Exterior of a Trader Joe's store. Trader Joe's is closed for Thanksgiving 2022.
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Is Trader Joe's Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

Their official holiday store hours are as follows.

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If you do most of your grocery shopping at good ol’ TJ’s, you’re probably wondering: Is Trader Joe’s open on Thanksgiving Day 2022? They have a solid selection of frozen appetizers and sides that can basically pass for homemade.

Trader Joe’s Thanksgiving holiday store hours for 2022

As in years past, Trader Joe’s will be closed on Thanksgiving to give their employees time to spend the day with loved ones.

As for the days before and after Thanksgiving, Trader Joe’s will be open for their normal operating hours. For anyone who isn’t a frequent flyer, doors open at 8 a.m. and close at 9 p.m, seven days a week. The days leading up to Thanksgiving are a great time to browse your local Trader Joe’s as they clear out their fall items and make room for Christmas. Or rather, you better get in there and stock up on butternut squash mac and cheese bites before they’re gone for 11 months.

TJ’s also has some pretty incredible Thanksgiving-worthy sides, like heat-and-serve cheesy scallopini potatoes, or a cranberry chèvre goat cheese that will disappear right off the pre-dinner charcuterie board. And if their Everything But The Leftovers seasoning blend is anything like their Everything But The Bagel topping, definitely don’t skip it either.

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So, if you’re a Trader Joe’s devotee, make sure you choose your Thanksgiving Day recipes early, and double check that you’ve gotten all the ingredients you need in advance. Maybe this is the year you try making a festive fall cocktail or an inventive, kid-friendly side dish.

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