What you need to know about Costco's Thanksgiving hours.
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Here’s What You Need To Know About Costco’s Thanksgiving Hours

Will you be able to snag that 20-pound bag of potatoes the day of Thanksgiving?

It never fails. I have always forgotten at least one important ingredient for Thanksgiving dinner, and I never realize it until Thanksgiving Day. Even worse than that is realizing just a day or two before that you need to go to the overcrowded grocery store for something as simple as a can of cranberry sauce. It helps to just buy in bulk, like at Costco, but Costco’s Thanksgiving hours might not be able to save you this year.

Is Costco Open Thanksgiving?

Unfortunately, Costco is closed on Thanksgiving Day, per the Costco website. This isn’t a new development — the retail favorite is closed on most major holidays. So whether you were hoping to pick up a few extra pies or like a billion rolls and giant tubs of butter, you’ll need to plan ahead.

But if you’re hoping to do some shopping on Black Friday, after a leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich, you’re in luck. Costco will be open at 9 a.m. on Black Friday, Nov. 26, so you can squeeze on in for all of their amazing Christmas toys, decorations, and more. There are tons of great deals available, and maybe you can even stock up on a whole bunch of supplies for next Thanksgiving.

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So enjoy your turkey day at home with your family. If you desperately need something, there are several grocery stores open on Thanksgiving (but they will have limited hours). Maybe just go ahead and buy two cans of whipped cream in the week ahead, and ask relatives to check in on the canned cranberry sauce. Someone always manages to forget it. (Or you’ll end up with roughly 10 cans for a family of four’s dinner.)