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Leo, Here’s What Your 2023 Horoscope Has In Store For You

Be prepared for a wild ride, you little lion.

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You’re not one to brag (wink, wink) but 2022 wasn’t too shabby for you, Leo. Overall, you saw a deeper commitment to your relationships, you had some economic gains, and your career might have taken off. And as for your family? Well, you couldn’t be prouder of your pride. So if you’re hoping that the New Year is somewhat similar to what you’ve just experienced, you’ll be happy to know that your 2023 Leo horoscope is a pretty cool continuation of the foundations you’ve been building during the previous year.

That’s not to say that it won’t be hard work to keep up the momentum, Leo. You’re going to see some significant shifts in your life, particularly in your relationships. Now, if you think that’s just your love life we’re talking about, think again. Your Leo 2023 horoscope will have you contemplating (and questioning) your relationship with everything, from people to personal finances, to even how you curate your career. In short, this is your year to be inquisitive so that you make the most of what is already written in the stars for you. But you won’t get anywhere, you curious cat, unless you stop basking in the sun and start going for it. And when you do, you’re going to discover that 2023 is everything you could possibly want it to be.


Being the center of attention isn’t something you ever shy away from, Leo. You like being pampered and adored (who doesn’t, really?) When it comes to your relationships, though, you’re going to really need to do some inner reflecting to see what’s working, and what isn’t, according to Stephanie Gailing, an astrologer and author of The Complete Guide to Living by the Moon. “Your love life plays a spotlight role for you this year, and as Saturn moves into your 8th House of Intimacy in March, you may find yourself wanting to be more deliberate in terms of who you share yourself with,” she explains. “Also, from March through mid-June, when Pluto peeks into Aquarius and your 7th House of Alliances, relationships may be transformative (and may transform).” And with the Venus retrograde happening in your sign this summer — from July 22 through September 3 specifically— be cognizant of not being stuck in a ho hum relationship. Instead, take a step back and reevaluate your own values so that you can apply them to your partnership — and then watch it thrive.

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Although you love money, Leo, you might not have made the best financial decisions in the past. Your impulsivity with cash can be quite costly (literally) and that’s why 2023 is going to force you to be smarter about your money matters. “This year is a good time to change or pay attention to your accountant and or whoever manages your money,” Gahl Sasson, an astrologer and author of The Astrology of 2023; Traversing the Bridge explains. And if you’re thinking about going off on your own and starting your own business, don’t get too caught up in the minutiae of the matter. Says Sasson: “Be careful of perfectionism when starting a new business.” Again, the Venus retrograde can adversely affect all things (love and money in particular), so be careful during the summer months so that you make the best investment of all — in yourself.


You’re fiercely loyal when it comes to your family, and your Leo horoscope 2023 sees you still spending a lot of time with those you love most. But there are a lot of life lessons to be learned this upcoming year as it relates to your relatives. “Come mid-May, your parents may become a source of greater lessons and opportunities than they recently have been,” explains Gailing. “Regardless of your current relationship with them, see how who they are and what they know can teach you important things.” In particular, May 5 and October 28 are two pivotal dates for you, Leo, as they are the lunar eclipses that relate directly to your family, and in particular, your parents. “Around these moments, you may find yourself having great breakthroughs on how your parents inspired your life, as well as how they informed your parenting,” she adds.

Major moments aside, 2023 is your year to really let loose and have some fun with the fam, Leo. “With Venus in Leo, this is a chance to explore your super creative self since creative adventure is even more enjoyable and fun when shared with others,” Dr. MaeRuth McCantis, an astrologer tells Romper. “Gather all the children in the family and explore the arts in as many forms as you can — make musical instruments, dance, sing, and create theater pieces.” It’s your chance to channel your inner child with your own child, and just have a blast not following the beaten path.


Your career is going to take some really cool twists and turns in 2023, and it all begins right out of the gate starting on January 1. “Take advantage of career opportunities and ways to stretch yourself work-wise in the first four-plus months of 2023,” advises Gailing. That might mean asking for a promotion, quitting your job in favor of something that aligns more with your heart, or even taking on a new professional identity, McCantis adds. “There is emphasis on Mercury in Virgo with a favorable aspect between Jupiter in Taurus,” she says. “This offers an opportunity for expansion in the fields of communication, media, publishing, perhaps teaching and sharing knowledge through seminars and keynote kinds of events.” But you’d better hold on tight, particularly during the eclipses that will occur in April and May as well as October, which will catapult your career even farther.

Your Leo horoscope 2023 is an important one, little lion. It’s all about welcoming those moments of introspection so that you can take what you already have and make it even more amazing.

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