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How Much Does The 2023 Super Bowl Ring Cost?

Winning the big game means major bling.

On Sunday Feb. 12, 2023, two NFL teams will go head to head in a matchup to decide the winner of the 57th Super Bowl. One of the biggest headlines to-date about Super Bowl LVII is that Rihanna will take the stage to perform for the first time since giving birth. Clearly, this is why I (like so many others) will tune in to game, but for the players, the stakes are high — and so is the price tag on the bling they’ll land if their team wins. So, how much does the 2023 Super Bowl ring cost? Hold onto your helmets.

How much does the 2023 Super Bowl ring cost?

Here’s the deal, the championship rings aren’t actually made until after the Super Bowl. So, until the winner has been crowned, there’s really no way to know how much the 2023 Super Bowl ring will cost.

Even once there is a winner, exact Super Bowl ring prices aren’t always made public. But, taking into consideration the total carat weight of the diamonds and gemstones used, as well as the going rate for precious metals, Yahoo Finance estimates that a full team set of Super Bowl rings costs about $5 million.

If history is any indication, you can expect for each 2023 Super Bowl ring to cost between $30-50K, made after the winner is determined.

Why are Super Bowl rings so expensive?

Super Bowl rings are custom designed each year to reflect each winning team’s unique identity and culture. This could include references to the team’s stadium, the final Super Bowl score, or even pieces of the actual game ball, as is the case for the 2022 Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, according to CBS Sports.

The ring’s design is a major factor into the cost of the ring. Often made with gold, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other expensive gems and precious metals, the ring’s total cost varies from year to year and team to team. For example, the 2021 Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers ring is made from 14 carat yellow and white gold with 319 diamonds for a 15 total carat weight, per CBS Sports.

By contrast, the 2022 Super Bowl ring made for the L.A. Rams has the most diamond carat weight in NFL championship history — a whopping 20 carats — and is also made from white and yellow gold. So, it stands to reason that Rams’ ring cost even more than the one made for the Bucs.

Super Bowl rings have been awarded to every NFL championship team since 1967, with each year’s ring seemingly growing bigger and better than the year prior — at least judging by this NFL gallery of past Super Bowl rings. Only time will tell how flashy the 2023 Super Bowl ring will be.

Super Bowl ring production can last a few months, according to CNN, but the championship team will usually have their rings in time for the start of training camp. Rest assured that the winners will have major bling to sport soon enough.

(And maybe they’ll even send one to Rihanna — she deserves it.)