trader joe's mac and cheese bites is a great super bowl party appetizer
Jennifer Parris
These Trader Joe's Appetizers Are Literal Must-Haves For Your Super Bowl Party

You can do better than chips and dips.

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If you’ve ever shopped at Trader Joe’s, then you know that it’s a slightly fancier food shopping experience. After all, you can find a plethora of organic options as well as snacks that just aren’t available at big box stores. But if you’re only going there for the cauliflower gnocchi, or the almond butter-filled pretzel nuggets (and we can’t say that we blame you if you do), then you’re missing out on all the amazing (and easy) Trader Joe’s appetizers for the Super Bowl that will guests satisfied — even if the game goes into overtime.

But here’s the deal about shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s very, very easy to get sidetracked as soon as you step inside, because, well, everything looks and smells delish. That’s why taking some tips from this list (as well as an actual one) can help keep you focused as you make your own way into the end zone (i.e. the cash register). And because TJ’s foods are packaged in smaller sizes, it’s best to grab a cart right away so you can stock up on those chicken enchiladas that are totally calling your name without fumbling the packages.

So get your head in the game, and get ready to tackle (ha) the Trader Joe’s appetizers that your Super Bowl party needs. You just wind up being the MVP of the evening.


Roasted Vegetables

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You might not associate the Super Bowl with roasted veggies, but that might be because you haven’t tried this one from Trader Joe’s. Inside the package you’ll find potatoes, squash, Brussels Sprouts, and carrots, and costs $5.99. The yummy garlic and herb sauce will make this vegan dish one of the healthier apps of the evening.


Traditional Meatloaf

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Meatloaf is made for Sunday suppers, which is why you’ll want to serve this crowd-pleasing Trader Joe’s appetizer. The meatloaf (which costs $7.49) is made with no artificial colors or flavors, and is topped with a yummy tomato sauce. You’ll just slice and serve it before game time, or even cut it up into cubes and pop some toothpicks into it for younger fans.


Chicken Enchiladas Verdes

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Can you say, “delicioso”? Well, you will be when you heat up the chicken enchiladas verdes. A mildly spicy green chili sauce sits atop enchiladas stuffed with chicken, Monterey jack and cotija cheese. It warms up really well either in the microwave or the oven. It costs $7.49, and is better the next day, assuming that there are any leftovers, that is.


Stuffed Peppers

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Stuffed peppers are an awesome appetizer, but they can be a little laborious to make. Not so with the stuffed peppers from Trader Joe’s ($6.29), which come ready-made and can be heated up in the oven. They’re made from ground turkey and chicken breast, along with white rice and parmesan cheese, and are the perfect app for your Super Bowl party.


Chunky Guacamole

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It should be illegal to say that you’re having a Super Bowl party and not serve any guac. But when those avocados went from rock hard to black inside overnight, this chunky guacamole ($3.99) from Trader Joe’s can save Super Bowl Sunday. It’s made with Greek yogurt, but don’t worry, it tastes just like the real deal. It also has 60% less fat than regular guac, which means you can pile some extra cheese onto your nachos to make up the differential.


Smoked Salmon Dip

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Sure, salsa and guac are good and all, but if you’re looking to offer up some truly delicious dips, try out this smoked salmon dip ($4.49). The smoked salmon dip comes with salty little capers, and would go perfectly with crackers or other crudite. Or, you just might to slather it all over an everything bagel the next morning for a yummy breakfast.


Vegan Caramelized Onion Dip

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You might have tried that sour cream and powdered onion soup combo before, but that’s all about to change. The vegan caramelized onion dip ($3.99) is everything you want it to be, and more. It’s dairy-free, so those with lactose intolerances can still dip their chips into it worry-free. It’s got lots of onion-y bits, making it an ideal dip for veggies, pretzels, or other crusty bread.


Mandarin Orange Chicken

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You could order takeout on Game Day — or you could pick up this frozen app from Trader Joe’s and call it a day. The mandarin orange chicken ($4.99) is beautifully battered and then covered in a mandarin orange ginger sauce. You’ll just need to put it into the oven before kickoff, but once it starts baking, it’ll be hard to resist the scent wafting from your kitchen.


Vegetable Spring Rolls

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Kale, edamame, mushrooms, and shredded tofu are what you’ll find in the vegetable spring rolls at Trader Joe’s. A vegan dish, the spring rolls (which retail for $4.29), come five in a box, so you might want to pop a couple of packages into your wagon…just in case.


Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts

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When you don’t have time to hit the drive thru on Super Bowl Sunday, you can serve up these kid-friendly breaded chicken tenderloin breasts ($7.99) instead. They come fully cooked, but they’re frozen, so give yourself enough time to heat them up (air fryer or oven are best for overall crispiness), before your kiddo gets cranky and starts complaining that they’re starving.


Mac and Cheese Bites

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Kids love mac ‘n cheese. They also love all things breaded. Give them the best of both worlds with the mac ‘n cheese bites. Crispy and crunchy on the outside (and creamy and cheesy on the inside), these bites are bound to be gone as soon as they’re served. If you’re feeding a crowd, you might want to get an extra box or two, which costs $3.99.


Chickenless Crispy Tenders

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A truly meatless marvel, no one will ever know that these Trader Joe’s chickenless crispy tenders ($3.29) are, in fact, not made from chicken. What they are made from, shockingly, is soy and whole grains. The meal is also vegan and comes frozen. They’re shaped just like the real thing, and if you pair it with a dipping sauce like ranch, mustard or ketchup, your kiddo will never know the difference.


Organic Cheese & Tomato Pizza

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Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday is a no-brainer. That’s why you should try the cheese and tomato frozen pizza that Trader Joe’s offers. The family sized pizza ($5.99) is made with mozzarella, provolone, and Emmentaler cheeses, and is handmade, too. Cooked in wood burning ovens, it’s imported from Italy, and can be on your table in mere minutes. Oh, and it’s also organic, too.


White Stilton Cheese with Apricots

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Sometimes, it’s fun to serve up something that’s strictly for the adults. Unless your kiddo adores apricots (and if they do, we bow down to you), the white stilton cheese with apricots will be an app that the adults get to enjoy without having to share. A product of England, the cheese ($10.99/lb) comes with plenty of apricot bits to bite into. You can serve this cheese alongside other cheeses and meats on a charcuterie board, or make it the star of the platter by placing it alone with yummy crackers and a nice wine pairing.



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There is a way to take filo dough, add some cheese, and make your own cheese sticks. But come Game Day, you want to get out of the kitchen and enjoy the activities. These cheese sticks (technically sharp cheddar crunchy sourdough twists) will help you do just that. And with their twisted, toasted appearance, the cheese sticks (which cost $2.99) are pretty on a plate, but it’s not like they’re going to be there for long, though.


Multigrain Pita Bite Crackers

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With so many fancy schmancy cheeses and meats to choose from at Trader Joe’s, it stands to reason that you’ll want to have crackers that can make the cut. Well, the pita bite crackers can do just that. Made from whole wheat and flax seeds, the multigrain crackers are awesome on their own, or covered with other spreads.

Whether your Super Bowl viewing party consists of just yourself, an intimate crowd, or dozens of friends, these Trader Joe’s appetizers will not disappoint.

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