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15 Funny Sister Memes For National Sisters Day

Because nobody gets you like your sister does.

by Lindsay E. Mack and Abi Berwager Schreier
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For anyone lucky enough to grow up with a sister, you’re basically guaranteed to be in one another’s lives forever. She knows all your secrets, your embarrassing childhood stories, and (perhaps most importantly), how to absolutely annoy the daylights out of you. In honor of National Sisters Day, these funny sister memes will crack up anybody who knows what it’s like to grow up with siblings.

National Sisters Day is officially celebrated on the first Sunday in August every year. Just like it sounds like, this holiday celebrates this unique sibling relationship. And is there anything better than a list of memes to commemorate your sweet sister bond? Even though your own sisterly relationship is completely unique, plenty of siblings all over the planet have grown up with a similar dynamic. It’s amazing how many sisters are wardrobe-raiding, snack-stealing machines who will totally have your back in any situation. Whether you’re the big sister, middle sister, or little sis, there’s a meme somewhere that totally sums up your life.

And if you’re feeling more sentimental, there’s always room for sweet quotes and heartfelt cards. But, for those of us who are more comfortable showing affection via jokes and pranks — you know who you are — then sharing some funny sister memes may be more in line with your vibe.


*Our* Snacks

There’s a special 6th sense pets, siblings, and toddlers share — an extremely heightened sense of sound any time snacks are involved. And it doesn’t matter how far away you are from them. Your sister will cross the country at the first sound of a snack bag opening, and this cute sister meme perfectly depicts the moment you realize she’s there.


Very Likely

Sisters are notorious for stealing clothes, and with good reason. Even if you no longer live together, your favorite top ending up in her closet at some point is inevitable. Oh well, sharing is caring and all that, right? If you and your sister great up swapping clothes on a regular basis (even if involuntarily), this sister meme is perfect for you.


Tell Me Everything

You’re ready to take charge any time your sister is upset. Even once you’re both adults, it doesn’t change anything. You are her rock.


Get Your Own

How can you be so close but still so petty on occasion? It doesn’t have to make sense to anybody else. Your sibling-ship is unique, and even though you’re as likely to not get that charger back as your are that kidney, for some reason the cord is just a million times harder to part with.


Sad Face

And the worst part? That pouty face your sister has been perfecting since birth will totally work. Nobody can push your buttons like your sister.


Rite Of Passage

Obviously you take the more-full one. It’s a habit you developed in childhood that will never go away. (And if your sister never knows, then it’s OK.) j



Sure, it’s the only response you can expect from a sibling. But it’s still super annoying. And they know it. They can literally be standing right by the door, and unless you’re practically on your deathbed, there’s no way they will make this moment easier for you. That’s just how some sisters show love.


Go Time

It’s all good, because you know they go through your stuff, too. Privacy isn’t really a thing as long as you live with siblings, right?


Oh, No. . .

Generally, you could be a united front as far as the parents were concerned. But sometimes you just had to throw them under the bus. Better than getting in trouble, right? If you enjoyed watching your sister get in trouble as much as she did you, this is the perfect sister meme for you.


Family Resemblance?

No, you’re both totally unique individuals. Sure, you share the same clothes and almost every habit, but no one should be able to tell you’re related. That’s just wild.


Clothes Thief

Sisters stealing clothing seems to be a very popular theme when it comes to funny sister memes. Maybe take it as a compliment that she loves your style? Or maybe not.


Don’t Hurt Me

I think it’s in kids’ DNA to know exactly what buttons to push to be the most annoying — especially to their siblings. When it comes to that sister-sister relationship, this particular trend seems to carry into adulthood as well.


Hugging It Out Is The Worst

This funny sister meme comes from one of the most uncomfortable interactions the internet has ever seen. Surely anyone with a sister has mad this face when your parents forced you two to hug it out.


Stealth Torment

When you know how much trouble you’ll get into if you actually make an, ahem, certain gesture but still want to let your sister know how annoyed you are.


You’re Next

What’s worse — the anticipation or actually being in it when your mom is mad at you? You just knew your sister was going to throw you under the bus, and this funny sister meme 100% express the feeling of silently asking your sister not to rat you out.

Whatever else you get up to in early August, remember to send a few funny sister memes to your own dear sibling this year, because you don’t share this unique relationship with anyone else.

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