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Single Moms Deserve These 20 Amazing Gifts

These gifts are as pretty as they are practical.

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There really isn’t a reason to wait until it’s a holiday or even a birthday to get a gift for your single mom friends. Pulling double duty as Mom and Dad definitely isn’t easy, and while words of encouragement are probably appreciated, a little gift wrapped up in a bow wouldn’t be a bad idea, either. But if you’re unsure what to get, these gifts for single moms aren’t just purposeful, but they can make her feel powerful as a single momma, too.

That’s not to say that single moms can’t do it all, because they surely can. Still, it doesn’t hurt to give her something that can make life a little simpler and smoother. And while you could go the “Here’s one ticket for free babysitting” route, there’s really nothing like opening up an unexpected present to make someone (especially a single mom) feel seen and understood.

So get her something she really wants (and maybe doesn’t even realize she needs) with these gifts that are pretty practical — literally.

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A Ladder For Your Vertically-Challenged Bestie

When your BFF is on the short side, a ladder can come in handy. This folding 3-step ladder is made from carbon steel and has no-slip rubber feet. It’s also light, so she can take it anywhere in the house where lightbulbs might need some changing.


A Key Finder For Your Absent-Minded Amiga

For those times when she needs to get out the door fast (but can’t find her keys, again), you can get her this key finder. It has an advanced radio frequency that will blast through walls, doors, and furniture (metaphorically, or course), up to 131 feet away. Simply attach an item that might go missing to one of the key finders, and locating it will be faster and easier.


A Video Doorbell So She Can Easily See The Amazon Driver

Getting up to see who’s at the door is so passe. Let her see who’s ringing her doorbell with Ring, which will allow her to greet guests anywhere, day or night. It comes with real-time notifications, pre-selected messages for certain visitors, and you can customize the motion settings so that she’ll know when someone is at her door… or it’s just a deer passing by.


A To Do List To Make Sure It All Gets Done

Among a single mom’s many titles is the coordinator of chaos. This personalized to-do list notepad might help make that mountain of chores a little less of a, well, chore. You can even customize the colors to reflect your friend’s favorite shades. The pad, which measures 4.25 x 5.5. inches, comes with 40 pages of thick stock paper… plenty of paper to get it all done.


A Beautiful Bedding Set For Your Bestie

With so much to do, stress can keep a single mom up at night. She’ll have sweet dreams with the Willa Floral Full/Queen Comforter Set. The set is made from soft cotton fabric, and has a floral print on one side and stripe on the other. It comes with a comforter and two shams for a full night’s beauty sleep.


A Yoga Mat So She Can Achieve Some Om’s

It’s not always easy to get to yoga class when you’ve got kiddos climbing up the walls. Now she can break out this yoga mat for instantaneous oms (after the kids are in bed, natch). It has a textured, non-slip surface to give your gal pal traction when she’s trying to get into the downward dog position.


A Cosmetic Organizer To Keep Her Makeup Less Messy

You’ve seen the clutter around her bathroom sink, and well, she probably needs some help. This clear cosmetic storage caddy comes with three drawers to safely store her mascara, lipstick, and blushes easily. It’s available in either soft brass or rose gold accents, and can keep all of her brushes accessible and organized.


An Inspirational Book To Keep By Her Bedside

When the kids finally slip off to sleep, your friend might really enjoy reading Slay Like A Mother by Katherine Wintsch. It debunks the idea of mother as martyr, and help transform those feels of self-doubt into inner strength.


Cupcakes Because, You Know, They’re Cupcakes

There’s never a wrong time for cupcakes. The Latest & Greatest Cupcakes collection from Baked By Melissa definitely won’t disappoint. Flavors include traditional ones like Triple Fudge Chocolate, Red Velvet and Cookie & Cream, and then, there are the fun ones like Chocolate Chip Pancake, Tie-Dye Cracker Crunch, and swoon, Peanut Butter & Jelly. Be sure to tell your friend that while sharing is caring, it’s also completely optional, too.


Flowers To Perk Up Her Home Office Space

Listen, flowers aren’t just for funerals. The Wonderful Wishes Bouquet from 1-800 Flowers is a lovely just-because gift for your gal pal. The white and blue floral arrangement is made from white roses and carnations, as well as Peruvian lilies, baby’s breath, and added greenery.


A Journal To Express Herself

Every milestone can be properly notated in the Stories for My Child by Samantha Hahn. It helps turn your memories into a memoir of sorts that allows you to express yourself and also become a keepsake for your kiddos in the future. And if you’re worried about writer’s block, the guided journal asks key questions to help you get started.


A Bath Bomb For A Sumptuous Soak

Show her who’s the bomb (ha) with the Atom Heart Mother bath bomb from Lush. Unlike other bath bombs that are meant to make bath time relaxing, this one will actually invigorate her, thanks to citrus oils and the sweet scent of bergamot oil, eventually dissolving into pretty purple water.


A Robe To Keep Her Feeling Plush

Whether she uses it as soon as she steps out of the shower or (welp) to wear while she’s waiting in the carpool line, she’ll surely feel comfortable in this Koolaburra by UGG robe. Long sleeves and shawl collar will let her feel cozy no matter what time of year it is. And woot, it has two pockets for holding her phone or a snack.


A Foot Spa To Treat Her Tired Feet Right

This HoMedics Bubble Foot Spa treats her to a spa-like experience right in the middle of her living room. It massages and soothes your feet, all with the touch of a button -- from your toe, that is. The water says warm, thanks to a heat boost power feature, and it comes with a pedicure brush and pumice stone to keep her feet looking fabulous.


An Instant Pot To Get Meals On The Table Faster

The Instant Pot will take the pressure of your single momma friend to get a meal faster. It can cook certain meals up to 70% faster, thanks to its pressure-cooking prowess. And with 13 customizable programs for making meals like soup, ribs, chicken, and more, there will be no such thing as the witching hour anymore.


A Photo Frame For Family Pics

Framed family photos are cool and all, but when you’re redefining what family looks like, you’ll need a frame to represent this new stage in life. This frame from Wayfair has eight individual frames for displaying photos of the people who matter most to her and whom she considers family.


A Jewelry Organizer To Keep Her Rings Readily Available

Who has the time to untangle all of those necklaces? The Yamazaki Tosca Accessory Stand organizes your watches, rings, and earrings easily. Its minimalist design means she won’t have to sift through her all her jewelry in order to find that one bangle bracelet she loves.


A Plant That Even She Can’t Kill

Sure, her thumb might be more grey than green, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting her this succulent plant from Harry & David. The succulent comes in a ceramic dove planter, and is fairly easy to take care of (read: it won’t wilt right away if she forgets to water it).


A Spray To Clear The Air — And Her Mind

When her ex is being extra annoying, gift her this Clearing Aura Spray. It smells delish (like fresh oranges, lavender, and rose), and is meant to offer rest and respite. Simply spritz about the face and body, and soak in the scents... and the calm.


A Ring To Remind Her That She’s Loved

Sure, she might still be shellshocked from the separation, but that doesn’t mean that she won’t find love again. This dainty hammered heart ring from Etsy seller AquarianThoughts is made from 14k gold fill, and is also available in 14k rose gold fill and sterling silver. It’s definitely a statement piece and just might make her remember to practice loving herself more.

If it’s her birthday, or simply a just-because, any of these gifts will make the single momma in your life feel special.

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