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These Hilarious Inflatable Halloween Costumes Will Make Your Family Stand Out

From penguins to poop, everything you can imagine is inflatable.

If you think about it, an inflatable Halloween costume is kind of brilliant. At the end of October, it’s kind of cold in many parts of the country. So instead of layering sweaters or coats over your kiddo’s costume (and thus ruining its overall aesthetic, because who wants to see a werewolf wearing a scarf?), you get to keep your kid nice and toasty underneath the costume and no one will be the wiser.

But wait, there’s more! You can consume as much candy as you want without worrying about fitting into a costume, which are notorious for never fitting quite right. And many of them have some measly Velcro that’s meant to hold the back part of the costume together, and well, we all know that it takes one poorly executed squat to not just split open the back, but a pivotal part of the costume as well (i.e. the crotch).

Not so with the inflatable Halloween costume, which has plenty o’ space in which you can move around. And if you get one of those freakishly warm Halloweens, you won’t sweat, thanks to the battery-powered fans that all of these inflatable costumes come with.

So grab your AAs (you’re going to need a lot of them), and get ready to inflate your way to some ghastly good fun.

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A Unicorn Inflatable Halloween Costume

This adult-sized inflatable unicorn comes in three colors (blue, pink, and white), and has a flowing colorful mane, and obligatory horn. There’s a pocket inside the costume to keep your battery pack safe (if you plunk it in your pocket, it could overheat, and no one likes a fried unicorn. It takes four AA batteries, and it comes with an instruction sheet, costume, and air pump.


T-Rex Inflatable Halloween Costume

Your child will be the fiercest trick-or-treater on the block when they wear this T-Rex inflatable dinosaur costume. Made from 100% nylon, the long-sleeve costume comes with a battery-operated fan (four AA batteries will do the trick), and a hole in the T-rex’s neck is how your kiddo will see. But since T-rex’s are notorious for having short arms, you might need to help your kid collect the candy from the neighbors.


Kids Sumo Wrestler Inflatable Halloween Costume

Your child can take their love of wrestling to a whole new level with this fun inflatable kids’ sumo wrestler costume. It’s 100% polyester, and runs on four AA batteries. Be sure to put the battery pack on the belt and not in a pocket since it can potentially cause a burn. Best part: the costume inflates in seconds, and it comes with a wig to complete the look.


Jet Pack Kids Inflatable Halloween Costume

Listen, your child might not be Jeff Bezos, but he can still blast off into space with this spectacular jet pack kids’ inflatable costume. It’s a one-size costume that fits kids up to about 5 feet tall, and with its reinforced stitching, it should last a long time. (At least, longer than Bezos’ 10-minute ride into space on a suspiciously phallic-looking rocket.)


Pillsbury Doughboy Adult Inflatable Costume

Your partner will look particularly delicious when they don this adult inflatable Pillsbury Doughboy costume. It inflates easily thanks to a built-in fan, and with its back zipper, it’s an easy on, easy off outfit. Now, it’s up to you to poke the Pillsbury Doughboy’s belly and see if they laugh.


Prestige Little Mermaid Ursula Women’s Costume

Ariel, Ariel, Ariel. Show everyone who’s the real star of The Little Mermaid with this mesmerizing Ursula costume. It comes with a shirt, dress, necklace, and an inflatable overskirt with an attached fan and battery pack. Oh, those poor unfortunate souls who try to upstage your villainous self at the Halloween party.


Adult Inflatable Mr. Potato Head Costume

Whether you’re a fan of Toy Story or just remember this classic toy from childhood, you’re sure to get lots of awww’s when you wear this adult inflatable Mr. Potato Head costume. It comes with white gloves to complete the look. Now, who’s in the mood for some sour cream and onion potato chips and dip?


Adult Inflatable Donkey Pinata Costume

Be sure to stay away from people with sticks when you wear this adult inflatable donkey pinata costume. It looks very similar to the real thing, and kids who might feel cranky that they didn’t get enough candy might want to take a whack at you. In that case, you can just turn off that battery-operated fan, just to be on the safe side.


Batman Inflatable Costume Top

If you’re going to be a superhero, this Batman Inflatable Costume Top will have everyone marveling at how buff you got — and so fast, too. The inflatable shirt comes with a battery-operated fan and blue cape; all you need to do is pair it with a pair of black pants and shoes, and you’re set to stop the Joker in Gotham City.


Minions: The Rise of Gru Minion Child Inflatable Costume

They’re diabolically adorable, which explains why the Minions make the cutest inflatable costume for Halloween. And looking like a one-eyed, walking talking Twinkie will definitely get your child a ton of candy — and they won’t even have to get Gru to help them steal the moon for it.


Inflatable Orange Adult Costume

If you can’t decide what you want to be this Halloween, why not be a big ol’ blob? This inflatable costume comes with the jumpsuit, fan, hood, gloves, and socks. Although it comes in a bunch of different colors, you might want to keep it seasonal and stick with orange.


Kids Inflatable Red Wavy Arm Guy Costume

You know those wavy armed blowups that you find at some car dealerships or store openings? Well, now your kid can be one with this cute costume. It comes with an inflatable motor, and elastic on the arm holes means that your kiddo’s costume will continue dancing through a long night of trick or treating.


Kids Inflatable Poop Costume

Sure, your kid can’t get enough of fart jokes, which is why this poop costume will be a total number two. Looking just like the poop emoji, it can fit kids up to 75 pounds. And it’s perfect for the child who sometimes acts like a little s***.


Adult Inflatable Avocado Costume

For the gal or guy who goes gaga over guac, this avocado costume is totally delish. Inflation is fast and easy, thanks to the battery pack, and the non-included four AA batteries. Just make sure that no one is making toast nearby and looking to slather you all over it.


Child Inflatable Biker Ride-On Costume

Your kid will be the cool rider collecting candy on Halloween when they wear this biker ride-on costume. And with the “Born to Ride” tat on their arm (and flames coming out from the exhaust pipes), your child will look like a total badass.


Gnome Ride A Snail Inflatable Costume

Have you ever seen a gnome ride a snail? Well, you’re about to, when your child wears this silly yet sweet inflatable Halloween costume. You’ll get the inflatable full body suit and air pump, which runs on four AA batteries. How fast (or how slow) your gnome-riding snail goes is entirely up to your child.


Full Body Shark Air Blow Up

This costume gives a whole new meaning to the movie, Jaws. The inflatable shark suit has an air pump to keep you safely inside the fish’s belly. A mesh net where the shark’s open mouth is can allow you to safely see, and in total, the costume stands over 7 feet tall.


Inflatable Olaf Snowman Costume

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, when you get this adult Olaf snowman inflatable costume, you won’t have to. This durable costume means you won’t end in a puddle come the end of trick-or-treating with your kiddos. Just be sure to stock up on your AA, because you’ll need eight in order to keep Olaf feeling super chill — literally.


Adult Inflatable Earth Costume

Help raise awareness for climate issues (and get your kid more candy) with this adult inflatable earth costume. The nylon costume comes with a tunic so that you’ll match, and a built-in fan keeps the earth (and you) cool.


Inflatable Penguin Costume For Kids

Sure, Thanksgiving might be weeks away, but that shouldn’t stop your little one from dreaming of winter weather. This inflatable penguin costume will make your kiddo waddle just like the real ice-loving bird. It’s one costume you definitely want to get a video of your child wearing.

Halloween is the one time of year when you can wear really anything you want without anyone batting an eye. So give yourself room to grow (literally) with these fun inflatable costumes that will make the holiday even more fun.