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24 Mother's Day Gifts For Your Sister Who Deserves It All

Because she’s a great sister and mom.

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If your sister is a parent, you’ve gotten some pretty amazing nieces and nephews out of the deal, and being an aunt or uncle is pretty much the best. Whether you and your sis are lucky enough to raise kids near each other or you rely on FaceTime for check-ins and you’ll be wishing each other a happy Mother’s Day virtually this year, one way to let her know how much she means to you is by giving her one of these thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts for sisters (or sisters-in-law).

Maybe she’s a new mom, still trying to get her sea legs in the overwhelming months after giving birth. In that case your sister may appreciate a luxe body oil or chic Barbie-themed robe for Mother’s Day. Maybe she’s an old pro at the motherhood game and what she’ll really love is a zippy new gadget to make her skin care products work harder, or she’s the perfect candidate for a cute silk pajama set because her current ratty sleepwear really needs to go.

Whether she’s your sister in the sense that you share parents, or she’s a friend who feels like family, these Mother’s Day gifts for sisters are thoughtful, functional, and a little decadent, because she may not treat herself, but you can.


The chicest pickleball paddle

It happened. You and your sister got into pickleball (think of it as a mix of tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong) and she literally won’t stop talking about it. The super cute paddles from Tangerine are lightweight and comfortable to use, and are so cute, they’ll make you want to pick up the sport yourself.



New York has Magnolia Bakery, Georgetown has Georgetown Cupcakes, and Los Angeles has Sprinkles. Locals and tourists are bound to run into a Sprinkles brick-and-mortar store, or one of their Instagrammable cupcake ATMs which are smattered across the city of angels, and pick up a sugary treat in person, but for Mother’s Day, you can ship their bestselling treats right to your sister’s door.


A candle with meaning

It’s not hard to find a nice-smelling candle, but what really makes the candles from Anecdote is, well, the entire package. The scent names on these modern candles are hilariously relatable and the playful scent descriptions are oddly accurate. If your sis is a brunch queen, the Bottomless Mimosas candle might be her jam. Is she a reluctant outdoorsy type? Check out Glamping (which basically smells like a fancy campfire). Or maybe you’ve had a front row seat to all her most embarrassing moments. If so, Hot Mess is so her.


Pretty spices

Your sister lives in the kitchen (by choice), but there is no harmony in her spice cabinet and she complains about it to you, the lucky rant receptacle in her life, incessantly. Get her a colorful set of essential, quality spices from Spicewalla, founded by a James Beard Award winning chef Meherwan Irani, for Mother’s Day. The tins stack, keep out light (which keeps the spices fresher longer), and so cute, they should absolutely be displayed.


Mama bear necklace

There is something so endearing about this dainty “Mama Bear” necklace from Tiny Tags. If your sister is a total mama bear (and what mom isn’t), she’ll love this minimalist gold necklace she can rock solo or stack with other chains. Here’s a packaging idea: Tuck it in a sweet Mother’s Day card to your sister or wrap it around the neck of her favorite bottle of wine.


Dog Mom Puzzle

If she’s raising humans and canines, this 800-piece Dog Mom puzzle is a lovely Mother’s Day gift for your sister. Yes, there’s thousands of puzzles out there, but the packaging that accompanies Jiggy puzzles can’t be beat — a glass jar that makes you actually want to display your puzzle pieces as opposed to hide them in the darkest corner of that closet.


A way to do nail art at home

Has your mani-loving sis dabbled in semi-cured gel nails yet? If not, now’s the time to introduce her to them. Ohora’s are top-notch quality. They’re thicker than some other brands out there, and they come in an array of designs, from glittery tips to graphic nail art to minimalist solids. Applying them is pretty fool-proof. The only thing you’ll also need to pick up for her to achieve the look of gel nails at home (in half the time and a fraction of the cost) is a $20 UV lamp to finish curing the polish.


Cottagecore candles

You can find incredibly fancy tapered candles these days. From architectural silhouettes to patterned designs, your sister will appreciate a set of gorgeous tapered candles for Mothers’ Day, and maybe even a unique candlestick to prop them in. These hand-painted floral beauties have a lovely, vintage feel.


Her new favorite pot

Whether you’re adding to her already impressive collection or inducting her into the Le Creuset Club with her first piece, there is no way your sister will be unhappy with this Mother’s Day gift. Matte navy blue is their newest shade, so it’s likely she doesn’t have a cooking vessel in this color way yet.


Flippy floppies

Replace her ratty flip flops before temperatures climb with the latest Havaianas collaboration with Brazilian brand Farm Rio (environmentally-friendly maker of vibrant, smile-inducing dresses and swimwear). You’ve likely “accidentally” left her house with a pair of these at least once or twice over the years, so it’s probably time to even the score with a fresh pair anyway.


An everyday fanny

Purse-free is the new normal, but it’s hard to actually pull that off because... stuff. An everyday fanny pack is a great Mother’s Day gift for your on-the-go sister. This lightweight, minimalist pack from STATE is a bestseller and the straps come in two different lengths: long or short. It’s got two zippered pockets that are big enough to hold the main essentials (like a wallet, sunnies, water, and phone), plus an exterior slip pocket for easy access. It’s shown here in olive green, but available in black and blue, too.


A diffuser that glows

From Vitruvi, the makers of the chic stone diffuser everyone’s obsessed with, is this light-up diffuser. It’s only 3.5-inches in diameter (a little bigger than a standard Post-It note), weighs 1 pound, and can run up to 8 hours. If the device runs out of water before then, it will safely shut itself off. It can be used with or without the light on, and is great for multiple settings: as a night light in a kid’s room, a reading lamp next to your bed, or as a soft light source for any corner of the room.


Not-embarassing pajamas

If your chic sis loves the feel of silk but hates the maintenance, she needs a pair of machine-washable silk PJs from Lunya. Using bluesign-approved dyes (which are gentler to the environment and the workers that handle the ingredients), this PJ set is available in pink and light blue. And don’t glaze over the cut of the top’s back, where two panels fabric with rounded edges are layered to mimic the way tulip petals sit over each other.


Her new favorite skin care gadget

Yes, it’s a splurge, but if it’s good enough for Brooke Shields, it’s good enough for your sister. Called a micro-infuser, this skin care gadget works with unique capsules to essentially mist hard-working ingredients in 15 second bursts into a deeper layer of your skin to working more effectively and efficiently. Check out their fleet of products here, and pick up the Droplette in your sister’s favorite color for Mother’s Day.


A well-designed apron

This simple apron is a no-brainer Mother’s Day gift for your sister. The beauty of it is in it’s easy-to-wear design — there are not straps or ribbons to tie, which makes taking it on and off a breeze. It’s made of a linen that’s not too light-weight and not too heavy (it’s not so heavy that she’ll feel like she’s wearing an extra layer of clothing in a hot kitchen, but not so thin it will feel like juices and grease are seeping through). It has two generously-sized pockets at the hip for her phone, recipe cards, etc.


A high-voltage eyeshadow

You gotta love a vibrant eyeshadow, even if the occasions to wear them might seem few and far between. This high-pigment cream-to-powder eyeshadow from Kulfi applies beautifully, is long-lasting, and a perfect Mother’s Day gift for the fun sister who loves having fun with her makeup look. And then the one time you need a high voltage blue eye shadow for your Halloween costume once a year, you know whose makeup bag to raid.


The robe every Millennial wants

Your sister can’t stop raving about the new Barbie movie releasing this summer, and she’s not the only one. If your sister grew up toting around her Barbies and Kens and spent countless hours in her room holed up with her Barbie Dreamhouse, this chic Barbie bathrobe from Barefoot Dreams is an absolute win as a Mother’s Day gift. It’s also available in white with “Barbie” in pink if you’re looking to matchy-matchy with your sis.


A spicy black truffle chili crunch

If your sister puts hot sauce on everything, take her food game to the next level with this black truffle chili crunch from Momofuku. It has sweet smoky heat, plus plenty of earthy flavor thanks to the truffles. If she’s not into truffle things, there’s also a more classic original or extra spicy flavor, plus plenty of other pantry staples for cooking up Asian dishes at home.


“Hats” for keeping bananas ripe

It wouldn’t be a Mother’s Day gift guide for sisters without at least one gag gift. Beyond being unbelievably cute (and yes a bit odd), these knit banana hats are actually practical. They include a silicone cap, and when placed over the spot where the bananas meet, it helps to slow the absorption of ethylene gas, which causes bananas to brown. If she has way too many bananas chilling in the freezer, this mother’s day gift is for your sister.


A set of hand towels for the kitchen

I don’t normally get excited about things like hand towels, but since I tried the microfiber towels from Geometry, I actually am psyched about them. They have great prints to go with any kitchen colorways, and they’re super soft yet absorbent. These are made of recycled polyester and polyamide and each Geometry towel equals the material of 3.5 post-consumer recycled bottles. Now, good luck picking a pattern.


A calming CBD tincture in cinnamon flavor

Every mom can use a little dose of chill every now and then, and this cinnamon-flavored CBD tincture tincture does the trick. It’s made with a potent 600 milligrams of CBD, plus it’s lab-tested and from a certified-organic hemp farm.


A body moisturizer that sinks in quickly

Dry winter skin needs a buttery moisturizer, and moms need a lotion that dries quickly because they don’t have a lot of time to lounge around in a towel. This body soufflé uses whipped shea and cocoa butters plus plant extracts for an airy moisturizer that feels and smells amazing.


A gold statement earring with a vintage feel

Any outfit gets an instant upgrade with these lion earrings that look like they should cost a whole lot more than they do. The word ‘lejonhjärta’ means “lion heart” in Swedish and these are especially perfect if she or her child is a Leo, the lion sign.


A feminist T-shirt

Inspired by words Kamala Harris spoke, this striped t-shirt is colorful and comfy with an important message. In addition to being something she’ll wear all the time, it’s a gift that gives back as 20% of profits go to The Sambhali Trust which helps to fund education for girls in India.

Whether you go with a big ticket item or get her something sweet and small, you can’t go wrong with these Mother’s Day gifts for your sister or sister-in-law (or those friends who feel like sisters).

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