These Halloween pet names are just too good.

26 Halloween Pet Names To Honor Your Favorite Holiday

Something spooky this way... barks?

If you plan on starting autumn off by getting a new pet, then it’s time to start brainstorming some names. Finding the perfect name for your furry friend isn’t always easy: you want something cute and fun, but you probably also want to avoid cliches and try to go for something unique. Here’s an idea for Halloween fans: why not pick a Halloween-inspired pet name? Whether you’re getting a dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster, or something else, a name with a little bit of a spooky history is a cool way to give a nod to your favorite holiday and will definitely stand out.

You can pick a pet name that is based on a character from a classic Halloween movie, which is kind of a subtle nod to spooky season, or you can go for something a bit more obvious that shows your love for October 31. Think Halloween phrases and words, like “Boo” or even “Spooky.” Honestly, these are really cute name ideas, and they have a little bit of meaning behind them, which always makes a name more special. Whatever you choose, we know it’s going to fit your pet and your family just right. Here are some creepy but adorable ideas to inspire you.



This is a cool, sweet name that brings to mind crunchy fall leaves, pumpkins sitting on doorsteps, and a general feeling of spookiness in the air. What’s not to love?



Because bones equal skeletons, which basically equal Halloween. Bone is obviously perfect for a dog (since they love bones, of course), but it can really be used for any animal.



There are two meanings with this cute name. Ghosts say “boo” in all of the scary stories that make you think of Halloween, but also, “Boo” can be a sweet name for the person (or animal) you love. Either way, it works.



When you think of this name, you probably can’t help but think of Casper the Friendly Ghost, right? Exactly. This is a nod towards a great Halloween movie, but it’s also not in-your-face obvious.



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Maybe it’s just me, but knowing that Clarice is a reference to Silence of the Lambs makes it one of those names that just always sends a shiver down my spine. It’s also pretty unexpected for a pet.



The tale of Dracula may not be completed rooted in Halloween history, but the story definitely goes hand-in-hand with Halloween. This is a fun name for a bird or a sweet little cat that doesn’t act at all evil.



I love the way Eerie sounds like an actual name, but also gives you all of the creepy Halloween vibes. It’s kind of cute, actually, and it’s really versatile.



Elvira is a throwback to an old ‘80s movie called Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. This is a subtle way to pay tribute to Halloween, and those who know will know! It’s also kind of just a pretty name.



So, this one might be a little cliche, especially if it’s for a dog, but there’s really nothing wrong with that. Fang brings to mind some creepy Halloween scenes and is particularly fun for a tiny dog that definitely does not have fangs.



Tim Burton fan? Opt for Frankenweenie, which obviously comes from the animated movie Frankenweenie about a young Victor Frankenstein who brings his dog back to life.




Freddy is both a nod to Halloween (think Freddy Krueger), and a nice, normal name that doesn’t have to have any scary connotation behind it. You get the best of both worlds!



I once met a giant husky dog named Ghost, and I thought it was the cutest name for a dog that is definitely never invisible. Not only is it a way to honor Halloween, but it can also be seen as a nod to Game of Thrones.



If you’re looking for something unique, I can pretty much guarantee that no one else is going to be using the name Ichabod for their new puppy. This is a not-so-subtle nod at Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.



Like Freddy, Jack is another name that could sound either perfectly normal or like a reference to a scary movie. For those who are confused, Jack is the name of the main skeleton in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas.



Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, anyone? The name Jekyll is unique, cool, and a clear way to honor Halloween and the spooky stories that go along with it.



Luna means moon, and a full moon is typically associated with Halloween. It’s also just such a pretty name in general, and it’s perfect for your furball.



Halloween and monsters go hand-in-hand. I love this name, especially for a sweet and innocent animal that is clearly the opposite of a monster — although it could be fun for a scarier looking animal as well.



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Of course this is based on the iconic Morticia Addams from The Addams Family. It’s such a sophisticated sounding name for a pet that it ends up being pretty hilarious.



The unofficial colors for Halloween are orange and black. Since those don’t exactly fit right as a name, opt for a different take: noir is the French word for black, and it sounds chic and eerie, all at once.



Pumpkin sounds like a nickname, but it’s just because it’s really cute and adorable. This is great for people who love Halloween and love autumn in general, and honestly, it’s perfect for an orange cat.



When you think of Salem, you’ll probably think of Salem, Massachusetts, where, hundreds of years ago, they hunted and burned women they believed were witches. Today, Salem is a very touristy Halloween spot (a fun one!) and an adorable name for an animal.



This is adorable and sweet, and the best name for a cuddly pup or kitten. It’s also clearly about Halloween, so it’s fitting to give this name to an animal who comes into your life around that time.



Victor doesn’t sound like it should be the name of a pet, which is part of what makes it so great. It’s also a reference to Victor Frankenstein, one of the best Halloween-y stories out there.



Hocus Pocus fans, this is your time to shine. Winifred is not only a tribute to Winifred Sanderson from the movie, but it’s also very unique and different.



Is your pet named after a day of the week, or are they named after Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family? Keep ‘em guessing.



Another nod to The Nightmare Before Christmas is Zero. This is the name of Jack Skellington’s ghost dog in the animated film, and so it’s a perfect name for a real dog as well.