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Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
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These 11 Soups Freeze & Thaw Beautifully

Make a batch for tonight and then double the recipe for freezing.

It’s soup season. And I don’t mean “ooh it’s cold outside, so it’s time for soup,” I mean it’s dark and it’s dreary and it’s freezing and who can even think about actually making something for dinner when you just want to sit in your couch cocoon? That’s why it’s soup season and it’s a specifically good time to make a bunch of healthy soups to freeze for future evenings when you simply can not.

The word “healthy” is a spectrum, so don’t let that word make you think this is a list of slightly flavored waters with spinach in them. These freezable soups are hearty, savory, full of your favorite things, and perfect for making in big batches. You could make a double batch tonight, eat a few bowls, save some for lunches, and then freeze the rest and future you will be so grateful. There are also plenty of soups to make ahead here that are a hit with families and kids, which is a must when you just need to feed the people so you can get the people in baths and to bed and you can retreat back to your couch cocoon.

So grab yourself some freezer bags or some of those fancy silicone cubes for freezing soup and spend an hour or so in your kitchen. With all the double chopping and boiling, it really won’t take long to make a bunch of healthy soups for your freezer and your family.


The Best Lentil Soup

Any recipe with the word “best” in the title is a must to try, right? This lentil soup recipe featured on Yummly is full of bright flavors like lemon, collard greens, and curry powder, and freezes beautifully. Prep it in advance and defrost it in no time for a great healthy lunch or easy dinner.


Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup

Is there anything more I’ve-got-my-life-togetherthan making a soup in your Instant Pot and then freezing to enjoy later? This Instant Pot butternut squash soup from Damn Delicious is so easy and good, and after thawing it out, all you have to do is top it with some bacon and chives for a gorgeous bowl of soup.


Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken tortilla soup is always a classic, and this recipe on Yummly is super easy and has lots of vibrant flavors. You can customize with the amount of heat from the jalapeños, as well as the toppings you choose, from cilantro and avocado to tortilla strips. You can even freeze this soup for up to three months, so go ahead and make a few batches to last you the rest of the cold months.


Freezer Meal Wild Rice Soup

OK, this is a freezer soup with a bit of a twist— you freeze all the ingredients beforehand (for up to three months) and then you dump it in the Instant Pot when you’re ready to eat. This freezer meal wild soup from Pinch of Yum is earthy, savory, and totally customizable.


French Onion Soup

Does it get any cozier than French onion soup? While this soup isn’t always considered a “healthy” option, it’s only because of the bread and cheese, which you can absolutely customize to your liking. Cook the onions and broth, let them cool and then freeze. You can add the rest when you thaw it to eat. So perfect.


Sausage & Kale Soup

I love a soup with kale and this sausage and kalesoup recipe from A Spicy Perspective is just so good. It’s hearty, it’s cozy, it’s everything you want in a soup. But to freeze this recipe, leave out the heavy cream and stir it in after it thaws.


Beef Barley Soup

A nice rustic, hearty soup that freezes well? Why yes please. This beef barley soup featured on Yummly is full of veggies and big hunks of rib-eye, and it’s the ultimate comfort food. Prep it as the recipe says, but save the barley and add it in when you thaw it out.


Stuffed Pepper Soup

This stuffed pepper soup is such a hearty option for lunch or dinner, and it’s a great one to make ahead. It does have rice in it, so go ahead and make the soup without the rice and then freeze so that it doesn’t get too mushy when you thaw everything together.


Golden Broccoli Soup

Turmeric, cashews, broccoli — all together it makes for this golden broccoli soup that is just irresistibly good. With everything included, this recipe is only nine ingredients and takes just 45 minutes to make, so feel free to double up a few batches to freeze. It’ll stay creamy even as you thaw.


Creamy Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is always a family favorite, and this recipe for creamy tomato soup is only seven ingredients and 25 minutes until it’s on the table. It freezes beautifully — you can even freeze it in single servings — and you can top it off with plenty of fresh ground pepper and croutons after it’s warmed up.


Creamy Sweet Potato Chicken Soup

This delicious sweet potato chicken soup from Averie Cooks is so easy, and you can make it even easier by using rotisserie chicken if you don’t want to shred your own. Loaded with spinach, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes, this is a super filling and healthy soup, and the entire thing freezes like a dream.

These soups are perfect for freezing so you always have a delicious meal ready for a cozy night, and they also make great, easy lunches.