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15 Fun, Easy Ways To Celebrate Mom Virtually This Mother's Day


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If you can be with your mom on Mother’s Day, celebrating with a phone call and a card in the mail might be a little underwhelming, especially after an extended period of social distancing. While nothing can replace spending the day together in person, there are plenty of fun virtual Mother’s Day ideas that can help make the day feel a little more special. Whether you two like to play games, try new foods, or enjoy new experiences, you can still do it together even when you’re separated.

By now, you’d probably love nothing more than to be able to leave quarantine, visit your mom, and give her a big hug, regardless of the day, so having to be apart from her on Mother’s Day is all the more difficult. Having to celebrate your mom virtually likely isn’t your ideal situation, but the experience can still be personal and thoughtful. In fact, it might even turn out to be really fun (especially if mimosas are involved).

Think about what it is that you and your mom enjoy doing together and then try to figure out a way to do that activity on Mother’s Day over video instead. Maybe you can spend some time working on crossword puzzles together or you can turn the holiday into a little book club meeting by discussing your latest reads. With a little creativity, you might end up having a virtual Mother’s Day celebration that’s almost as fun as an in-person one.

Here are some ideas to help with your planning.

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Send Each Other Puzzles

Before Mother’s Day, pick out a puzzle for your mom and have her do the same for you. When it comes time to celebrate, you can both work on the one you were gifted while the two of you talk. Depending on how complex the puzzle is, you might be able to finish while you’re chatting, or you can send each other progress photos as you slowly continue to work on them after Mother’s Day.


Play Some “How Well Do You Know Me” Games

It’s basically like the Newlywed Game, but with your mom. Come up with a list of questions that each of you has to answer about the other person like “who is their favorite actor/actress,” “would they rather sleep or party,” and “where is their dream travel destination”. Even if you don’t get all the answers right, it’s an opportunity to get to know your mom even more than you already do.


Grow A Garden Together

Pick up seeds or a kit to create your own little herb garden, succulent patch, or terrarium. If you two like a good competition, you can battle it out to see whose garden looks the best in a few months, if not, then you can just enjoy the planting process on Mother’s Day and update each other on how your garden is looking whenever you have some time to chat.


Make A Fun Mother’s Day Craft

If you and your mom love a good craft, get all of the supplies to do one together virtually. Make wreaths, a small home decor project, paint some ceramic vases, or even scrapbook together. You can chat while you work and show off the finished product to each other when you’re done.


Do Some Online Shopping

Shopping with your mom is always fun, even if it’s online. While you’re chatting, hop on to your favorite online stores and get each other’s opinions on outfits and products. You can even make a game out of it where you each pick out something you think the other would wear and if you end up liking what your mom picked out for you, you can buy it and think of her every time you wear it.


Enjoy An At-Home Spa Day

Send your mom some face masks, pedicure supplies, a cozy bathrobe, and a calming eucalyptus candle or oil diffuser to create a serene spa-like atmosphere at home. You can each enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine and some good conversation while your skin soaks up some nutrients and your nail polish dries. You’ll come out of the celebration looking fabulous and feeling refreshed from good conversation.


Share A Meal Together

Order in food from one of your favorite restaurants and dig in while you chat with your mom over FaceTime. You can use this as an opportunity to explore new foods together or as a chance to simply catch up and enjoy each other’s company.


“Go” Wine Tasting

Each of you can pick up a few bottles of wine to do a wine tasting together. You can try the same wines as your mom and discuss each as you try them together, or you can opt to get different wines and recommend the good ones to each other.


Cook Or Bake Together

If you both enjoy creating things in the kitchen, find a recipe that sounds good to both of you and prepare it together over video. Look for something new that neither of you have ever done before, or consider making a dish that’s special to the both of you like your grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies.


Watch A Movie

Set your mom and yourself up with the Netflix Party Chrome extension so that the two of you can watch a movie together. By watching it this way, your movies will be synced up and you can discuss as it goes along without accidentally giving spoilers.


Enjoy A Coffee Date

Love a good cup of coffee? Order a sampler box and try a few different roasts together or make a point of picking up an order from your local coffee shop.


Play Games Online

Have an online game night and compete against each other virtually (whether or not you choose to let mom win as a Mother’s Day gift is up to you). There are all kinds of fun online games you can play like Scrabble (Words With Friends), Uno, and Cards Against Humanity.


Share A Dessert Together

Order up some dessert for you and your mom to enjoy during your Mother’s Day celebration. Opt for something that will last her longer than your chat, like this box of 25 mini cupcakes that she and munch on throughout the week.


Wine & Design

Find a virtual Wine & Design course and sign your mom and yourself up for it. The two of you can chat and discuss painting techniques as you sip on some vino and create masterpieces.


Have A Dance Party

Make a playlist of your mom’s favorite songs and let loose with a dance party. This is a great option for a family celebration (younger kids will especially love it) and you can even turn the party into a full on competition.

No matter what, the best virtual Mother’s Day ideas are the ones that are true to your relationship with your mom. As long as you’re enjoying each other’s company, it’s a good celebration.

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