Be There On The Double With These 20 Holiday Gifts For Kids Who Love Paw Patrol

No job is too big, no present too small.

It's a scary moment when you realize you can recite the names of the Paw Patrol team faster than the names of your best friend’s children. But it happened to me and it can happen to you. Such is the pull that the cartoon franchise of six rescue dogs and their fearless human leader Ryder have over a mom brain. Listen to the show’s theme song enough and you’ll never forget Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye. Neither will your children, which is why these 20 holiday gifts for kids who love Paw Patrol. are guaranteed to be major hits this holiday season.

A show that enchants children from as young as three to as old as seven (give or take), the beauty of buying Paw Patrol toys is they’re geared for little hands so even younger siblings can enjoy them. And because there are six pups, each child can have a favorite. In our house, it was always a debate over who was the best, Rubble (on the double) or Marshall. Then again, sometimes our allegiance would betray both and I’d find myself and my son on the floor playing for hours with Chase.

Which brings me to a little heads up: Parents, if Paw Patrol is an entirely new concept to you, expect your children to soon discover and take on a “collect them all” mentality. You can’t really imagine the Paw Patrol world unless you have the entire cast, as my son patiently explained to me. To get started, check out these toys.

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Tiny Pups

The gateway toys to Paw Patrol, this mini pack includes all the key players so your new fan can get started playing pretend right off the bat.


Look out below!

The Lookout Tower, a.k.a. the pups' HQ, is where a big portion of the Paw Patrol action takes place, so naturally your child might want this. But it’s an investment. You don’t get a ramp Chase can ride down for free, now.


Pup My Ride

As darling as the dogs are, a big draw of Paw Patrol is the puppies sweet vehicles. Each one is different and there are alternative versions as well, this this Deluxe version Chase gets to drive.


Dial Up

One of my son’s all-time favorite reads, this book is a must buy because it comes with pawsome sounds! The attached cellphone noises correspond with the story so as you read, your little one can manipulate a soundtrack to go with it. I tried to regift this to a neighbor this spring and my now 5-year-old put his foot down.This book is staying on the shelf probs forever.


Prepare for Take Off

It likely hasn’t escaped your attention that Zuma is the lone girl pup in the pack. But she’s just as hardcore as the rest of the crew and flies in a sweet helicopter, or in this case, a pink dino vehicle. I don’t even understand what those words mean, but it sounds rad.


Piece it Together

Ideal for preschoolers, this puzzle combines their favorite show with a great motor skill game. Help them develop their understanding of shapes and logic as they piece five scenes together.


Let's Color!

Want to entertain your Rocky fan during a road trip? Hand them this Crayola Paw Patrol activity pack that has 32 pages of puzzles and activities and a set of washable markers to complete them.


No Mess, No Stress

If those washable markers make you wary, opt for invisible ink instead. This activity kit holiday themed and guaranteed to be mess free.


Shine On

There are all kinds of Paw Patrol shoes on the market, but we’re partial to these high tops that rock Chase and Marshall on the side and velcro on the top for easy access. Also, did I mention these light up? That too.


Stick 'Em Up

What’s better than playing Paw Patrol? Covering your entire body in Paw Patrol stickers, that's what. Believe me, just ask any 4-year-old. This good time can be had by shoving a pack of these stickers in their stocking.


All Dolled Up

Party City, naturally, has a wide variety of Paw Patrol costumes, so you can outfit your Rubble wannabe with this sweet suit that comes with the jumpsuit and paw covers.


Bow Out

Ask any band fan, are you truly a fanatic if you don’t rock the merch while watching the show? We think not. That’s why these bows make a perfect gift. Pop them on some pigtails and tune in for the latest episode.


Cap Off the Celebrations

Keep the sun out of your kids eyes with a baseball cap that displays Marshall, Rubble and Chase.


Chill Out

Baby, it’s cold outside. And getting a tiny tot to actually want to wear their warm weather gear can be a challenge. But not when it’s covered with their favorite Nickelodeon show. This pack comes with a cozy hat and mittens.


Welcome to the Hood

Would your kid just love a hoodie sporting their fave pup? Then let them express themselves with this zip up sweat shirt that comes in all six puppy designs.


Mega Watt Voice

Is your kid more of a Ryder, the organizer of the troupe who sends the pups out to fight missions? Then he or she clearly needs this megaphone to direction his crew. Not only will it change their voice, it makes silly sounds and has a button that gives info on Skye, Marshall and Rubble.


Punch and Judy Meets Paw Patrol

Need a baby sitter for your own little baby pup. Hand your big kid this pack of Paw Patrol finger puppets and let them put on a puppet show for your little one. Bonus: These double as a great bath toy.


Snuggle buddy, please?

Plastic toys are fun and all, but sometimes you need a stuffed animal to snuggle. Naturally, Paw Patrol merch has that covered too, like this snuggly Rocky toy.


Let's Decorate

Let your little one decorate their room with their Paw Patrol without running the paint job. These 37 decals are reusable so they easily peel off allowing your pup in training to recreate new scene after new scene.


Sweet Dreams

For the next level Paw Patrol fan, how about a Paw Patrol bed? With this they can even dream about rescuing Chickaletta.


Your Throne Awaits

Like a Lazy Boy, but for toddlers, this foam chair features Marshall and Chase and gives a kid their own spot to lounge while watching the next 12 episodes. The only thing missing is a reclining mechanism (but just give merchandisers a minute. We’re sure that's on its way.)

Need even more Paw Patrol. Just turn on the tube. Surely even more pup toys and looks are on their way.