Peace Out Kids

Parents: Enter This Giveaway To Get Childcare Covered For Your Next Kid-Free Vacation

You cover the airfare; Frida’s got the sitter.

One thing all parents can agree on: childcare is ridiculously expensive. Oh, and another thing: we could all use a break, like, yesterday. Beloved baby and postpartum brand Frida Baby agrees, which is why they’re hosting the Parents’ Time Out giveaway. They want to pay a nanny of your choosing to watch your kids while you jet set far, far away from them.

Frida Baby’s website says 60% of parents with kids under age 3 haven’t taken a single day of kid-free vacation since their last baby was born. So, they’re doing something about it: five winners will receive $2,160 to cover childcare so you can take a much-needed, child-free vacation. How you use the money to secure childcare is up to you — you can hire an overnight nanny for a weekend, or fly in the grandparents from out of town.

Here’s how you enter: visit the Frida Baby Parents’ Time Out giveaway page online, complete the entry form, and hit submit. That’s all. The giveaway is open from June 27 through June 30, so head over there right away.

As a special treat, Frida Baby is also sending winners two pairs of noise-cancelling headphones. This way, once you’re in vacation mode, you won’t hear anyone else’s kids crying on the plane either. They’re even throwing in a booklet of conversation starters that have nothing to do with your kids, so you can fully immerse yourself in not being responsible for them for a few days of R&R time.

Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision/Getty Images

So, where would you go if the cost of childcare was totally covered? Maybe a weekend at an all-inclusive resort where they serve you fruity cocktails while you lay in a hammock. Yeah, that’ll do quite nicely. Time to start downloading some delightfully binge-able summer reality shows for the flight.