Labor Day

Costco isn't open on Labor Day, but does have some great Labor Day deals.
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Costco’s Labor Day Hours Aren’t Great For Weekend Shopping

Here's what you need to know before heading over to grab your pallet of baked beans.

Labor Day is the perfect holiday for everyone to rest and reflect on how hard they work at their jobs every day and to celebrate with a day of relaxation and a huge barbecue. If you’re feeling extra and want to host the entire neighborhood, you’ll probably be hitting up Costco to grab your barbecue items in bulk. But what if you forget a key item for your party menu? Is Costco open on Labor Day? Can you spend the three-day weekend grabbing both patio furniture and a few gallons of ketchup?

What are Costco’s Labor Day 2022 Hours?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to run over to Costco quick if you forgot your pallet of baked beans, because the warehouse is closed on Labor Day, per the Costco website. So if you need items for your Labor Day barbecue or were planning to do some three-day-weekend shopping, you better head over to Costco all the other days they’re open — which is every day of the week, with hours varying depending on your location.

Labor Day deals at Costco

While it’s too early to know the exact details of the Labor Day sale, you better believe Costco will be having one, as they do every year. If it’s anything like last year, Costco will have savings on mattresses, clothes and shoes, furniture and home goods — and the big one ... appliances. Manufacturers typically unveil new models of their products around September and October, so a Labor Day sale is the perfect time to upgrade your appliance on the cheap.

Just make sure to go find those good Labor Day deals on the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend.