Father's Day

father and daughter coloring together
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21 Father’s Day Coloring Pages To Celebrate Everything About Dad

Adorable animals, funny puns, and super-sweet messages are all included in these free Father’s Day coloring printables.

by Lindsay E. Mack

Handmade gifts are often the best choices for Father’s Day, so why not inspire your children’s creativity for the holiday? The free Father’s Day coloring pages include plenty of sweet and often silly designs kids will love filling in. With a printer and a few crayons, markers, or colored pencils, you’ll have all the supplies you need for a fun Father’s Day activity with kids.

Really, if you’re looking for a heartfelt way your kids can celebrate Father’s Day, these coloring pages are a perfect start. Spend the morning or afternoon of the holiday designing these sheets, or print them out ahead of time so the kids have a fun activity to enjoy in the car, restaurant, park, or any other place your Father’s Day plans take you. It’s a simple, screen-free kid activity kids will love, and you’re more than welcome to print off an extra page or two and join them for the coloring fun. (It’s a wonderful way to relax at any age, as the lasting popularity of coloring books for adults goes to show.) For extra sentimentality, include some personalized Father’s Day messages with the completed coloring sheet to totally melt dad’s heart. You could even have the kids fill in several coloring sheets ahead of time and present the “book” to dad as a Father’s Day card. The creative options are pretty endless, so consider including some fun coloring sheets for Father’s Day in your celebrations this year.


For The Chill Dad

This kicked-back moose is definitely in vacation mode. Kids will have a blast adding some color to this super chill creature.


For Papa Bear

How precious is this little bear? Your kid will enjoy showing off their artistic talents when coloring it in.


For The Super Dad

It’s neither bird nor plane: it’s Super-Dad! This is perfect for kids who see their father as their own hero.


For The Beloved Dad

How sweet is this father-child duo? It’s a picture-perfect Father’s Day moment. Maybe the child is presenting one of the best Father’s Day gifts for dad, such as a new shirt or smart watch.


For The Dad With A Heart Of Gold

Show dad you love him with this simple, floral heart design. There’s plenty of space for your kids to add in their own artistic touches, too.


For The Dad Who Deserves A Big Hug

Aw, you have to love this pic of a (very) big hug. It’s a simple way your kid can demonstrate just how much they love their dad.


For The Wordy Dad

Need a few words to describe dad? Great, super, and terrific are just a few choices.


For The Dad Who Deserves A Big Celebration

Banners, balloons, and a trophy? There’s no such thing as overdoing it when it comes to celebrating a great father.


For The Coffee-Loving Dad

For the dad who’s all about that coffee, this coloring sheet is perfection. Hey, that whole parenting thing takes a lot of energy, after all.


For The Dad Who’s Out Of This World

Twisty Noodle is packed with adorable activities for kids, and this space-themed coloring sheet is no exception. Have your kid color it in honor of the dad they love to the moon and back.


For The Poetic Dad

This cool printable encourages your kid to write a poem about their dad. Featuring large, blocky letters that are perfect for coloring in, it’s a cool, creative Father’s Day activity.


For The Classic Dad

Even though ties might not be the popular fashion accessory they once were, their association with Father’s Day runs deep. Here’s a fun tie your kid can design and color in for dad.


For The Dad With Lots Of Character

This Father’s Day coloring sheet invites your kid to explain their dad’s characteristics, from age to food preferences. Depending on your kid’s age and imagination, the answers can range from heartfelt to simply hilarious. (Plus, few things are more grounding than a small child drawing a portrait of your face.)


For The Rock Star Dad

For those who are absolute rock stars at this whole dad gig, there’s this seriously cool Father’s Day coloring sheet. With giant amps and flames in the background, it’s a bit *edgier* than the average coloring sheet in the best way.


For The Wise Dad

Filled with intricate designs, this Father’s Day coloring sheet honors the wisdom of dads. How will your kid decide to fill in these super-cool doodles?


For The Best Dad Ever

This poppy text-based card delivers a simple message: You’re the best Dad ever. It’s a super sweet sentiment.


For The Dog-Loving Dad

How adorable is this father and puppy pair? It’s the perfect image for any kid (or dad) who’s all about dogs.


For The Punny Dad

Fathers who are all about cracking those dad jokes will definitely appreciate this punny coloring sheet. Plus, the happy little mushroom guy makes a great subject.


For The Dad Who’s Above All The Rest

This giant hot air balloon is just begging for some bright colors. Let your kid’s imagination soar while designing it.


For The Artsy Dad

Your kid gets to draw their own artistic interpretation of their dad in this fun coloring sheet that’s filled with positive descriptive words. This one is sure to become a keepsake.


For The Hip Dad

There’s a whole collection of clever Father’s Day printables at ishouldbemoppingthefloor’s blog, but this mustachioed one is just so silly and perfect. Celebrate a seriously hip Father’s Day with this cool design.


Whether you like sweet and sentimental creations, or flat-out funny designs, there’s a Father’s Day coloring page sure to suit everybody. Print out a few and let your kids use their creative talents to celebrate all things dad.