The Barbie Inspiring Women Series Introduces The Helen Keller Doll

Helen Keller joins all of the other trailblazing women in this beautiful collection.

Barbie has come a long way from the blonde toy of our youth, and now there’s an entire series from the franchise that features historical and present-day role models who broke the mold and shattered glass ceilings for young girls and women everywhere. The Barbie Inspiring Women series has been steadily adding dolls to its collection, and the newest one is the Helen Keller Barbie, available at Target, Amazon, and the Barbie website on May 18 for $30.

Helen Keller was an incredible person who paved the way for those with disabilities and proved that perseverance and strength are worth it all. Keller was also the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, which would make this a beautiful keepsake gift for those graduating seniors, or even a fun new learning toy for kids graduating kindergarten this year. Keller was a trailblazer and role model for her work as a renowned author, advocate, educator, and speaker.

Barbie teamed up with the advocacy organization The National Federation of the Blind (NFP) to ensure this Helen Keller doll and her surroundings were truly authentic and “held to the highest standards for the blind/low-vision community.” In addition to this verification, the organization also ensured Barbie made the doll to Hellen Keller’s likeness, as well as having the packaging and other elements of the doll accessible for the blind/low-vision community. The book Keller is holding and even the package the doll comes in has braille included.

Braille is on the back of the box for people who are blind/low vision.Mattel

Hellen Keller’s outfit is even accurate for the 1900s, as she wears a striped skirt and lace ruffled blouse — which was inspired by her time as a student, according to Barbie.

Helen Keller joins Dr. Maya Angelou, Billie Jean King, Ella Fitzgerald, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Florence Nightingale, Katherine Johnson, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, and Sally Ride in the Barbie Inspiring Women Series collection.

Be sure to pick up Hellen Keller and all the other dolls in this beautiful and educational collection. I think they’d all live together quite nicely in the Barbie DreamHouse and cruising around in Barbie’s pink convertible.