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Great British Baking Show gifts for the super fan in your life.
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Gifts For Great British Bake Off Fans To Level Up Their Rewatching & IRL Baking

Like that one friend who says “cling film” now.

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If you’ve never watched, laughed at, or cried about The Great British Baking Show, you’re missing out. And when it comes time to buy for your loved one, friend, or coworker who’s totally obsessed with the series, it might be difficult to know what makes a good Great British Baking Show gift. You can opt for a present inspired directly by the show, like an official recipe book, or get them something to level up their bingeing (a plush throw blanket) or baking game (a fancy rolling pin).

The most recent seasons of The Great British Baking Show, also called The Great British Bake Off, are available to stream on Netflix. It’s a feel-good competition show in which amateur bakers face off in weekly challenges hoping to win the title of star baker in the finale. And thanks to the personalities of the judges and contestants, and their beautiful baking, the series has quite the cult following.

If you’re trying to think of Great British Baking Show gift ideas for someone you love, consider how you can upgrade something, whether it’s a sweet treat to enjoy during an episode or a high-end vanilla extract they’ll totally nerd out over. And if you’re totally stumped, a cookbook is always a safe bet.


A GBBO-themed coloring book

Most Great British Baking Show gifts revolve around baking, yes, but if the viewer you know also loves arts and crafts, the official Great British Bake Off Colouring Book would be a sweet way to tie their interests together. Add a set of nice colored pencils into the gift bag to make using your present easy as pie.


A tapered, French-style rolling pin

With nearly 5,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, this wooden French rolling pin seems like a sturdy tool any baker would love. It’s made of solid, crack-resistant beech wood with tapered ends so it rolls smoothly, and the surface is polished and treated with mineral oil so it won’t stick to dough.


A Great British Bake Off pin

It’s true, nobody likes a soggy bottom. This Great British Bake Off Enamel Pin is cute as pie and an adorable way to add flair to a kitchen apron, jacket, or bag. It measures 1.1 by 0.5 inches, and is made with durable enamel, gold plating, and a rubber closure behind the pin.


A Great British Baking Show oven mitt

It’s short for scrumptious, obviously. This Absolutely Scrummy Hot Pad calls out a memorable term from the show, and is a functional gift they’ll use often. It works as an oven mitt and trivet, and has a loop for easy hanging. It would fit in nicely as part of a larger gift set, too.


A cake decorating starter kit

For those who are taking their love for Bake Off seriously and getting into baking themselves, gift them a starter kit with cake decorating supplies. An 11-inch Rotating Cake Turntable allows them to smooth and pipe icing easily, and the included icing spatulas and smoothers will help them start to hone their fancy frosting techniques.


Their very own Andre Spoon

Andre Spoon is a staple in The Great British Baking Show, so there should definitely be a replica in every fan’s kitchen. This Engraved Mr. Spoon is a perfect replica — a 12-inch spoon made of solid wood, with that goofy expression laser carved into the back. That means it will never fade even if it gets used day in and out.


A funny Prue Leith mug

Fans of the show are probably also fans of Prue Leith, one of the judges, and her hilarious quotes are part of her charm. This Prue Leith Gift Mug captures one of them — “You only have to be not the worst” — in cup form. It will encourage whoever uses it to do their best, even if their best just means they’re not the absolute worst.


A cozy blanket for watch parties

Did you even binge a competition show series if there was no giant fuzzy blanket involved? Gift a fleece throw blanket to curl up under (or spread out, it’s big enough) while watching The Great British Baking Show. It’s the perfect gift idea for fans of the series who don’t actually enjoy baking IRL, but like to get comfy and eat scones while they watch.


Adorable mini pie molds

If your baking-obsessed loved one has all the tools and bakeware they need, get them something less common you know they’ve never bought themselves. These Classic Mini Hand Pie Molds make adorable miniature pastries possible in less time by shaping, cutting, and crimping the dough. Bonus points: the plastic is BPA-free.


An upscale snack to eat while bingeing GBBO

Want to give them something sweet to snack on while they watch GBBO? The Nyakers Gingersnaps Tin is filled with crispy gingersnap cookies, flavored with hints of cinnamon and clove. The decorative tin makes them feel extra special, and can be kept and reused to store baking ingredients long after the cookies are gone.


A Great British Baking Show apron

There’s no greater Great British Baking Show gift than winning the title of star baker, so a Star Baker Apron will definitely make the person receiving it smile. They’ll think of you every time they put it on to bake. It has an adjustable neck strap and large front pockets to hold tools and recipe cards.


A nonstick mat that will change their baking game

Silpat Nonstick Silicone Baking Mats have been around for quite some time, but if you need gift ideas for Great British Baking Show fans who are getting into baking for real, they’ll appreciate this one. The Silpat replaces the need for cooking spray or parchment paper (hooray for cutting down on waste) and rolls up to store easily.


An armrest table for watching GBBO

How is one supposed to binge their favorite feel-good series without a hot cup of tea and a little sweet snack nearby? The Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray Table is something they’ll use every time they settle in to watch some TV. It has an anti-slip underside and is designed to fit any sofa arm, with the tray on top measuring about six inches wide.


The official Bake Off cookbook

The Great British Bake Off: Favourite Flavours is the official recipe book from the makers of The Great British Baking Show, making it a perfect gift choice for fans of the series. It includes must-try recipes from Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, as well as all the bakers from 2022. Your loved one will be a pro at baking sticky ginger treacle tarts in no time.


A Bake Off host’s cookbook

If the GBBO fan you love already owns the official recipe book, consider BAKE, judge Paul Hollywood’s collection of recipes for classic desserts. Your bestie will learn how to make beloved treats like peanut butter cookies and macarons, dive into the world of bread by making a savory focaccia, and so much more.


High-end baking ingredients

Anyone who bakes — nay, anyone who has a spice cabinet in their kitchen — has a bottle of generic vanilla extract. For avid bakers who love the show, upgrading their ingredients is a practical Great British Baking Show gift idea. Package the Nielsen-Massey Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract with a gift tag with a joke from the show to tie it all together (and hey, maybe they’ll share some of the treats they make with this later on).


A Great British Baking Show sweatshirt

This Great British Bake Off Sweatshirt is talking about dough, right? Yeah, definitely just the dough. If your friend loves The Great British Baking Show and is always sharing memes about #adulting in the group chat, the overworked and underproofed joke on this sweatshirt will suit their personality perfectly. It’ll go great with jeans and sneakers for running errands, or comfy leggings and socks for marathoning the new season.


Batter bowls with lids

Why use normal bowls with a set like the Rorence Mixing Bowls with Lids Set exists? They’re deep with high sides to prevent spills, have a grippy handle and spout for easy pouring, and lids to keep contents secure in the refrigerator. The silicone base prevents the bowl from sliding around the counter while trying to fold in eggs or whip up a meringue.


A display stand for their bakes

When they’re ready to present their bake to the judges, they’ll need somewhere to display it, right? This Acacia wood cake stand with clear acrylic dome cover will keep their cake, pie, or pastries fresh as you nibble throughout the week. And because the dome is acrylic, it won’t shatter if it gets dropped or knocked over.


This cheeky, eco-friendly bakeware

Does the baker you love have everything they need? Add a sustainable baking dish to their kitchen inventory. The Costa Nova recycled clay bakeware collection looks like disposable foil, but is actually ceramic, and made entirely from recycled clay. The 9x13 pan is universally helpful, or you could opt for a loaf or pie pan instead.

The Great British Baking Show fan in your life will love these gifts, whether they’re an amateur baker, a veteran in the kitchen, or happy just to cozy up and watch the contestants vie for top spot.