Happy Hanukkah

These Hanukkah gift sets are perfect for kids and adults and simplify your gifting.
14 Hanukkah Gift Sets To Simplify Your Eight Nights Of Gifting

There’s a little something for everyone.

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If your family exchanges gifts during Hanukkah, you know it can be a bit of an undertaking finding eight presents for each of your loved ones. Instead of combing the aisles for ideas, consider buying a Hanukkah gift set — not only does it take the stress off of finding enough presents for each night, but everything you gift will have a curated feel.

Hanukkah hasn’t always included gift-giving, according to TIME. Historians disagree about the specifics, but believe it began as a way to bring joy to Jewish children around the holidays, similar to all the pomp and circumstance kids experience with Christmas. But rather than putting a pile of presents under the tree or in stockings, many families give eight smaller gifts one at a time on each night of Hanukkah.

So, that’s where Hanukkah gift sets can come in handy. Buying a set ensures all of the gifts work well together, and it can feel exciting for kids to wonder how tomorrow night’s gift will add to what they have already. And because it all comes together, the hard part is done for you.


The ultimate Hanukkah gift set of kids’ accessories

If your kid is the type to wear dress-up clothes to the grocery store or is constantly making off with your claw clips, chances are they’ll love the sparkly accessories in the 8 Nights of Hanukkah Bundle from Super Smalls. It comes with a menorah painting set, hair ties and a clip, massive sticker book, and multiple jewelry sets so your little one can have all the bracelets and rings they could ever want.


A stuffed animal themed gift set

What’s inside this advent-calendar style box? The Build-A-Bear 8 Nights of Hanukkah Surprises gift box holds two surprise furry friends and six different outfits and accessories to dress them up. Your kid will look forward to seeing what each new night brings, and by the end, they’ll basically have the Build-A-Bear experience right there at home.


Eight days of craft beers

Does your partner, parent, or friend always talk about hazy IPAs? If you’re the beer lover in the family, don’t be shy — send your boo a link and ask for the Hoppy Hanukkah Beer Box by Brewvana. Each night the recipient can try a new craft beer, and some brews are accompanied by other gifts, like a beanie or Hanukkah-themed treats.


A Hanukkah gift set for Fido

Does your pup eye the jelly doughnuts on the table? Give them one of their own (and much more) with the Frisco Holiday 8 Days of Hanukkah Cardboard Calendar with Toys for Dogs. Each day your pup will get a squeaky, Hanukkah-themed toy that’s either rope or plush. This box is recommended for small and medium breeds. And don’t fret, cat owners: there’s a Hanukkah gift set for them, too.


A tea lover’s perfect Hanukkah gift set

If there’s a tea lover in your life who celebrates Hanukkah, the 8 Nights of Tea Hanukkah Calendar is such a cozy gift to give. They’ll have a new, loose-leaf tea to try each night, which will make their usual evening routine feel extra special. It includes some essential varieties, like green tea and chamomile, and some more unique blends, like blackberry tea and apple cinnamon.


Eight luxury hair care samples

They’re always trying the latest hair oil or heatless waves technique. They appear to have the shiniest hair on the planet. Your loved one is a certified hair care addict, which makes the 8 Days of Hanukkah Philip B. Collection Calendar the perfect gift set for them. It incudes two shampoos and two conditioners, and three different deep treatments they’re sure to love. The last night’s gift is a keychain, so you may just want to pick up one additional present to go with it.


A crystal starter set

The 8 Days of Hanukkah Crystal Mystery Box is a great option for teens who are into crystals, or grownups who are interested in the idea but haven’t taken the plunge into buying their own stones yet. These crystals come in eight labeled boxes, and each crystal is packaged with a card explaining its origins and unique properties.


Eight pieces of dainty jewelry to mix and match

Handmade, gold-plated jewelry pieces that all work together perfectly and come with gift boxes? Add to cart immediately. This 8 Days of Hanukkah Jewelry Advent Calendar is available in silver or gold and includes a necklace, bracelet, ear cuff, rings, stud earrings, and charms that can be worn on any of the chains included. It’s a great gift option if you’re looking to shop small.


A complete set of nail polishes, decals, and more

Do you know someone who likes to do their nails at home? Up their DIY manicure game with the Hanukkah Calendar from Olive & June. The gift box holds a little surprise for each night, and by the end, your loved one will have six mini polishes in bestselling colors, must-have tools like a buffer and file, press-ons, nail stickers, and more.


A sweet Hanukkah gift set perfect for coworkers

If you need a Hanukkah gift box ideal for friends, coworkers, or your great aunt you see a couple times a year, Sugarfina’s 8 Nights of Delight Tasting Collection is your gifting solution. It’s filled with eight Kosher candies revealed each night — heavenly sours, cold brew cordials, champagne bubbles, robin’s egg caramels, dark chocolate toffee almonds, oatmeal cookies, cookies and cream candies, and dark chocolate sea salt caramels.


A Hanukkah gift box perfect for in-laws

Want something to gift your in-laws (or anyone else in your life who might be hard to buy for)? A Harry & David Eight Nights of Hanukkah Gift feels luxurious and stocks them up on bougie snacks for the whole holiday. It can be opened one compartment at a time each night of Hanukkah, but don’t blame them if they tear into the whole thing on night one.


A set of eight candles

Candle lovers will really enjoy getting a new sample scent to burn each night, and you can support a small business by choosing the Hanukkah Calendar Eight Days of Hand-Poured 2 oz. Candles. You can also order wax melts or a mix of both, and each scent is different from the last. One note: they don’t come in individual boxes or bags, so be sure to have some wrapping paper handy.


A spa gift set you can divide eight ways

If the person you have in mind enjoys a long bath or trying new body products, you need a spa set you can break up into smaller gifts. The Happy Hanukkah Deluxe Zen Spa Gift Box comes with a candle, matches, multiple soaps, bath salts, body butters, sugar srubs, and so much more (even an amethyst necklace and T-shirt).


A Hanukkah gift set for kids who love crafts

Want to focus less on toys and more on activities for your child’s Hanukkah gift? This Hanukkah Gift Basket for Kids is all about arts and crafts with a holiday theme. It comes with a dreidel game set, stickers, glitter pens, a DIY menorah, customizable insulated cup, and tons of supplies they can use long after the included crafts are finished.

While you can always hand select each gift for your loved ones, sometimes it’s just easier to buy a Hanukkah gift set and break it up when it arrives. No one will blame you (nor do they ever have to know).

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