Memorial Day

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Everything You Need To Know About Walmart's Memorial Day Hours

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They have literally everything you need.

It’s the night before Memorial Day and suddenly you realize you snagged hot dogs but are without buns. Or maybe you just discovered you’re short on sunscreen but are prepping to float the river. Panicked, you wonder, is Walmart open on Memorial Day? It’s an important question. Rather than racing to three different stores, if Walmart is open, you can knock out all of your Memorial Day prep in one go. So what’s the scoop?

Is Walmart Open on Memorial Day 2022?

Exhale, friend. Walmart, that big box bastion of American commerce, is open on Memorial Day. God bless America. Make your list, check it twice and prepare to head to your local Walmart to get all the goodies you need to make Memorial Day 2022 magical.

As for hours, you can likely expect your fave Walmart to be operating within its normal times, but to be on the safe side, it never hurts to do a double check on Walmart’s Store Locator site. Just plug in your location details and the site will give you a map of area Walmart’s and their specific store hours so you can be sure to squeeze in a quick run.

What to buy at Walmart for Memorial Day 2022

While you’re there (you took the time after all), you might as well have some fun checking out the Memorial Day goods. And, as it turns out, there are plenty. Sure, you can snag the typical items like charcoal for the grill or barbecue sauce for your Memorial Day feast. But why not indulge your “extra” impulse and grab some holiday decorations while you’re at it? These fun front door banners read “America” and “Freedom” and can really set the tone for your festivities. Or how about a sparkly garland of red, white, and blue stars? You can reuse it for 4th of July so really this is a BOGO deal, if we’re being honest.

Go ahead, go wild at Walmart on Memorial Day. That’s why it’s open for you, after all.