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27 Halloween Memes Guaranteed To Get A Cackle

Guaranteed to give you a good, ghoulish chuckle.

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Halloween is known for being spooky and scary, but there are also plenty of things about the holiday to laugh about. Aside from the occasional funny costume, there are also some really great Halloween memes that are sure to make you giggle (or cackle, if you’re in the spirit). Whether it’s about moms during trick-or-treating, a love for all things fall or making Santa wait his turn, there’s at least one Halloween meme that is sure to get you to laugh out loud.

As someone who absolutely loves all things fall and Halloween, I find myself laughing with pure joy at the sight of most decor, costumes, and monster-themed jokes. However, while I may think a fake skeleton crawling out of a “grave” in someone’s front yard is a fantastic and funny way to add some spook to a house, not everyone feels the same way. Since not everyone finds headless witches and killer clowns funny, it’s nice that there are Halloween memes meant to give everyone a good laugh.

So, if you’re having the kind of day where you’re really in the holiday spirit and you could also use a good laugh, here are some fantastic Halloween memes that will do the trick (and are also a real treat).


A Killer Spin On A Classic Meme

Look, I’m not saying that murder is ever okay or that the teens in these movies deserved to die. All I’m saying is that I’m not about to try to prove those guys wrong.


Five-Star Ride

This is one Uber I would love to see. Imagine how quiet it would be in there, too. An introvert’s dream.



That poor skeleton. He just wanted to give that guy a good scare, and instead, he just says “ew”? I’d be laying up in bed thinking about it all night, too.


Even Serial Killers Love Pockets

Pockets are an essential part of fashion, and we don’t see them enough. It’s nice to know that even Michael Myers understands a good thing when it's right in front of him.


This Is Painfully Accurate

I’d also add, “Come on, kids are waiting behind you” and “Don’t walk in their flowers” to the list.


Summer? I Don’t Know Her

Why would anyone fight to keep summer around when they could be welcoming in fall? I don’t understand. And, for the record, I’d be thrilled to see someone riding a motorcycle looking like this.


PSL Season

Sally knows what’s up. We always knew she had good taste.


The Only Way To Break Up

While I genuinely hope there is no reason for you to have to break up with someone in the month of October, if you are in that position, this is the only way to do it.


On Wednesdays, We Wear Black

What do you get when you put Mean Girls and Halloween together? This incredible Halloween meme.


Does Anyone Else Do This?

Look, spider, this has nothing to do with the web. It’s you that I don’t want around here.


Halloween Monsters: They’re Just Like Us

I think we’ve all had times where we could identify with these ghouls. Personally, I really relate to that wound-up mummy.


2021 Is Looking Pretty Good Right Now

And here I thought 2020 and 2021 were the worst years. At least I won’t have kids dressed up like this ringing my doorbell on Halloween night.


Just Go Ahead And Double Your Halloween Candy Budget

Look, if you haven’t already busted into your trick-or-treat candy supply, you’re not doing Halloween right. Everybody knows that.


Poor Frankenstein

This guy just wants to be able to go to a party and not have to serve as the community charging station. No one appreciates him.


Homemade Flames Are So Much Work

Look, not everyone has time to summon ingredients from hell. We have kids to raise and jobs to go to. There’s no shame in store-bought flames.


Who Wants To Fight?

Personally, I do not want to make this Jack-o-lantern angry, but if you think you can take him on, I am happy to grab some popcorn to watch.


She’s A Foodie Witch

Such dark, twisted humor. And I am totally here for it.


Reflection Is Important Every Day Of The Year

Freddy, you’re doing a good thing by taking some time to really think about your life and the direction its going. Now, what are you going to do with your newfound self-awareness?


Is It Oct. 31 Yet?

Some people count down to Christmas, while others can’t wait for Halloween. Personally, I identify with Michael here.


Be Yourself

Halloween is when I can shamelessly embrace the strange, creepy, twisty part of me that I have to keep concealed the rest of the year. It’s so freeing.


Can You Blame Them?

This Halloween meme also applies to parents, if I’m being honest.


Excuse Me?

I can’t comprehend this.


So Smooth

Someone, please tell me which brand of razor this silky smooth skeleton uses.


It’s Not Wrong

Let’s all try to guess how many Squid Games, Elsa, and Marvel costumes we’ll see this year.


Don’t Want To Catch A Cold

I once had to wear a turtleneck under my beautiful princess dress as a kid, so Batman is looking pretty good here in comparison.


Lovely Day For A Bike Ride

If I saw my neighbors rolling down the street like this, I’d chase them down and ask them to be friends.


Wait Your Turn, Santa

Look, I love Christmas as much as the next person, but we only get one month of Halloween spook. Don’t be greedy, Santa.

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