These Easter printables and coloring pages are all free and a great activity.
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17 Free Easter Printables For Families Who Like An *Easy* Craft

And they’re all really cute.

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Easter is all about newness and rebirth (and a whole lot of pastels). Aside from filling and decorating Easter baskets, coloring eggs, and wild candy hunts, Easter printables are another way to enjoy a holiday activity with the kids. And bonus points: all of the Easter printables listed here are totally free. While crafting can usually involve several items to create a masterpiece, with just a piece of paper, you can take your child through a maze to find the Easter treasure, or even create their own bunny mask to wear to the egg hunt later. But the majority of these Easter printables don’t take much effort on your part — just paper, a printer, crayons, and a colorful imagination.

If you’re having a big Easter meal with family or gathering for all the kids to hunt eggs together, laying out some of these free Easter printables will help keep them occupied while the adults get to eat. Or, you and your kids could make an adorable Easter bunny paper chain in advance to decorate with before your big dinner.

Easter printable coloring sheets

Let your kids get lost in their imagination while they color their Easter egg exactly how they envision it (it’s a little harder to nail precise lines when you’re dyeing the real thing). These coloring pages offer the option for your kids to color an existing pattern or create their own.

Faith-based Easter printable coloring sheets

Easter is the time that many families commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. These sheets allow your kids to color messages of praise and hope around this holiday.

Activity & craft Easter printables

These pages are more on the crafty side and may require a bit more than crayons, but don’t let that deter you. Your kids can make some super cute decorations for your meal, prep a game of bingo to play with their cousins, or create toys for the day, like masks and puppets. So pull out the popsicle sticks, glue, and string so they can take their fun to the next level.

All of these crafts are easy and enjoyable for kids of all ages. Just hit print.

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