celebrate, but when your entire family is gathered around the table at Thanksgiving, things can get... interesting. One way to capture all of the beauty and chaos of the holiday is with ultra-relatable Thanksgiving memes about family.

Honestly, it’s easy enough to find the funny in Thanksgiving when you really need to. From memes about less-than-stellar cooking skills and overindulgence to those that clap back at prying mothers-in-law who ask way too many questions, there’s a meme on this list to give you a laugh about whatever your family throws your way this Thanksgiving.

Depending on your family dynamics, a Thanksgiving dinner turn from a fun feast to a fight fest in a hurry. Nobody’s family is perfect, but laughter is the perfect remedy for tense holiday moments. So, what do you do when your Aunt Linda won’t quit hassling you about having another baby and your grandma insists that you didn’t add enough salt to the green bean casserole? Don’t dissolve into a puddle of embarrassment (or fury), and just make a meme instead. Or, scroll through these memes about family on Thanksgiving until you find the one that fits.


It’s Really All About The Food

Sure, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to be thankful for time spent with family. We know that and accept it. But, respectfully, the best time spent with family is time spent stuffing your respective faces with turkey.


So Many Questions

This is a legitimate concern for some people, and TBH, I totally get it.


Stealth Mode: Activated

Is it even really Thanksgiving with family if someone doesn’t argue about a politician at the table?


Grandmas Are The Best

Leave it to grandma to stand up for her grandbabies on Turkey Day.


Sweet Escape

Honestly, who hasn’t done this? My husband is a professional at hiding in the bathroom and Thanksgiving with extended family is basically his Super Bowl.


I’ll Eat What I Want

A friend recently posted some sage advice on Facebook for anyone who faces a family member’s judgement over the amount of food they consume on Thanksgiving — essentially, you have her permission to eat them. I cackled when I read this, but it’s honestly as true as this meme.


Every. Single. Time.

Even grandma can’t convince some kids to eat an elaborate Thanksgiving spread. Sometimes it’s best to just give them a few rolls and call it done. You’ve got family discourse to meme and no time for their shenanigans.


Perfect Timing

I’m not sure why this is so true, but for most families, it just is. Also, every mom before Thanksgiving has a fridge full of food that nobody can touch until the appointed mid-day dinner time. It’s basically the law.


I’m Happy, OK?

Even once you’re past the college stage, the questions just keep coming. You’re apparently never too old for your mother to judge all of your life choices. Just chase your forkful of pumpkin pie with another gulp of wine and do your best to ignore it. (It works... mostly.)


They’ll Never Know

Look, when you’re working, raising kids, and doing all of the general, necessary things to keep your entire family’s life in order, frozen macaroni is an essential cuisine. This crockpot trick is just next-level brilliant.


A Thanksgiving Party Foul

If your idea of a good time on Thanksgiving is a Hunger Games-style battle with your siblings over pie, this is how you kick things off.


The Horror

Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with some frozen mac warmed up in a crockpot. When grandma’s happy on Thanksgiving, everyone’s happy.


Mom Does It Better

Call me old-fashioned any day, but if my mom can and will cook a turkey, I will 100% let her so that I don’t have to.


Do It For The Memes

This classic meme is just perfect for a variety of Thanksgiving situations. When your dad wants everyone to go around the table and say what they’re thankful for, it’s perfectly acceptable to flash your phone and say, “Check your texts!” You’re a meme master and you should own it.