These Adorable Halloween Stickers Are Even Better Than Candy

Say Sticker-Treat!

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Whether you’re the kind of person who starts planning for Halloween in the summer, or you’re more likely to be throwing random costumes together on the evening of Oct. 30, it’s never a bad idea to have some fun and freaky Halloween stickers around, in case you run out of candy or a need a last minute activity to keep your kids out of the treat bowl.

One universal truth is that kids love stickers, and if you find yourself short on mini candy bars, you could give the eager trick-or-treaters stickers instead (their parents will probably thank you). Or you could put together cute goodie bags for your kids’ classmates if school is having a Halloween bash, or just let your child go wild with the stickers or make Halloween cards for their friends when you need a few minutes of quiet.

From creepy to cute, sparkly to googly eyes, even some stickers created by a 13-year-old , you’ll find something here that kids will love; some you can print right at home on sticky paper and others you can personalize with their name. And unlike candy, these fun stickers stay good all year round and won’t result in a meltdown about who gets the last Twix.

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Googly Eye Halloween Stickers

These cute Halloween stickers are more treat than trick. The pumpkin, Dracula, witch, and bat all have googly eyes that really wobble, plus they’re printed on eco-friendly paper, and the price includes five sheets of stickers, so there’s plenty to go around.

Whether you’re passing these out to trick-or-treaters or your kids are using them to decorate a party bag or make Halloween cards, they’re sure to add a ton of festive and colorful cheer without scaring anyone (too much, at least).

Just note that technically these are for kids ages 3 and up. Meri Meri also has other Halloween stickers featuring metallic cats, spiders, pumpkins and more.

A Sticker Book

When a single sheet of stickers just won’t do, opt instead for a book full of Halloween crafts like this sticker book from Target. Every page gives kids a prompt for a doodle, like make a “jar of yuck” or draw a creepy critter, plus there are over 200 stickers that will take their doodles to the next level.

If you’re hosting a Halloween party for kids, these make a fun favor that will get the creative juices flowing. With the help of creepy crawlers and monster stickers, kids will learn how to make faces on bobbing apples, or turn regular feet into monster toes.

Halloween Stickers You Can Print At Home

You can print Halloween stickers right at home with this digital download that will be delivered by Etsy to your inbox after your checkout. It’s best to print these on sticky paper, which is available at craft stores, but if you’re in a last minute crunch, you could always print these on regular paper then tape them to your wall or a goodie bag.

From frowning ghosts, to jack o'lanterns, and cobwebs, bats, or spiders, these Etsy Halloween stickers have a definite scare factor without being over-the-top terrifying. It could be fun to skip the mess and decorate a pumpkin with these stickers instead.

Vinyl Halloween Stickers

You’ll get 50 high-quality, water-resistant stickers for a super reasonable price. These vinyl Halloween stickers are a great option if you’re looking to give out something fun and exciting on Halloween that isn’t candy.

Because these won’t breakdown in water, they’re great for decorating a pumpkin with, or putting on a window, either inside or out. These fun Halloween stickers from Amazon are different than what you’d normally expect to find too: think pumpkin pirates, trick-or-treating dogs, skull latte art, and plenty of pumpkin spice latte stickers to give you sticky fall vibes, even after the scary holiday is over.

A Customizable Halloween Sticker

If your kids’ class throws a Halloween party, these stickers are perfect for putting on homemade cards for the whole class or sealing up a bag of treats. Kids will love seeing their name printed right on a sticker (feels a little like magic) and the black cat with the spider tail is super cute, if a little bit eerie.

The custom Halloween stickers from Amazon are helpful too if your kid is a year-round Halloween fan and will enjoy their water bottle or lunch bag having a spooky little way to know whose it is (so they never come home with another kid’s stuff accidentally).

Large Halloween Stickers

Drawn by an artist, these larger Halloween stickers from Etsy are simply stunning. The price shown is for a pack of three, though you can buy each design individually if you prefer. They’re great for decorating a party bag, a spooky banner, a sticker book, or a water bottle (these are water-resistant, but it’s still best to hand wash the bottle if there’s a sticker on it).

You can choose from a melancholy ghost, eerily beautiful black flowers, or a jack o’lantern with a crescent moon; all of which are glossy and hand-drawn. Tweens and older kids may especially enjoy these.

Colorful Skull Stickers

These sparkly, colorful skull stickers are giving Día de los Muertos vibes. The iridescent glitter has an irresistible shine, and you won’t find them anywhere else other than Paper Source.

It seems to be a universal truth that kids love all things mystical, glittery, and colorful (just look at the popularity of unicorns) and these sweet and slightly scary stickers are sure to be a hit. Paper Source has tons of other skull decorations too, including these three dimensional sugar skulls with floral details.

Cute Halloween Stickers

If you’re looking for Halloween decorations that aren’t too scary for little kids, these Halloween stickers from Etsy are your answer. They feature tons of costumes that could be spooky (like a werewolf or a vampire) but because of the bright colors and the smiley characters, all these stickers look adorably friendly.

The price shown is for one sheet of 11 stickers, so if you’re looking to give these to a class full of kids, you may want to order a bunch; it’ll make all the littlest ghouls and goblins happy to have their own sheet (and you won’t have to navigate who gets what sticker).

Halloween Face Mask Sticker Set

Created by a 13-year-old named Charlotte Anthony, who wants everyone to have a fun and safe holiday, these Halloween stickers on Redbubble serve as a cute reminder to mask up for your celebrations. Made of water-resistant vinyl, one cool feature of these is that they are removable so you can move them from a water bottle, to a laptop, to the wall and back again.

There’s also a clever ‘6 ft apart’ sticker that businesses or even households can use to remind trick-or-treaters to keep a solid distance, even as they want to swarm the brimming candy bowl at once.

A Set Of 300 Halloween Stickers

If you need a massive amount of festive stickers for an amazing price, you’ll love this set of 300 adorably frightening Halloween stickers from Oriental Trading. All the characters look cartoonish, so there’s nothing too scary here (and as one of the stickers says, you’ll “creep it real” with these).

From a dancing skeleton, to a smiling pumpkin, or a friendly monster with one eye, there’s no shortage of laughs with these self-adhesive stickers that will be a crowd pleaser (and unless you have a very large crowd, you’ll have plenty of stickers left over for next year).

Small Holographic Halloween Stickers

These small, holographic Halloween stickers from Etsy have a ‘90s vibe about them which is super on-trend, especially for older kids. They’re small and discreet, but still super cool thanks to the rainbow color. Because these are foiled stickers and not water-resistant, they’re best for use on day planners, card, or other paper surfaces, and won’t work as well outside or on water bottles.

If your tween feels too old (or too cool) for trick-or-treating, they may appreciate having a night in with some friends. Aside from plenty of candy, a retro Halloween movie (ahem, ‘90s is retro), freaky stickers, and a Ouija board is alway a fun way to spend the holiday..

Never underestimate the power of pulling out a sheet of stickers at just the right moment. Whether you and your kids do a fun and spooky craft project or you hand sheets out to trick-or-treaters, these Halloween stickers are sure to be a sugar-free hit.