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Funny Halloween themed puddings in cups with whipped cream
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The Spookiest, Easiest Halloween Breakfast Ideas

Don’t worry, there are plenty of protein-packed options here before a day of candy.

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays as a mom because it’s so easy to get festive and in the holiday spirit. Serving pancakes? Make them into ghost shapes. Need your eggs to look creepy? Do some ketchup veins on top. Just want them to have a little fun with breakfast? Go for a store-bought Halloween cereal. These are just some of the many Halloween breakfast ideas that abound, and your whole family is going to get a kick out of them.

I know — you’ve already taken them to several Halloween events and bought their expensive costume and made goody bags for school. Do you really have to worry about Halloween breakfast, too? Well, you don’t have to worry, because there are tons of ideas for a spooky breakfast that are easy and your kids will actually eat them. From blueberry and cream cheese hand pies made to look spooky to bananas with chocolate chip eyes to look like ghosts, there’s something for everyone on this list. I even have some inspiration for you if all you can manage is dropping a fake spider onto your kid’s plate of frozen waffles. It all counts. So get a little spooky this Halloween, even if your mornings are crazy, and make a Halloween breakfast that’ll put everyone into the most festive mood.


Monster Parfaits

OK, the original recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe may call for these to be Monster Pudding Cups, but you could easily make these into yogurt parfaits for a perfect Halloween breakfast. Just add a few drops of green food coloring to the yogurt or pudding and plop it into a cup you’ve decorated with a monster face. Cute, easy, and a nice breakfast to prep them for a day of debauchery.


A Spooky Smoothie Bowl

Do not underestimate the power of drizzling food into the shape of spiderwebs. This fun breakfast featured on Yummly is a spider web smoothie bowl, and it looks all the more creepy with the actual smoothie being red and a big fake spider hanging on the edge. Super easy and great for a Halloween breakfast.


Ghost Pies

I’m 100% obsessed with these blueberry cream cheese ghost hand pies (say that five times fast). It’s like a homemade Pop-Tart, but the way they’re shaped and the blueberries on top make them look like the perfect spooky ghost. So good.


Pumpkin Hand Pie

Another spooky hand pie, this time in the form of a mini pumpkin pie from Cookies and Cups. All those warm and spicy pumpkin flavors are here, and kids can eat them with one hand while they run around the house, avoiding actually getting ready for school. You canmake them ahead the night before and just warm them up in the morning, too.


The Easiest Halloween Breakfast


OK, it really does not get any easier than this Halloween breakfast. Add some chocolate chips to bananas for an amazing little ghost snack, and turn your kid’s favorite oranges into miniature Jack-O-Lanterns.


Halloween Doughnuts


Don’t sleep on just ordering a pack of your favorite Halloween-themed doughnuts either. Set these up with some fruit or eggs for a nice, full breakfast that will put your kiddos in the Halloween mood.


Mini Spooky Cinnamon Rolls

You don’t have to be a Star Baker to whip up these Halloween mini cinnamon rolls featured on Yummly. They take literally no time at all, and all you need are some sprinkles and candy eyeballs to make them extra spooky for October 31.


Just Buy The Halloween Cereal

OK, but have you also considered just buying a box of Halloween cereal? Your kids will love it, they can serve themselves, and you are Mom of the Year for a meal of Count Chocula.


A Creepy Breakfast Casserole

This one is actually super creepy looking, but is just as easy as the others. You can make this Halloween breakfast casserole featured on Yummly and customize it as your family likes it, but the eggs as eyes and the sriracha drizzles are what makes it really spooky.


Monster Pancakes

A big stack of pancakes, the perfect glaze on top, and a bunch of candy eyeballs? Yes please. These monster pancakes from Natalie’s Health are so ridiculously fun, and you could even use your own favorite pancake recipe and just be inspired by the glaze and eyeballs.


Sausage Mummies


This fun Halloween dish is usually served with hot dogs — which is a fine breakfast food! — but if you’d like to go more traditional with the first meal of the day, use your family’s favorite sausages instead. So good and easy.


More Spooky Pancakes

The great thing about pancakes is that you can make them into any shape, so follow along with this recipe for the ultimate ghost pancakes featured on Yummly.


Mummy Eggs

I’m in love with these cheesy mummy eggs from Yummly. So ridiculously silly, and nothing’s better than a nice protein-packed breakfast on a day known for its sugar and fun.


Spooky Baked Eggs

Another egg option is this recipe for bell pepper baked eggs. They’re so good and creepy, and you can use ketchup instead of a hot sauce for the veins if your kids aren’t into the spicy stuff. Honestly, I think I’ll eat these, too.


Banana Ghosts & Dip

Another shout-out to the banana ghosts, but let’s make them extra fancy with a Greek yogurt spider web dip. The Greek yogurt gives you another chance at a high-protein breakfast, and it’s so easy to pull together and looks super impressive.


The Easiest Jack-O-Lantern Breakfast

Even with no time in the morning, you can make a spooky little breakfast with these Jack-O-Lantern orange bowls. Just scoop out the inside and carve a face into the peel and then fill it with fruit. So cute.


Just Add A Plastic Spider


And if you really want an easy Halloween breakfast, make what you know your kid will actually eat and just add a plastic spider. It doesn’t get much easier than that, and it still totally counts as a spooky breakfast.

No matter what you serve your family for breakfast on Halloween, it’s bound to be a hit. Hopefully these Halloween breakfast ideas can inspire you to try something a little spooky, a little creepy, and a whole lot of easy.