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These 18 Harry Potter Mother’s Day Gifts Outshine The Rest

Because she manages your mischief.

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Have a mom who manages mischief like she’s working a spell? Does she love Harry Potter more than Dobby the House Elf loves socks? Then give her one of these 20 Harry Potter-themed Mother’s Day gifts.

One of the great reasons for going with a Harry Potter Mother’s Day gift is that it promises so many amazing options. There are shirts and mugs and phone cases and jewelry. There’s even a set of Harry Potter cosmetic brushes. Mom can do her makeup while working her magic — now that’s true wizardry right there. (Or just mom-level multitasking). The point is, moms make the world turn and if the mama in your life harbors Hufflepuff fantasies, dreams of riding a broom, or just prefers to spend her free time re-reading The Sorcerer’s Stone, she’ll love any one of these items.

Let’s face it, short of surprising her with tickets to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™ at Universal Orlando, one or a handful of these Hogwarts-approved items will have to do. So break out some of those charm school lessons, obliviate her everyday exhaustion, and say thanks for all she does for you with a gift even a simpering Slytherin would love.

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A spellbinding t-shirt

Nothing says “girl power” like Hermione Granger. So help mom channel that energy with a What Would Hermione Do? shirt on Mother’s Day. You can customize the shirt to just the right fit, color, and cut be it a crew neck or racerback tank top. And print placement of the wording is up to you too, with the choice to place it on the back, front, or both. Made from 100% cotton, it’s preshrunk for a great fit. And, with the big day on the horizon, the best news is the shirt ships within two to three days after ordering.


A set of Harry Potter wand makeup brushes

Doing makeup can feel like it takes magical powers some days. Give mom an edge with this set of wand shaped cosmetic brushes. The five piece set includes brushes for foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, blending, and lip pencil topped in synthetic bristles. The stem of the brushes look like various Harry Potter wands that could have easily been bought on Diagon Alley as much as Amazon. Easy to clean, these brushes merely need to be run under water to rinse out residual makeup. All of the brushes are packed in a user-friendly black bag and, as a bonus, the kit comes with a Potter Snitch gold necklace.


A Pair of Hufflepuff Earrings

When it’s time to go on a magical journey, mom can take her aforementioned Wizard Wand makeup brushes and pack them in this right on theme Harry Potter Velvet Train Case. A super luxe makeup bag, it measures 9.5" wide x 6.25" deep x 6.25" high with a long handle to make carrying easier. In fact, it can carry up to 5 pounds. With a design that nods to vintage luggage, the bag’s retro feel carries from outside to in which features a satin lining. Sporting the RavenClaw crest on the front, no one will second guess mom’s love of HP.


A Hogwarts House Specific Candle

Whether she’s an avid runner or just loves novelty socks, these crew socks covered in Harry Potter designs make a great Mother’s Day gift idea. The 5-pack say things like: “Mischief Managed” and “Muggle.” Made from a polyester, spandex, and nylon blend, the critics rave about their comfort. “The socks are so comfortable. They're so soft and cute. I gifted them to a friend for Christmas 2020 and she absolutely LOVES them,” writes one Amazon reviewer. And if mom wants to keep her HP obsession on the DL, no problem. The cropped cut of these socks means no one has to know but her.


A Hogwarts-themed chess set

If your mom has an equal appreciation for Harry Potter and the Queen’s Gambit, consider this the ultimate Mother’s Day gift: a Wizard Chess set. As you might have guessed, each piece is a replica of the famous Wizard Chess Set made famous in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Each chess piece is 2 to 4 inches in height and the board measures 18.5 x 18.5 inches. The pieces are made out of black and silver plastic. Fans vouch for the gift. “What a great Harry Potter chess set for the price! The pieces are very detailed and the game board is attractive,” writes one Amazon reviewer.


A Hogwarts PopSocket she can enjoy 24/7

If you’ve watched your mom drop her phone one too many times, give her something that will actually prevent butterfingers with this Hogwarts Letter PopSocket. Looking just like the letter seal for Hogwarts, this is actually a phone wallet and PopSocket in one. Wide enough to easily wrap her fingers around, the pop top is perfect for a real deal Harry Potter fan. The wallet designed to look like a letter can hold up to 3 credit cards or 6 business cards, depending on the size. And when mom wants to wirelessly charge her phone, the pop top slides off.


The cutest Harry Potter Dutch oven

Have a mama who isn’t happy unless the entire family is gathered around the table for a Sunday pot roast? Give her a great Harry Potter Mother’s Day cooking utensil with this Quidditch Round Dutch Oven. Built to Le Creuset’s uncompromising standards, this Dutch oven has a twist: the handle is, in fact, shaped to look like Golden Snitch made of solid brass that’s oven safe at 500 degrees. But this pot isn’t just about looks. It works just as well. The enamel cast-iron provides an even cooking temperature to produce superior meals and is easy to clean when everyone’s had their fill. part of the fun.


A Harry Potter-themed writing utensil

If you’re looking for Harry Potter Mother’s Day gifts that mom will actually hold onto, consider this Hufflepuff Pen. The bright yellow black ink pen features the Hufflepuff crest on the lower portion of the handle. On the top the word Hufflepuff is spelled out, so there’s no confusion. The simple twisting mechanism exposes the pen, so mom can tuck it away if she carries it in her purse. Whether she’s writing letters or taking notes on her plans to visit the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, she’ll be ready to roll.


A Harry Potter series set

It’s likely your mom already has a complete set or two of the Harry Potter series. But does she have one bound in the Hogwarts house of her choice? Pick her favorite, like this Gryffindor set, so she can display them in style. For Potterheads, this set makes for a great keepsake they can plan to pass on for years to come. Each house is bound in its signature color, Ravenclaw house accompanied by blue and bronze tones, for example, and the iconic green for Slytherin.


A Muggle bumper sticker

If mama is the carpool queen, carrying her brood to soccer practice and beyond, she needs this Harry Potter Mother’s Day gift: a bumper sticker that says Little Muggles on Board. The sticker is available in 20 different colors and is made from durable outdoor vinyl to protect it from the elements. Above the fun phrase are Harry’s signature glasses with his lighting scar in between. Potterheads will instantly recognize a like minded reader when they see this on the back of mom’s station wagon.


A Mischief Managed iPhone cover

If your mom seemingly makes problems disappear with just a click of a button, she needs a cellphone cover that speaks to her spell work.


An out-of-this-world Harry Potter necklace

Inscribed with "I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the sun,” this Harry Potter Time Turner Spinner Necklace is a beautiful Harry Potter-themed Mother’s Day gift idea. Hung on a 32-inch chain, the length is adjustable all the way up to a choker size and made from Rafaelian Gold®. The charm itself is adorned with crystals and spins when you flip it. While non-Harry Potter fans will think it’s just a beautiful necklace, Potterheads will instantly recognize the unique piece as its design so authentically matches the book’s description. If only it really worked complete with the The British Ministry of Magic’s encased Hour-Reversal Charm.


A very Harry Potter hair accessory

One of the best parts about the Harry Potter series is the fashion, from the Hogwarts robes to the scarves. But if you want to give mom something a little more unique, consider this Hufflepuff headband. It’s simple enough to blend in as just another hair accessory, but on closer inspection, mom will see that it’s the perfect gift for a big time fan. One size fits most, so you can feel relatively confident this will work for mom. Its bright striped design is accented with a Hufflepuff patch applied to the side for a jaunty, British look.


A set of magical earrings

Take your Harry Potter-themed Mother’s Day gift next level with a customized piece of art. This Etsy vendor can make your mama into a Hogwarts student in a darling illustration you can print at home then frame on your own.


A Harry Potter-inspired cookbook

If your mom loves cooking as much as she loves re-reading The Sorcerer’s Stone, she needs The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. Promising “more than 150 magical recipes for wizards and non-wizards alike,” this spellbinding book will have your mom making everything from Hogwarts cafeteria favorite bangers and mash to pumpkin pasties. No wand is required to whip up these delicious items, all inspired by J.K. Rowling’s series. Excerpts from the book provide context for each dish, so you mom can go back and reread her favorite passages while she enjoys a cup of tea and Harry’s favorite Treacle Tart. It’s perhaps the perfect way for mom to manage kitchen mischief


An epic Hogwarts cake mold

Here’s an idea: make mom a Mother’s Day cake with this Williams Sonoma Hogwarts cake pan, then give it to her so she can get creative in the kitchen too. Made of cast aluminum, this beautifully designed image showcases Hogwarts as viewers see it in the film adaptations. Perfect for bundts and pound cakes, it can be easily decorated with frosting following the detailed outline. Naturally, mom might want to enjoy this with a cup of tea or some Butterbeer, so plan accordingly.


A very Harry Potter bath set

If your mom is an animal lover and she had similar feelings of affection as Hagrid did to his adopted Norberta, a female Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon, let her dream on with a faux Dragon Egg Bath Bomb kit. This wizard bath kit has everything she’ll need to get a little R&R complete with transporting crystals, truth bath potion, a magic charms bracelet, fizz bang mini bath bombs, and of course the big dragon egg bath bomb. She’ll feel like she’s on a magical mystery rinse while she enjoys this luxurious box bathroom concoction.


A set of snitch ice cube molds

Having a great cocktail after a long day is a great way to treat mom. Now you can make her evening respite a little more Hogwartsian with a Snitch Ice Cube Mold floating in her drink. This two pack set includes two molds to make Snitch-shaped ice cubes. All she has to do is fill the mold with water and freeze it. Then, when it’s time to make a cocktail, just twist the silicone mold and the ice cubes release. Since the ice cubes are so large, they melt slowly, meaning mom’s drink will be less diluted.

Whether your mom’s gift of choice is a kitchen gadget, jewelry, or tech accessory, these Harry Potter Mother’s Day gift will make her holiday a little extra magical.

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