Mother's Day

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20 Mother's Day 2021 Gifts For Your Sister, Because She Deserves It

Because she’s a great sister and mom.

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If your sister is a parent, you’ve gotten some pretty amazing nieces and nephews out of the deal, and being an aunt or uncle is pretty much the best. Whether you and your sis are lucky enough to raise kids near each other or you rely on FaceTime for check-ins, let her know that you’re thinking of her with one of these Mother’s Day gifts for your sister (or sister-in-law). Maybe she’s a new mom, still trying to get her sea legs in the overwhelming months after giving birth. In that case your sister may appreciate a CBD tincture, a luxe body oil, or even a smart water bottle to help her remember to get those eight 8-ounce glasses in a day (and even more if she’s breastfeeding).

Maybe she’s an old pro at the motherhood game and what she’ll really love is a sentimental piece of art commemorating her kids’ birthdays, or on the other hand, a trio of clean wines. Whether she’s your sister in the sense that you share parents, or she’s a friend who feels like family, these Mother’s Day gifts for sisters are thoughtful, functional, and a little decadent, because she may not treat herself, but you can.

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An Exfoliating Mask

If she doesn’t have time to get to the spa, she’ll appreciate this exfoliating mask as a next-best option. From beloved natural skincare brand, Herbivore, this jelly mask combines AHA and BHA to help revive skin. Best of all, it only needs to be left on for ten minutes.


A Spa Experience At Home

Just because she can’t make it to the spa doesn’t mean she can’t have a relaxing spa experience at home with this divinely scented Lavender Bath Essences from Dr. Hauschka. Add a few capfuls to warm running water and prepare to be transported.


A Powerful CBD Tincture

Every mom can use a little dose of chill every now and then, and this cinnamon-flavored CBD tincture does the trick. It’s made with a potent 600 milligrams of CBD, plus it’s lab-tested and from a certified-organic hemp farm.


A Personalized Necklace

Tough As A Mother jewelry is designed to highlight both the joy and the challenges of motherhood. She can keep her kids close to her heart with this minimalist initial necklace that’s finished with a subtle gemstone on the clasp, each thought to bring specific qualities like balance, calm, hope, or intuition.


A Super Mom Mug

Not all superheroes wear capes (but if that’s your thing, totally go with it). This adorable mug will make her feel all flashy and full of sparkle when she’s having her morning coffee.


A Beautiful Diffuser

Whether she already collects essential oils or just wants to add a dose of chicness (and moisture) into her at-home office, you can’t go wrong with a diffuser, especially one that’s this beautiful. It’s made of a matte ceramic and comes in several cool colors like blush pink or classic black, this functional decor will be a hit (and bonus points if you throw in some essential oils from Vitruvi, too).


A Rich Moisturizer

Dry winter skin needs a buttery moisturizer, and moms need a lotion that dries quickly because they don’t have a lot of time to lounge around in a towel. This body soufflé uses whipped shea and cocoa butters plus plant extracts for an airy moisturizer that feels and smells amazing.


An Eco-Friendly Bag For Potlucks

It’s fair to assume that once it’s safe to do so, people are going to be gathering as much as possible. This clever dish tote is perfect for bringing a dish to share without worrying that it’s going to tip over or spill in the bag. It’s made with 100% organic and food-safe cotton.


A Box of Cacao Treats

The sugar-conscious sister who still has a sweet tooth will love the gift box of cacao treats. There's dessert bites, energy balls, a bar of chocolatey cacao, and a tasty hazelnut spread she can eat on toast or straight from the jar.


Shibori Dyed Napkins

Here’s a cool and practical gift you can feel good about giving. Goimagine is the first online marketplace to donate 100% of profits to charities that benefit children in need. There’s tons to choose from, but these tie dyed napkins are hand-dyed, washable, and perfect for summer barbeques.


A Patent Leather Card Holder

This stylish blush colored wallet fits in the cupholder of a stroller or in even the tiniest bag. Perfect for running quick errands, it has a snap closure plus a zip coin pocket and the patent leather is both pretty and hard to stain. It’s available in a pebbled black too if pink’s not her thing.


A Statement Earring

Any outfit gets an instant upgrade with these lion earrings that look like they should cost a whole lot more than they do. The word ‘lejonhjärta’ means “lion heart” in Swedish and these are especially perfect if she or her child is a Leo, the lion sign.


A Set of Snail Products

Giving someone you don’t know well a set of snail products may not be the right move, but your sister will be nothing but appreciative for this kit that use snail mucin to help skin glow and look its healthiest. Mucin may sound strange, but fun fact: it contains allantoin which helps repair a snail’s shell if it gets broken, and works wonders on skin.


A Smart Water Bottle

Everyone seems to want to drink more water and this smart water bottle which helps keep people on top of their hydration makes a great gift that will get a lot of use. It tracks water intake, syncs with an app, and casts a warm glow to remind you to drink.


A T-Shirt With A Message

Inspired by words Kamala Harris spoke, this striped t-shirt is colorful and comfy with an important message. In addition to being something she’ll wear all the time, it’s a gift that gives back as 20% of profits go to The Sambhali Trust which helps to fund education for girls in India.


Nail Tattoos

These tiny and super cute nail tattoos take any manicure up a notch. It’s a fun way to get salon quality nail art in an easy, affordable, and DIY way, because she probably doesn’t have a ton of time to get her nails done.


A Carry All Tote for Summer

Whether she’s heading to the beach or pool, to school pick-up, work, or out to lunch, this will become her everyday bag all summer long. Made of waterproof nylon with a spacious interior and magnetic closures, it’s made to keep your stuff safe but accessible.


A Trio of Postpartum Products

If your sister is a new mother or she could just use a little TLC, this trio of botanical products will make her feel cared for. The set includes a modern take on a sitz bath, a soothing body oil, plus a tisane, an herbal drink which promotes a feeling of calm.


A Variety of Wine

Co-founded by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power, Avaline offers clean wines that taste crisp and satisfying. For the mother who cares about what’s in her body and on her skin, it only makes sense that she chooses a wine from a company who’s transparent about their ingredients too.


A Fresh Scented Candle

She may not be able to get her house renovated on Fixer Upper but she can make it smell Joanna Gaines-approved thanks to this candle from the Magnolia brand. It has sweet and sophisticated notes of green tea and lavender and its perfect for the transitional time between spring and summer.