Mother's Day

26 Magical Harry Potter Mothers' Day Gifts

Because she manages your mischief.

Have a mom who manages mischief like she’s working a spell? Does she love Harry Potter more than Dobby the House Elf loves socks? Then give her one of these 26 Harry Potter-themed Mother’s Day gifts.

One of the great reasons for going with a Harry Potter-themed Mother’s Day gift is that it promises so many amazing options. There are shirts and mugs and phone cases and jewelry. There’s even a set of Harry Potter cosmetic brushes?! Mom can do her makeup while working her magic — now that’s true wizardry right there. (Or just mom-level multitasking). The point is, moms make the world turn and if the mama in your life harbors Hufflepuff fantasies, dreams of riding a broom, or just prefers to spend her free-time rereading The Sorcerer’s Stone, she’ll love any one of these items.

Let’s face it, short of surprising her with tickets to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Orlando, one or a handful of these Hogwarts-approved items will have to do. So break out some of those charm school lessons, obliviate her everyday exhaustion, and say thanks for all she does for you with a gift even a simpering Slytherin would love.

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A Spellbinding T-Shirt

You have to be a real HP insider to get the joke here. Your mom will love it.


A Set of Harry Potter Makeup Brushes

Doing makeup can feel like it takes magical powers some days. Give mom an edge with this set of wand shaped cosmetic brushes.


A Pair of Hufflepuff Earrings

Available in all of the Hogwarts’ houses, your mom can show her allegiance to her favorite house with these charming earrings.


A Hogwarts House Specific Candle

While no one except J.K. Rowling can definitely say what Hogwarts smells like, why not pretend this charming candle is the fragrance of Hufflepuff’s quarters?


A Muggle Balloon Set

Sometimes a great balloon display can be gift enough. This “From Muggle to Mom” balloon display can surprise your Harry Potter-loving mama on Mother’s Day.


A Dobby Mug

Dobby the House Elf is one of the most beloved Harry Potter characters. And if your mom loves him too, then give her this made-for-Mother’s-Day mug.


A Jar of Bertie Bott Beans

The wizarding world’s favorite treat, you never know what you’re going to get with a Bertie Bott Bean. It might taste like blueberries, or it might taste like black pepper, and that’s all part of the fun.


A Harry Potter-Themed Notebook

Does your mom love to keep lists, or is constantly looking for a place to take a note? Then give her a useful gift that’s based on her Potterhead fandom with this charming notebook.


A Harry Potter House Box Set

It’s likely your mom already has a complete set or two of the Harry Potter series. But does she have one bound in the Hogwarts house of her choice? Pick her favorite, like this Gryffindor set, so she can display them in style.


A Muggle Mama T-Shirt

Does the mom in your life refer to her children as Muggles? Then perhaps this T-shirt will make her Mother’s Day.


A Mischief Managed iPhone Cover

If your mom seemingly makes problems disappear with just a click of a button, she needs a cellphone cover that speaks to her spell work.


Harry Potter Time Turner Spinner Necklace

Inscribed with "I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun,” this HP necklace is a beautiful gift for a super fan.


A Marauder's Map Scarf

The marauder's map is a magical document that reveals every nook and cranny in Hogwarts. What mama wouldn’t want to keep that on hand (or in this case, wrapped around her neck)?


A Decorative Pillow Set

If your mom can’t get enough of Harry Potter, she surely would love to decorate her home with icons from the books. This four-piece set of pillowcases features the sorting hat, Harry’s glasses, and other signature symbols.


Recycled Harry Potter Book Purse

Pocketbook takes on a whole new shape with this book cover purse covered in your choice of Harry Potter title. Talk about cashing in on a trend.


A Kitty Potter Mug

Does your mom love spinoff Harry Potter art as much as she loves the series? This purrfect mug, featuring a kitty version of Harry Potter, is just what she needs.


A Custom Wizard Illustration

Take your Harry Potter-themed Mother’s Day gift next level with a customized piece of art. This Etsy vendor can make your mama into a Hogwarts student in a darling illustration you can print at home then frame on your own.


A Golden Snitch Book Light

A late-night HP reader surely needs a good book light. This one is the shape of a Golden Snitch. Doesn’t get any more on-theme than that.


A Pott Head Planter

Pott Head means something different to HP fans. Let your mom in on the joke with this cute flower pot she can grow, well, whatever she wants in.


A Pack of Harry Potter Cat Stickers

Does your mom love to decorate her planner with stickers or pack lunches with a fun sticker? Give her a set she’ll love: cat Harry Potter stickers.


Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Test your mom’s Harry Potter knowledge with Trivial Pursuit. Sure she talks a big game worthy of a Quidditch match, but how will she hold up when quizzed?


A Coloring Book To Pass The Time

Coloring can be a very therapeutic exercise, even for adults who have long let go of their 64 box of crayons. Let mom tap into this childhood past-time coloring scenes from her favorite stories.


A Harry Potter UNO Deck

Game night just got a little more magical thanks to this Harry Potter UNO deck. If your mom loves to get competitive, she’ll appreciate this game.


A Hogwarts Themed Wall Clock

Tell her to take some time out for herself with this darling Harry Potter clock featuring a Hogwarts landscape. At 23 inches, it’ll make a statement she’ll appreciate.


A Harry Potter-Inspired Bookmark

Avid Harry Potter readers need good bookmark to enjoy the series. And these bookmarks by artist Gigi Murakami reimagine Harry Potter characters to make them more inclusive. A great addition to any HP fan’s collection.


A Harry Potter Luggage Cart Pin

If your mom likes to rep her HP love, but in a quiet, chic way, this darling lapel pin says “I’ll beat you in Harry Potter trivia” without saying it out loud.