Pregnant SAHM doesn't want to cook all of her husband's food anymore.
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Husband Who Thinks It’s Pregnant SAHM’s “Job” To Make All His Meals Has Reddit Fuming

“In fact, he thinks I have it easy because I ‘don’t work.’”

What do you think is a stay-at-home mom’s “job,” for lack of a better word? If you’re the husband of this mom, who’s pregnant with the couple’s fourth child, apparently it is your “job” to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for him. No matter what. The mom in question took to the popular sub-Reddit forum “Am I The A**hole” after she stood her ground and decided she wanted her husband to take care of a meal or two on his own, and his response was pretty shocking.

“I have three kids and am currently pregnant with my fourth. I left work to take care of our kids. My husband thinks that because I don’t work outside the house it’s my responsibility to take care of ALL duties related to the house and kids. You name it - cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, homework, school activities, drop offs, etc,” the exhausted mom wrote in her viral Reddit post, before adding that her husband, presumably a grown man, also expects her to prepare all of his meals. And when she was too tired after a summer of raising three kids and being pregnant, he told her “life’s tough this is your job.”

“[He] has no sympathy for me. In fact, he thinks I have it easy because I ‘don’t work.’ The last two nights I’ve refused to make him dinner and he’s acting like I’m a useless ‘horrible’ wife,” she added.

The Reddit mom is wondering why he can’t get himself a snack or make his own meal occasionally. “Why can’t he stop at the store after work and pick himself something up? Or look at what we have in the fridge and make something? When he’s hungry he’ll constantly say ‘I’m starving, I’m so hungry etc’ being passive aggressive to let me know he wants me to make him something,” she wrote. “I’m completely undervalued and unappreciated. Am I an a**hole for putting my foot down and refusing to wait on him hand and foot?”

People were quick to tell her that she is “not a slave” and had suggestions on how to deal with him. “When he starts acting like a big baby tell him ‘life’s tough,’” wrote one Redditor while another added, “I’ve been a SAHM and a career Mom and I can say being a SAHM is way freaking harder. With work you get breaks, lunch, adult convo, time to decompress on the drive home. And an end time when you’re off the clock. SAHM? No breaks, never off the clock and everyones [sic] needs come before your own. Your husband is a jerk. You may not get paid - but you definitely work.”

She isn’t the first stay-at-home mom to reach out to Reddit for a little social media support. Another mom wanted her husband to save his sick days at work for when she needs a bit of a break from being full on and present for their kids 24/7, while another mom had to remove the lock on her husband’s door because he kept sleeping through his parenting duties.

Being a SAHM is absolutely a full-time job. It seems awfully strange to have to say that like it’s not common knowledge in 2023, but this is where we are. Or at least, this is where this dad seems to be.