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The 2024 Super Bowl Ring Is Sure To Be A Showstopper

If the Chiefs win, do we think Taylor Swift gets one?

Super Bowl LVIII takes place Sunday, February 11 in Las Vegas with the reigning champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, taking on the San Francisco 49ers. There are some major players on both rosters (along with at least one major girlfriend), and whichever team wins is going to have mega bragging rights for at least a couple of seasons. But they’re also going to sport some serious hardware — a Super Bowl ring. Super Bowl rings are pretty iconic, but they’re also very large and just a lot. So how much is the 2024 Super Bowl ring? What exact dollar amount are these players putting (or not putting, in most cases) on their fingers?

How much do Super Bowl rings cost?

Look, the Super Bowl ring isn’t an everyday piece of jewelry. They’re often very large, full of jewels and diamonds, and are pretty much status symbols in the NFL world. I like to imagine most players have them set up in a glass case somewhere in their house and not tossed in a jewelry box with an ancient puka shell necklace, but what do I know? In terms of how expensive they are though, it’s a bit hush-hush. Nobody really knows how much a Super Bowl ring costs, but generally, it’s about 5 million dollars per team, reported Newsweek.

But the teams get a little help — the NFL allocates up to $5,000 per teammate (up to 150 people) for the cost of the rings, noted Forbes. Anything beyond that (which happens a lot) is up to the team to spend their own money on.

How are the Super Bowl rings designed?

While all Super Bowl rings contain real diamonds and gems, how they’re designed is up to the team. Some may use a certain amount of diamonds to represent winning games or to signify something meaningful to the team. They also often use their team colors with the gem choices, like sapphires or rubies.

But no Super Bowl rings are created until after the Super Bowl. Designing this piece of jewelry isn’t like making Super Bowl Champion hats that can be bought immediately — you can’t exactly design 5 million dollars worth of jewelry and then say “Oh nevermind, they lost.” So until a Super Bowl champion is named after the big game on Sunday, it’s impossible to know exactly how much the 2024 Super Bowl ring costs or what it will look like.

Either way, Chiefs or 49ers, it’s sure to be an absolutely gorgeous statement piece for these teams.