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What To Text A Friend Dealing With Infertility

More than anything, your friend going through infertility just needs to know that you're there.

Infertility affects one in six people globally, which means you more than likely know someone who is experiencing infertility. Whether they’re going through testing to find out what’s wrong, completing fertility treatments, or still just trying to process everything, knowing what to text a friend dealing with infertility is so important. Above all, your friends just want to feel validated and heard. They just want you to be there for them in any capacity. And they really don’t want you telling them, “It’ll all work out.”

Brent and Brittany Glaze, a Georgia couple currently pregnant with their IVF baby, tell Romper that anyone dealing with infertility or going through IVF just wants your love and support. “You don’t need to understand their struggles, you just need to listen to them talk when they need to vent,” they say. “The most important thing is just support without advice.”

Infertility can feel incredibly isolating, no matter what part of the journey your friend is on. Some may not pursue fertility treatments and some may spend years going through tests and pokes and prods. It’s not your place to give your friend advice or try to understand how they’re feeling if you can’t relate — you just need to listen.

These texts are a great starting point. Above all, follow your friend’s lead. If they don’t want to talk about their infertility or if they answer in short, one-word responses, then move on to asking them what they thought about the latest Marvel movie trailer or if they’ve seen the cute new swimsuits at Target. Just be their friend — they need you.

Texts to send a friend dealing with infertility

  • None of this is your fault.
  • If you want to talk about it, I’m here. If you don’t, I’m still here.
  • Tell me how you’re feeling today.
  • I’m thinking of you.
  • Infertility does not define you.
  • I know this sucks.
  • Your feelings are valid.
  • There is no right or wrong way to feel right now. All of it counts.
  • I know you’re struggling with this. I’m so sorry.
  • My heart hurts for you.
  • Do you want advice or to vent?
  • We’re not meant to go through hard things alone. I’m here for you.
  • F*ck anyone who tells you, “When it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.”
  • You are worthy.

Helpful texts to send a friend dealing with infertility

  • I’m picking up Starbucks, do you want your usual?
  • How’s your partner doing today?
  • Do you want a night out?
  • I just wanted to tell you that I love you.
  • I’m sending you guys a DoorDash gift card.
  • Which streaming service are you missing?

Texts to send a friend going through fertility treatments

  • Just tell the next person who says, “You just have to stop worrying about it and it’ll happen” to wait for me outside.
  • I promise to never tell you, “Just relax and it’ll happen.” And if I say anything like that, feel free to yell at me.
  • Do you want to hear a funny story right now?
  • I hope you have an EGGcellent day.
  • Good luck on all the tests and treatments today. You’re doing amazing!
  • I’m sending you every good vibe and positive thought I have.
  • I’m making you a Spotify playlist and I want you to blast it from the speakers on your way to your appointment today.

The Glazes also shared with me an important message about support: “First thing I’d say if someone is going through infertility is, “Are you talking to/seeing a therapist?” You have no idea how much we needed it. You’re angry at so many things. You question everyone and everything. You question God/your faith. You question yourself. It’s just not healthy to try to go through that without help.” Send all the supportive texts to your friend, encourage them to speak to a therapist, and let them know that, no matter what, you are there for them. Always.