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75 “Would You Rather” Questions For Couples, Ranging From Sweet To Sexy

Because inquiring minds want to know.

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“Did you take out the trash?” “Do you want pizza for dinner?” “Are you picking up the baby from daycare or am I?” You probably ask your partner a plethora of questions on a daily basis — and most likely, the majority of them are mundane. But ask yourself: Are you still asking questions that can help fortify your relationship? After all, quizzing your partner on more tantalizing topics can lead to deeper discussions, closer connections — and maybe a night to remember, too. These Would you Rather questions have a little something for everyone, and are a cool alternative to game night.

When do you ask a Would you Rather question? Anytime, really. Depending on the depth of the question, it can be as simple as when you’re walking the dog or running errands together. For inquiries that are a little more, well, inquisitive, you might want to save them for date night, when you can quiz each other instead of talking about the kids — again. And when you’re cuddled up together in bed, you can pose the truly thought-provoking “would you rather” questions that might make both of you really reassess your relationship and your future plans together.

For some silly, insightful, and downright sexy Would you Rather questions to get your partner sharing, read on.

Would You Rather questions that are easy

To ease into a game of Would You Rather, you can ask these simple questions:

  • Would you rather it always be summer or winter?
  • Would you rather be ugly and smart or beautiful/handsome and dumb?
  • Would you rather be famous or rich?
  • Would you rather spend most of your day alone or surrounded by people?
  • Would you rather rent or own?
  • Would you rather live in a small town or a big city?
  • Would you rather get up early or stay up late?
  • Would you rather have goosebumps for a day or butterflies in your stomach for a day?
  • Would you rather give up social media or TV?
  • Would you rather have weekend plans made or have nothing to do?
  • Would you rather call or text someone?
  • Would you rather see a sunset on a sandy beach or in the beautiful mountains?
  • Would you rather learn a new language or learn a new instrument?
  • Would you rather watch your favorite movie or read your favorite book?
  • Would you rather always get up at 5 a.m. or never go to bed before midnight?
  • Would you rather show up at a party overdressed or underdressed?
  • Would you rather be able to speak to animals or speak to anyone in the world?
  • Would you rather give up your phone or give up sweets?

Silly Would You Rather questions

By their very nature, Would You Rather questions tend to lean towards the silly side. Fully embrace them by asking questions that will make you wonder if you’d rather hiccup for the rest of your life, or be caught in the middle of a perpetually impending sneeze.

  • If there was a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be a zombie, or one of the few remaining people left on earth?
  • Would you rather be on a reality survival show or a reality dating show?
  • Would you rather be caught in a never-ending snowstorm or a never-ending rainstorm?
  • Would you rather step on LEGOS or Barbies with your bare feet every time you entered a room?
  • Would you rather eat only salad for a month or dessert for a month?
  • Would you rather be able to control water or fire?
  • Would you rather be the only drunk person at a party, or the only sober one?
  • Would you rather eat cold pizza or hot cereal?
  • Would you rather only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
  • Would you rather be covered in hair or have no hair at all?
  • Would you rather not shower for a month or not have Internet for a month?
  • Would you rather wear the same socks for a month or the same underwear for a week?
  • Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life, or always feel like you’re about to sneeze?

Sexy Would You Rather questions

  • Come on, you knew that all these Would You Rather questions were going to get sexy at some point. From kissing, licking (and even masturbating), discover if your partner would prefer a sexy shower or a bath — and if they’d want their parents to find their sex tape.
  • Would you rather kiss in the dark or in the rain?
  • Would you rather lick or be licked?
  • Would you rather be kissed all day or teased all day?
  • Would you rather have sex on the beach or on an airplane?
  • Would you rather find your parents’ sex tape, or have your parents find yours?
  • Would you rather be surprised in bed or always know what’s coming?
  • Would you rather have long, slow sex or a quickie?
  • Would you rather have a sexy shower or a sexy bath?
  • Would you rather have the lights on or off?
  • Would you rather have more role play or more foreplay?
  • Would you rather have sex in public and be caught or have sex in private and not know if someone’s watching?
  • Would you rather be caught masturbating or having sex?
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Would You Rather questions about travel

Who hasn’t fantasized about packing it all up and traveling the world? These Would You Rather questions will help you determine not only where you might want to live, but what new places you’d like to discover, too.

  • Would you rather vacation at the same breathtaking beach every year or visit a new unknown place every year?
  • Would you rather be lost in the woods or stranded on a boat?
  • Would you rather explore space and find a new planet or explore the ocean and find sunken treasure?
  • Would you rather take three months off to travel with your partner or take three months off to get better in touch with yourself?
  • Would you rather be lost in the African Safari or the Amazon jungle?
  • Would you rather travel into the future or travel into the past together?
  • Would you rather find the lost city of Atlantis or discover life on Mars?
  • Would you rather live on a boat for the rest of your life or live in a treehouse for the rest of your life?
  • Would you rather live in a camper van or a castle?
  • Would you rather travel anywhere you wanted for the rest of your life for free or buy your dream house for free?

Would You Rather questions about relationships

Does your partner prefer holding hands or hugging? You’ll find out when you ask Would You Rather questions that focus on relationships.

  • Would you rather your partner could read your mind when you wanted something or gave you a compliment every day?
  • Would you rather be with someone who hates your favorite foods or hates your pet?
  • Would you rather kiss your ex or your mortal enemy?
  • Would you rather be your partner’s first love or their last?
  • Would you rather get stuck in an elevator with your ex and their partner, or with your partner and their ex?
  • Would you rather date an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Would you rather hug or hold hands?
  • Would you rather cheat and be caught or cheated on and never told?

Thought-provoking Would You Rather questions

All silliness (and sexiness) aside, you can learn a lot about your partner (and yourself) when you ask Would You Rather questions that delve deep.

  • Would you rather always have weird dreams or never dream at all?
  • Would you rather have money to burn or time to kill?
  • Would you rather lose your sight or your memories?
  • Would you rather be the only one laughing at someone, or the only one being laughed at?
  • Would you rather get rich in a way that upsets your family or just make enough money to live?
  • Would you rather do too much and feel burned out, or have lots of free time but feel like you’re missing out?
  • Would you rather experience the world beginning or ending?
  • Would you rather be homeless or in prison?
  • Would you rather be a leader or a follower?
  • Would you rather lose your sense of smell or your sense of taste?
  • Would you rather be loved or respected?
  • Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death?
  • Would you rather have no sex forever or no meaningful conversations forever?
  • Would you rather have an exciting but dangerous life, or a boring but meaningful life?
  • Would you rather never age mentally or never age physically?

Would You Rather questions for couples can serve as a conversation starter and bring you closer together. It can be the spark for a sexy night or even an impetus to dream bigger dreams — together.

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