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39 Halloween Trivia Questions & Answers

Break them out at a party, or hand them out along with those fun-sized Snickers.

Halloween might be all about the tricks and treats, but it’s also known for trivia, too. That’s right, there is so much to learn about the haunting holiday — apart from how much candy can your kid possibly consume in a single sitting. There are frightening facts, interesting “Did you know?” tidbits and all sorts of history that can help your family appreciate October 31 even more than they already do. So, if you’re looking for Halloween trivia questions (and answers), you really have no shortage of spooky selections to choose from.

And if you’re wondering when you’re going to break out a Halloween trivia question like, “Where in the world do pumpkins originate from?” there are so many opportunities. For starters, you can toss out the trivia while you’re out trick-or-treating to distract the kids from gobbling their entire candy haul before you even get home. Or you can just teach your child some fun Halloween trivia so that they can share their favorite spooky facts during the Halloween class party. Some of the trivia we’ve collected — like the kill count from the Halloween movies — might be more appropriate for your post-bedtime, grown up Halloween party.

In any case, there’s a lot of learning that can be had on All Hallow’s Eve, and these Halloween trivia questions can keep the conversation going — in between bites of candy, that is.

Halloween trivia questions and answers for kids

Question: Where did the real Ichabod Crane live?

Answer: Actually, it wasn't Sleepy Hollow, New York, but Staten Island

Question: What is the “correct” spelling of Halloween?

Answer: Halloween was originally spelled “Hallowe'en,” a contraction of “All Hallows Eve”

Question: What was The Munsters' address?

Answer: 1313 Mockingbird Lane

Question: What famous magician died on Halloween?

Answer: Harry Houdini

Question: How many pieces of candy does the average house give to each trick-or-treater?

Answer: Two pieces

Question: What is the most popular Halloween candy in America?

Answer: It varies state-to-state, but in 2021, America’s most popular Halloween candy was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Question: How do pumpkins grow?

Answer: On a vine.

Question: What do people “bob” for on Halloween?

Answer: Apples

Question: What does the word “Hallow” in relation to Halloween mean?

Answer: Saint

Question: What were the first-ever fun-size candy bars?

Answer: Snickers and Milky Way

Question: What was candy corn originally called?

Answer: Chicken Feed

Question: In which state is it illegal to dress like a nun or a priest?

Answer: Alabama

Question: Is pumpkin a fruit or vegetable?

Answer: A pumpkin is a fruit, because it has seeds.

Question: Which phobia means you have a real fear of Halloween?

Answer: Samhainophobia

Question; Every Halloween, Charlie Brown helps Linus wait for what character?

Answer: The Great Pumpkin

Question: What’s the color of candy corn, from bottom to top?

Answer: Yellow (base), orange (middle), and white (top)

Question: Transylvania is a region in which country?

Answer: Romania

Question: Pumpkins can be many colors, including orange, green, white, and which other color?

Answer: Blue

Question: What item is banned in California on Halloween?

Answer: Silly String

Question: Where do pumpkins originate?

Answer: Central America

Halloween trivia questions and answers for adults

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Question: What was used before pumpkins to make jack ‘o lanterns?

Answer: The Irish, who started the tradition, first used potatoes and turnips for jack o' lanterns before finding that pumpkins were actually much easier to carve. In England, large beets were sometimes used.

Question: Who sang the original "Monster Mash?"

Answer: Bobby Pickett

Question: Why do some people wear clothes inside out on Halloween?

Answer: Some superstitions state that if you wear your clothes inside out and walk backward on Halloween, you'll see a witch at midnight.

Question: What did Scottish women hang to see their future husbands on Halloween?

Answer: Wet sheets in front of a fire.

Question: Halloween is the second busiest holiday. Which is the first?

Answer: Christmas

Question: Which holiday has the top candy sales, Valentine’s Day or Halloween?

Answer: Halloween

Question: Which state produces the most pumpkins?

Answer: Illinois, which produces over 40% of the pumpkins in the U.S.

Question: What 1973 movie made people throw away their Ouija Boards?

Answer: The Exorcist

Question: Who wrote Frankenstein?

Answer: Mary Shelly

Question: Where did Halloween originate?

Answer: Ireland.

Question: What does the name Dracula mean?

Answer: Son of the Devil.

Question: What’s the body count for the movie, Halloween?

Answer: Five people (and one dog)

Question: How many Oscars was Psycho nominated for?

Answer: Four

Question: What do people in New England call the night before Halloween?

Answer: Cabbage Night.

Question: Which ancient priests first celebrated Halloween?

Answer: Druids

Question: In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, what is the name of Leatherface’s family?

Answer: The Sawyers

Question: What does it mean to see a spider on Halloween?

Answer: It means the spirit of a loved one is watching over the person who sees the spider.

Question: What is Michael Myers’ middle name?

Answer: Audry

Question: What country celebrates the Day of the Dead starting at midnight on October 31?

Answer: Mexico

These Halloween trivia questions can be a fun way to build stronger bonds with your child as you all get excited for the upcoming holiday. And, maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn a thing or two, like the significance of seeing a spider on Halloween, or what really matters most, discovering what the most popular Halloween candy is.