Memorial Day

publix storefront, Publix is open on Memorial Day 2022

Here's What Memorial Day Hours Will Look Like At Publix This Year

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Publix is party ready.

For those loyal to a grocery store brand, knowing when and if a store will be closed is important. That’s definitely true for Publix. The chain has a strong following and with a big holiday weekend on the horizon, you might be wondering, is Publix open on Memorial Day 2022? With a robust bakery, fresh deli with plenty of sandwich options (perfect for Memorial Day picnics), and holiday staples like cold sodas, chips, burgers, and buns, you definitely need this go-to grocery store to be up and running. The question is: can you still get all those goodies if you waited until the last minute on Memorial Day?

Is Publix open on Memorial Day 2022?

The answer? Yes! Publix stores will be open on Memorial Day according to a store associate. You can expect the chain to be operating at normal hours — 7 a.m. until 9 or 10 p.m. — depending on the location.

That said, the Publix associate tells Romper that Publix pharmacies may not be open. They operate independently of the grocery store chain so it’s worth checking in with your pharmacist or grabbing any prescription refills in advance of the holiday weekend just to be on the safe side.

What to buy at Publix on Memorial Day

As for the store departments’ operational plan for Memorial Day? Never fear, you can still get everything you need, be it a great holiday cake from the bakery or some fresh shrimp or salmon from the seafood department. All of Publix regular sections will be up and running Memorial Day so you can shop your favorite items.

While you’re there, get festivity ready with some great items like party platters of popcorn chicken, a Boar’s Head charcuterie board, or a tray of small sub sandwiches.

This Memorial Day, save yourself the hassle of missing the sunshine stuck in the kitchen and let Publix do the work of feeding your guests for you.