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Joey Fatone sharing a May promo for Great Wolf Lodge
Mark Ashman

Great Wolf Lodge Has The Ultimate Discount For Millennials

It’s gonna be you.

At this point, May 1 should be some kind of national holiday for millennials. Thanks to Justin Timberlake singing “it’s gonna bay may” instead of “it’s gonna be me” in *NSYNC’s song “It’s Gonna Be Me” from their second album, May 1 has become a day to flood our timelines with all of the memes and jokes about his curly ramen hair. But since many of us millennials are now parents, Great Wolf Lodge is taking that energy a step further and giving us a great deal for it. Starting May 1, you can save up to 51% off of a Great Wolf Lodge stay through August 15 with the code BEMAY.

Oh yes, it’s gonna be you.

This one-day sale has been headlined by Joey Fatone (my own personal favorite *NSYNC member, an intellectual’s Justin Timberlake, if you will) and it truly is an incredible bargain. This BEMAY promotion will cover any and all Great Wolf Lodge stays through August 15, 2024, which means you’ll get to experience a ton of fun summer activities happening at the parks across the country. There’s always unlimited access to the waterpark and free activities throughout the lodge, but starting May 24, the annual Summer Camp-In celebration begins with fun programming like arts and crafts, campfire sing-alongs, family trivia, and more.

Mike Szufel

And honestly, if you haven’t been to Great Wolf Lodge yet, this is great motivation. My girls are ages 9, 5, and 2, and we’ve been twice — every single one of them has had a blast. I love how inclusive it is and how there is so much to do across the resort without ever having to get in your car and drive anywhere. And if you want a place that will wear them slap out so you can enjoy some quiet time with Netflix? It’s Great Wolf Lodge.

So thanks, Joey Fatone! And thanks, Justin Timberlake. Because of your very specific singing style on one very specific song, we get a whole day worth of memes for the millennial crowd to explain to their children — and then we get to take them to Great Wolf Lodge for a discount.