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15 Gifts For A Friend Dealing With Infertility

Because they need your support and love right now.

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Globally, infertility affects one in six adults. That’s a lot of people who have either tried to have a baby or considered having one, but had to deal with grief and stress on top of all of it. For those who are dealing with infertility or those who are in the process of IVF and other tests and treatments, all they truly need is your love and care. But there are some great, easy gifts to get someone going through infertility as well that can add an additional level of support.

“The most important thing is just support without advice. That’s the greatest gift,” Brent and Brittany Glaze, a Georgia couple who went through several years of infertility and are now expecting their first baby via IVF tell me. “Some days aren’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows — it can get very dark. That’s when a simple act of checking in and letting this person vent without judgement and simply active listening is the best gift.” But both of them share that if you really want to give your friend going through infertility a gift, choose things that bring comfort and joy. Dinner, a nice card, something cozy — all of those kinds of items can let your friend know that you’re there for them and that they’re supported.

But above all: just be there for your friend. Let them vent, let them cry, and try to make them laugh. “That’s the stuff you need. Prayers and positive vibes are great, but nothing replaces genuine laughter,” the Glazes tell me. So pick one of the below gifts, write a funny card, and send it to your friend. Infertility sucks — there’s no other way to describe it — but maybe you can bring them a little joy.


A Cozy Blanket

Whether they’re dealing with the pain of another menstrual cycle, starting fertility treatments, or just need to feel cozy, this double-sided sherpa weighted blanket from Luna is a must. It comes in two different colors and weighs 10 pounds, so it’s the perfect size for a little anxiety-reducing coziness.


Their Favorite Snacks

As a little pick-me-up, send your friend a Sugarwish box. You just pay for the box and they get to decide if they want sweet or savory treats, and then they get to pick each specific snack they want. There are tons of options, and there are lots of old-fashioned candies that they may not be able to find easily, so it’s a really fun box to get.


A Pretty Candle Holder

Choose a candle that brings your friend some peace, whether it’s one that smells like summer or the ocean or a spring day (or heck, even a Christmas candle if that’s their favorite holiday) and then pop it into this lovely golden decagon candle holder. It’s so pretty and can fit any kind of house style.


A Journal

There’s a lot to think about when you’re dealing with infertility, and if your friend needs an outlet, this beautiful embroidered journal from Rifle Paper is such a meaningful gift. They can use the journal to write down their frustrations, their hopes, or even letters to themselves as they document their journey through infertility and, hopefully, parenthood.


A Good Luck Charm

This might be kind of woo-woo, but if you have a friend who is into crystals or good luck charms and sweet vibes, this amethyst crystal moon is such a nice gift. The moon is often considered a symbol of fertility, and an amethyst is said to have healing properties to help relieve your anxiety and bring calmness to you. Your friend can tuck it in their pocket or just set it out as a pretty little stone for some positive vibes.


A Nice Dinner

If you can’t see your friend to treat them to a dinner out, definitely gift them a DoorDash gift card so they can enjoy their favorite meal in the comfort of their own home. This is especially nice if you know they’ve had a doctor’s appointment recently, are going through treatments, or if they’re just having a tough day.


Cozy Pajamas

Cozy pajamas are always a good gift for literally any situation, but especially for a friend dealing with infertility. I have this exact nightgown in like every color they make and I’m going to tell you: it’s perfection. It’s heavy enough to be cozy and comfy, but it’s also light enough to wear year-round and makes you feel like you’re starring in a Nora Ephron movie. What more could you want?


A Meaningful Piece Of Jewelry

Butterflies symbolize endurance and hope, and this gorgeous Lillia crystal butterfly pendant is such a meaningful gift for a friend going through infertility. It’s just dainty enough to go with any outfit or look, and also comes in blue if your friend likes a splash of color and boldness.


Their Favorite Toiletries

Whatever your friend’s favorite self-care item or toiletries are, grab them a few restocks. I personally love this LANEIGE water sleeping mask and it makes me feel really well cared for when I use it after washing my face. It’s full of great moisturizing properties and may be just the pick-me-up they need at bedtime.


A Nice Heating Pad

A heating pad is always a must-have in a home, but for someone dealing with infertility, this nice heating pad may be just the perfect gift. It’s great for comforting them through cramps, but can also be helpful if they’re dealing with injections or fertility treatments and help relax muscles.


A Book Subscription Box

The thing with infertility is that it lasts a long time. Through cycles, treatments, tests — it can be a lot and a long process. Help your friend get through it with a Book of the Month subscription box. This one will last three months and is a nice distraction for them through everything that comes with infertility.


A Sweet Card & Note

This card is just the perfect choice for someone who’s dealing with infertility, and you can write a sweet note inside to let them know that you’re there for them whenever they need you.


A Floral Subscription Service

Another sweet subscription service is this one from The Bouqs Co. Who doesn’t love gorgeous flowers arriving at their door? It’s such a nice gesture and a fun gift for them to get when they’re dealing with so much.


Cozy Slippers

Slippers can be hard to buy for other people. Do they want hard-soled, soft-soled, do they prefer some that slip on or some that are like a flip-flop, etc. But these cozy life slippers from Vera Bradley are so perfect. They’re light, they almost feel like a thick sock, and they’re easy for them to pop into a bag if they want to wear them to an appointment or fertility treatment. They also come in several cute patterns and designs.


IVF Sticker Pack

If your friend is going through IVF, they might need some cheering up, and this sticker pack is such a fun way to do just that. With sweet little encouraging sayings and some fun stickers featuring McDonald’s french fries and pineapple (both thought to be “good luck” for IVF), your friend will totally appreciate this gesture.

No matter where your friend is on their infertility journey, these gifts tell them just how much you love and support them.

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