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These Couches Are Perfect For Climbing If The Nugget Couch Is Sold Out

They're like a cross between furniture and toys (and they'll keep your kids busy for hours).

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It’s a fact: kids love to climb. Even if you spend the entire day at the playground, they’re still going to come home and want to launch themselves off of your living room set. That’s probably what explains some of the fascination with the Nugget couch. Sure, it functions as seating, but it’s so, so much more, transforming into anything that your kiddo can come up with — a castle, a cave, or even a super slide. But if you can’t get a Nugget couch, you can always try these modular climbable sets instead.

At one point, it was almost impossible to get your hands on a Nugget. The wait list for The Nugget Couch ($229) was many months long, in fact. It makes you wonder how four foam pieces (i.e. a base, cushion, and two triangle pillows) could cause such a commotion, but The Nugget has legions of followers (it boasts over 13,000 5-star reviews on its site alone).

But what is it about scaling your sofa or leaping from your loveseat in general that is so attractive to kids? Well, part of it is based in biology and how kids are wired, Anne Inwood, LCSW, a licensed clinical social worker says. “Toddlers are climbing as they are developing their gross motor skills,” Inwood explains. “They want to use the new skills they are developing and continue to explore, and as they climb, some realize that they like the way that it makes their bodies feel.”

And that’s why you need a Nugget, or any of these modular pieces that will be perfect for your mini mountain climber.

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Fun Foam Blocks

Turn your kid’s playroom into their own fun zone with these foam building blocks from ECR4Kids. They’re made from dense foam that’s been covered with colorful soft leather material. Phthalate-free and GREENGUARD Gold certified for minimal emissions into the indoor air, your kid can have a blast stacking (and climbing) these rainbow-colored blocks.


2-In-1 Sofa

Is it a couch, or is it a table and chairs? With the Costzon Kids 2-in-1 Double Sofa, it really depends on the day—and what your child wants it to be. The double sofa can serve as a 2-deat armchair, or two chairs and a table for your kids. It’s super easy to clean (all it takes is a damp cloth and mild soap), and sports a sturdy construction in the form of a wooden frame covered by PVC surface, filled with a soft sponge, and is ASTM-certified.


Super Soft Seating

Square blocks are so boring. That’s what makes these squishy seats from Wayfair so exciting. They fit together in various formations to create not just cool designs, but a fun place for your kiddo to play and sit on. They can be used as a big block, as chairs and a bench, and so much more. They’re made from polyurethane, and can be wiped down easily in case of spills and other messes.


Make It Modular

You won’t have to yell at your kid to stop climbing all over the couch when you get them this modular loveseat meant for children. Sure, your kid can use it as a couch, but it can also be used as a fort, a stage for putting on a show, or even a big ol’ sleeper, perfect for naptime. Inside the machine-washable covers is 100% cushy foam core that can withstand any bouncing and jumping your kid does on it.


Crawl & Climb

Rectangles and squares and cylinders, oh my! Five fun blocks make up this colorful set from Costzon for hours of creative play. The outside of the blocks is made from soft leather, while the inside they’re stuffed with environmentally-friendly pearl cotton. The set is also ASTM-certified and non-toxic for safe play.


Cake Sofa

From a fort to a table and chair, the options are endless with this transformable play furniture from Design Skins. Your child can transform it into a variety of shapes during play time, and when they’re tuckered out, simply switch it up into a sleeper for naptime. It’s made from 80% inner castella block foam, and 20% polyurethane memory fabric. (And those teeth are totally adorbs, too.)


More Than A Table & Chairs

The Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch is super similar to The Nugget in style, since it comes with two folding bases and two wedge cushions. It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, which means that it meets or exceeds the standards for chemical emissions. It’s made from polyurethane foam, is lead and phthalate-free, and woot, super easy to clean in case of spills.


Butterfly Set

The six rainbow-colored stools that come in this set from Amazon aren’t just for sitting. They can be arranged in a variety of ways (think stacked or straight) for the ultimate in climbing and creative play. And thanks to the non-slip bottom, you won’t have to worry about your kiddo slipping and sliding while they're playing.


Circle Time

Let’s say that you wanted to buy a nugget couch… but all you have space for is something the size of a chicken nugget. No problem. This soft, modular ottoman seat can be used as a chair — or as a stage for your child’s next performance. They can climb up and jump off (with supervision and lots of pillows to cushion their fall), or buy more than one and group them together for a sky’s the limit playtime.


Primary Seating

Your kid will literally run circles around you when you get them this sofa set sold at Wayfair. Although you can always keep the chairs together, you can flip them over to create a totally awesome tunnel for your kid to crawl through. The seats even have storage pockets to hold books or other toys.