Celebrate spooky season with these Halloween treats for babies.
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Celebrate Spooky Season With These Baby-Friendly Halloween Treats

No tricks, all treats.

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There are definite pros and cons to celebrating Halloween with a baby. For example, you have complete control over their costume (hello, squishy avocado), but you also have to push a stroller or carry them when you’re trick-or-treating. Figuring out age-appropriate Halloween treats for babies can also be a struggle. Should you let them nibble on candy? Can they have a sip of your delicious witch’s brew punch? Honestly, it can get pretty confusing if you don’t plan ahead.

Your baby may not be developmentally ready to eat candy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy something sweet and fun on Halloween — you just have to think outside of the box a bit. Infant Halloween treats may not actually look like the sticky, sugar-filled concoctions your older kids relish this time of year. In reality, pretty much anything that’s outside their normal menu of pureed fruits and veggies and themed for Halloween totally counts.

Things like pumpkin-shaped yogurt melts, fall smoothies, and bat-shaped pancakes are all exciting, baby-friendly options to try. Don’t let the healthy stuff derail your excitement, though — there are also some decidedly sweet (but safe) Halloween treats for babies you can serve as well. Read on for even more inspiration.

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Candy corn pudding pops

This Halloween treat is especially amazing for little ones who are teething. A candy corn-themed popsicle that doubles as cool, soothing relief for teething pain? No tricks, all treat. Give this recipe for candy corn pudding pops from the No. 2 Pencil blog a try.


Halloween pumpkin pancakes

Use cookie cutters to stamp out Halloween shapes such as bats, cats, spiders, ghosts, and pumpkins from tasty pancakes that your baby can eat as a treat on Halloween. This pumpkin pancake recipe from Mom on Timeout is a perfect one to make if you want to amp up the fall flavor factor with even more deliciousness.


A pumpkin pie smoothie in a Halloween cup

Made with a base of pumpkin puree, bananas, and Greek yogurt, this pumpkin pie smoothie recipe from All The Healthy Things can be a tasty Halloween treat for babies. If your baby is used to more bland foods, you can go easy on the pumpkin pie spice, or even skip the maple syrup, and still give them something frosty and fun to celebrate with. Bonus points if you serve their smoothie in a Halloween-themed kids cup.


Ghost meringues

These oh-so-fluffy and incredibly adorable ghost meringues from Kitchen Confidante are a whipped, airy sweet treat that babies can indulge in on Halloween. They’re made using only egg whites and sugar, so they’re easy for babies to gnaw on with just their gums and they’ll dissolve rather quickly.


Pumpkin mousse

Another Halloween dessert-like treat that babies can enjoy is a pumpkin mousse. This recipe from Dr. Davinah’s Eats combines pumpkin puree with cream cheese and heavy cream that whips up into a fluffy mousse your baby can enjoy by the spoonful.


Halloween boo-nanas for babies

How easy and adorable are these Halloween boo-nanas from Eating Richly? If your baby is already a pro banana eater, this is a simple way to dress up their favorite snack for Halloween. Even if you’re not sure they’re ready to consume the mini-chocolate chip eyes, you could use a tiny bit of black frosting on a toothpick to achieve a similar look.


Mini pizza mummies

Not every Halloween treat has to be sweet, so if your little ones also love all things savory this fun and nutritious mini pizza mummy snack from Eating Richly is a great go-to. Plus, they can even decorate it themselves if they’re old enough for a festive activity. Simply toast some English muffins, top with your favorite pizza sauce, add some black olive slices for eyes, and lay some cheese strips crisscrossed above and below the olives.


Pumpkin-shaped yogurt melts

Use your baby’s favorite yogurt to make your own frozen yogurt melts in the shape of pumpkins. Simply add whatever yogurt they enjoy into a silicone pumpkin mold and pop them in the freezer. Once they’re solid, they should slip right out of the mold for a sweet Halloween treat your baby can get messy with.


Candy corn Jell-O cups

Let your baby dive face-first into a beautifully layered candy corn Jell-O cup this Halloween. Using pineapple and orange-flavored Jell-O with a whipped cream topping, the instructions on the Pretty Providence blog shows you step-by-step how to layer this Halloween treat.


Witches brew Halloween pudding cups

Perfect for a baby’s gummy mouth, these witches brew pudding cups from Mama Harris Kitchen are another fun option for a Halloween treat. It’s a variation on the classic “dirt and worms” pudding cup treat, except with a spooky flair. Add in everything that looks creepy, such as lightly food-colored marshmallow fluff and “poison” green apple slices.


Mummy drink boxes

It really can’t get easier than this inventive Halloween treat idea: mummy drink boxes by A Pretty Life in the Suburbs. All you need is your little one’s favorite boxed drink, white duct tape, some googly eyes, and glue. And voila! An instantly festive treat for your infant or baby.

When it comes to Halloween treats for babies, mostly what you need is a bit of creativity. And with all of these great ideas in mind, you’ll have no problem throwing together some majorly spooky and fun snacks this October.

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