Worm Sandwiches?!

18 Festive Halloween Lunch Ideas To Delight Your Kids

Whether you’re serving them at home or packing them for school.

When you think about Halloween and food, of course your mind probably goes straight to sweets and candy, or spooky seasonal cocktails to serve at a costume party. But if you’re trying to think of fun ways to delight your October-loving child, consider these Halloween lunch ideas for kids. They’re perfect to whip up on a weekend or to prep and pack in your kids’ lunchboxes throughout the week.

Since Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year, chances are your child will be eating their lunch at school that day, which means you’ll need easy snacks and mains that can be packed up but still look cute at lunchtime. Things like string cheese witch brooms and spider sandwich crackers are perfect for that. Or, if you need ideas to make their Halloween weekend lunches at home a little more fun, there are so many easy ways to do it (from topping soups with a big ghost crouton to slicing up a hot dog and serving it as “worms”).

So, whether you’re looking for lunch ideas you can make at home or sneak into your child’s lunch box for a spider-y, spooky surprise at school, hopefully you find just the inspo you’re looking for here.


Mummy hot dogs, of course

There is no better Halloween lunch for kids than the classic mummy hot dogs. Grab your favorite brand of hot dogs and some crescent roll dough, wrap ‘em up, and serve with your little one’s favorite dipping sauce.


Mini spider pizzas


These little Lunchable-sized pizzas are so cute with their olive spiders on top. It’d be fun to make a batch of these mini pizzas with your kids (so they can decorate and top them however they please), then pop them into their lunchboxes throughout the week.


A Franken-kiwi on the side

With some strategic peeling, mini chocolate chips, and pretzel sticks, you too could make Franken-kiwis to serve on your kid’s lunch plate or pack in their bento box. They’re almost too cute to eat, honestly.


The easiest festive fruit side ever

Speaking of fruit sides, if you want the easiest possible festive fruit, throw a sparkly pipe cleaner stem on a mandarin orange cup and call it a day. Your kid will delight at the “pumpkin” you packed, and you know they’ll actually still eat what’s inside.


Monster sliders

Little bite-sized sliders — whether they’re burgers, sloppy Joes, or something else your kid enjoys — can become a cute Halloween lunch by just adding olive eyeballs to the top bun. This recipe uses ground turkey for a healthier take on homemade sloppy Joe sauce.


Candy corn quesadillas

Quesadillas are the best — the kids love them, and they only take a few minutes to make. These candy corn quesadillas might take more types of cheese and a bit more strategic placement, but your kids will definitely appreciate the effort.


Creepy fingers on a bun

If all you have is hot dogs and buns, well, that’s all you need to pull these hot dog fingers off. A few well-placed slices to create a fingernail and knuckles will have your kids shrieking in delight at the hot dog finger on their plate.


Simple, festive fruit skewers

Whether you want to pack them in a lunchbox or serve them at home, these little fruit skewers are fun and festive without being complicated to make. Just gather your kid’s favorite orange, purple, and green fruits and stack them onto a stick, throwing in a marshmallow and candy corn pumpkin every so often.


Spider cracker sandwiches

You’ll need a tube of round crackers, peanut butter, pretzel sticks, and something to use as eyes (dried fruit, chocolate chips, anything really). Assemble some spider snack sandwiches and send them in your kid’s lunch for a special surprise on Halloween.


A hot dog worm sandwich

Nothing like a fresh worm sandwich to spook the kids on a Saturday afternoon, right? Just slice a few hot dogs into quarters and prepare as you normally would, then serve them on a bun.


Mummy celery sticks

These little cream cheese and celery mummies would travel well in a lunch box, so if you need a spooky veggie idea, definitely give them a try.


Mummy meatballs

The remix of mummy hot dogs: mummy meatballs. Again, just throw some crescent roll dough on the meatballs of your choice (homemade or frozen work great) and bake until golden brown.


Decorate-your-own Monster Burgers

This is more of a weekend lunch than a packable one for school, but it’d be so fun to let your kids build a monster burger before eating it alive. Lay out some pickle tongues, olive eyeballs, and cheese teeth, and let them go to town.


Tacos (or whatever you’re serving) crawling with spiders

marina200707/500Px Plus/Getty Images

Tacos for lunch on the weekends? Sounds like a dream come true. Throw a few plastic spiders on top so they look insect-infested to delight your kids before they dive in. It’s too easy not to try.


Pretzel & string cheese witch brooms


Instead of tossing a bag of pretzel and a string cheese into the lunchbox like usual, take a couple minutes to put together these adorable witch brooms. Just cut the string cheese in half and push a pretzel stick into the end, then cut or tear apart the bottom for a bristly broom look.


Jack-O-Lantern stuffed pastries

These little stuffed pumpkins are basically Halloween Uncrustables. The recipe from Half-Baked Harvest includes steps to make a spinach filling, but you could swap it out for whatever your child likes best — PB&J, tomato sauce and cheese, or sausage and eggs for a cute Halloween breakfast.


Soup with a ghostly crouton topper

Half-Baked Harvest’s butternut squash soup recipe sounds delicious, but the real star of the show is that ghost-shaped crouton, made with a slice of bread and a cookie cutter, then baked for a bit. They only take about 10 minutes to make, and you could toss them on top of any soup, chili, or stew your kid loves.


Burgers with a smiling cheesy surprise

Codruta Istrati/500px/Getty Images

You don’t have to totally change your menu plan for the week or buy special cookie cutters and food picks to make your kids’ meals feel festive. If you’re having burgers this week (or just a regular turkey sandwich at lunch), cut a quick Jack-O-Lantern face into the slice and cheese and serve the sandwich open-faced.

Well, what are you adding to the shopping list this week? You can’t go wrong with spider sandwich ingredients and sparkling pipe cleaners.