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These Halloween Baskets For Kids Will Hold All The Candy You Can Handle

Pumpkin buckets are just the beginning.

Much thought and preparation has been put into creating the cutest costume for your kiddo. But you’ll need to accessorize their outfit, after all, and that can come in the form of a bootastic basket to collect all that candy. Thing is, you don’t have to stick with one type of container; there are so many to choose from. So if you’re looking to add some creepiness to your little vampire’s costume, you’ll want to check out these Halloween baskets for kids.

What type of basket you ultimately end up choosing will not just depend on the aesthetics of the costume, but your child, too. The good thing is that Halloween baskets for kids have come a long way. For example, you might be trick-or-treating in a neighborhood that’s known for giving out those full-size candy bars, and that means you’ll need a bigger bag to haul all that candy home in. Or you might want a Halloween basket that you can reuse each year, because who has time to keep buying a new bag? And if you have a toddler who has a tendency to trot off, you’re going to need a basket that glows in the dark so you can keep track of them.

From plush to personalized, reusable to disposable, these Halloween baskets for kids are functional, fun, and definitely frightful.

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Cheap Halloween Basket

Listen, you just want your kiddo to collect candy and call it a day. And you can’t get more basic than a bucket, which is exactly what this Orange Jack-o-Lantern Treat Bucket is all about. It’s the kind of standard Halloween basket that is easy for a child of any age to tote around. With its bright orange color and jack-o-lantern face, it easily does the job, whether it’s for a party or trick-or-treating. Plus, at a buck, you really can’t beat the price. Because if your kiddo accidentally breaks it while playing with it prior to Halloween, it won’t break the bank to replace it.


Glow In The Dark Halloween Basket

Although trick-or-treating during daylight hours has its advantages (you’re home earlier, and you can always find your kiddo), it’s not always the most spooktacular way to score some candy. But heading out after dark, while more exciting, definitely ups the safety factor. That’s why this light up Halloween bucket can be a lifesaver. The basket, which comes in pink, blue, or orange, can light up or flash with the touch of a button on the side. That way, you’ll be able to find your kid no matter which door they’re knocking on. You glow girl — or little guy.


Extra Large Halloween Basket

Your kiddo really racks up the candy each Halloween. But it’s not always fun when you’re fumbling to keep all the candy you’ve collected inside a small basket. So when a basket can’t contain it all, sometimes only a sack will do. These trick or treat canvas bags can do all the heavy lifting — literally. Measuring in at 17 inches deep and 14 inches wide, they can hold about four times the amount of an average Halloween bucket. But don’t worry about them being flimsy; one reviewer on Amazon said: “These were beautiful and high quality bags.” Your child can wear it on their back like a backpack, freeing their hands to, you know, hold yours. Plus, did we mention that it’s a 2-pack? ‘Nuff said.


Personalized Halloween Basket

Who says that it has to be all pumpkin-themed trick-or-treat bags come Halloween? Candy corn, the quintessential “either you love it or you loathe it” Halloween candy, is absolutely delicious in this personalized trick or treat bag. The bag is made from heavy duty felt, and can be embroidered with your child’s name. But the personalization doesn’t end there — you can also choose the font style as well as the thread color that the name will appear in. The whipped stitch trim will make everyone wonder who was the DIY maven who made this sweet trick or treat bag, which at 9” high, is tiny… but mighty adorable.


Reusable Halloween Basket

Sure, you want your child to have a cool trick-or-treat bag, but you also want to help the environment, too. You can get both with this reusable Halloween bag, which can be crunched up to fit into the attached carrying pouch when not in use. On All Hallow’s Eve, this reusable bag (which is made of durable fabric), can hold up to a whopping 25 pounds of Whoppers — or any other candy that your little goblin gets. Best part: the Halloween bag is washable, which means you can use it even before Halloween to carry around any essentials.


Baby’s 1st Halloween Basket

You want to give your little ghoul the best first Halloween ever. That’s what makes this Baby’s 1st Halloween bucket so spooktacular. It can be personalized in a plethora of ways, from your baby’s name, to the color of the bucket itself, to the design (think a ghost, bat, cat, witch, pumpkin), too. It has an attached handle in case your child has already entered the “Me do it!” phase. And when Halloween is over, you might want to keep this trick or treat basket as a keepsake from your little sweetie’s first Halloween ever.


Disposable Halloween Basket

Of course, you want your child to have a bootiful basket for Halloween. But the day after, well, you might be looking to toss it. Well, you won’t feel guilty about, ahem, recycling this disposable Halloween basket. It’s actually more of a plastic treat bag that will get the job done on Halloween, and can be thrown out the day after. It measures 15 x 12 inches, so it can hold a substantial amount of sweets. And because it’s just $1.48, you won’t feel like you’re wasting money if you decide to ditch it come November 1.


Small Halloween Basket

Of course, there’s only one goal on Halloween: collect the most candy possible. But if you’re only planning to hit a few streets, your child doesn’t really need a garbage bag-sized bag. This Mummy Pail Halloween Trick or Treat Container from Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique gets the job done. The mummy has googly eyes that make it super cute, and a bandaged head to add to its authenticity. It has a tote handle so that your kiddo can carry their candy around easily. Your kid can hold their mummy basket in one hand — and hold their Mummy’s hand with the other.


Plush Halloween Basket

Are we the only ones who have kids who sleep with their baskets prior to Halloween? Well, you can give your child something soft and sweet to cuddle up with under the covers with this plush trick or treat bag. It can be personalized with your child’s name, and really, how can you resist a pumpkin with rosy red cheeks, and those insane eyelashes? The inner lining is reinforced so it won’t rip, and in case it gets stained before the big day, it can be spot cleaned. And with the pink bow and handle, your child will want to play with it well past Halloween.


Simple Halloween Basket

Your kiddo can cook up some tasty treats in this Cauldron Treat Bucket. It’s a no-frills basket, sticking to a simple design, and as all cauldrons are, it’s all black. It can easily be carried via the attached plastic handle. And if your child is already wearing a witch’s costume, the cauldron Halloween basket is a no-brainer. Not only can it be an excellent accessory, but it does double duty to keep your child’s treats safe and sound. It measures almost nine inches wide, and just under five inches tall.


Classic Halloween Basket

You want your child to have the best Halloween basket out there. But you also want it to be timeless and classy, too. Enter the Disney Winnie the Pooh Hunny Treat Bag. It’s made from super soft felt, and looks just like Pooh’s beloved Hunny basket. It can be personalized at an additional charge, and spot cleaned in case of any spills. Your child will definitely have a hunny of a time using this basket, especially if you dress them up as the adorable bear, too.


Popular Halloween Basket

It’s always nice to know what other parents are picking out for their kids for Halloween. And with over 121,000 sales to date (and over 17,000 reviews), you might want to check out these Halloween baskets for kids from Etsy seller SewWhatFun. The bags can be personalized with your kiddo’s name, along with the bag color (think orange, black, or purple polka dot), and the featured creature on the front (like black cats, ghosts, and bats). As for its size, it measures 9 inches tall and has a 10-inch diameter, perfect for candy collecting.

Your child’s Halloween basket no longer has to be an afterthought, thanks to these fun baskets that celebrate the season. You can even try to match them to your kiddo’s costume, which just might get them the biggest candy haul ever.