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The Cutest New Holiday Jellycats, From A Yule Log To A Santa Lobster

Don’t miss the smiling mince pie either.

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Are you new to the world of Jellycats, or are you an avid collector of the adorable stuffed animal (and plant and food and object) brand? Both kids and adults love Jellycat thanks to their ultra soft materials and signature happy faces, and each year, they release the cutest new holiday Jellycat plushes.

If you’re new to the world of collectible stuffies, here’s everything you need to know about Jellycat: they have a wide variety of plush designs, from classic rabbits and bears to modern-day must-haves like a smiling wedge of brie or a happy stuffed succulent. They also come in every size imaginable, from the tiny, travel-sized Pocket Pals line to big dinosaurs and other animals that reach up to 43 inches high. And the last important bit of info is that they have a bit of a cult following, so if you want to snag one of the cutest new holiday Jellycats, you’ll need to jump on it fast.

This year’s holiday Jellycats feature stuffed holiday decor, like wreaths, Christmas trees, and holly, iconic characters like an elf and Santa Claus, and classic animals, like bears, bunnies, and festive little mice. All their plushes have passed extensive safety testing, with some being suitable even for newborns. You can check the product descriptions on each product to learn more about who it’s safe for (and no worries if you plan keep it for yourself).


A Jellycat yule log plush

Have you ever seen such a happy little dessert? This Amuseable Yule Log is a soft, corded chocolate cake with stitched-on cream filling and sugar dust, with the perfect little holly sprig on top. It also has the cutest little feet ever, and the hallmark of a Jellycat plush: that funny little face.


A Christmas lobster

Maybe you like unconventional Christmas décor. Maybe you live somewhere near the beach. Perhaps you just really like seafood? Whatever the reason you might want a Celebration Crustacean Lobster, it’ll make a cheeky addition to your collection. He has holiday Jellycat friends, too: a crab and a shrimp.


This sweet little elf

Um, hello, ethereal little fairytale Leffy Elf. Leffy comes in two sizes, either 9 or 13 inches tall, though he’s equally adorable either way. You can also purchase Leffy’s accompanying children’s book, a tale of the little elf who wanted to give Santa himself a gift on Christmas. Speaking of...


A Santa Claus Jellycat

Where there are helpful elves, Santa Claus is never too far. The Jellycat Jolly Santa is available in sizes medium and huge, which measure 17 inches and 21 inches respectively. With his signature red coat and hat, and snowy white beard, he’s ready to spread some holiday cheer.


A wee mince pie

In case you’re not familiar, mince pie is filled with fruit, spices, and suet. The Amuseable Mince Pie, however, is “filled to the brim with fuzzy frolics” and topped with a pie crust star, according to the Jellycat website. It’s a very sweet size to boot, just 3 inches high and 5 inches wide.


A plush wreath you can hang

Sure, you could have a normal wreath, but why would you when this incredibly precious Amuseable Wreath Jellycat plush exists? It comes in two colors: a lighter green with a white and shimmery gold bow and holly berry accents, or this deeper pine hue with traditional red touches. Maybe just get both to be safe.


A cute Christmas tree

Honestly, would it even be a Jellycat holiday collection without a little smiling Christmas tree plush? No, no it would not. The Amuseable Blue Spruce Christmas Tree is one of three color options, with the other two having different shades of “branches” and stars. You can’t go wrong with any of these little guys.


A Christmas cracker stuffie

Quick explainer: Christmas crackers are like little Cracker Jack toys, paper hats, small trinkets, or slips of paper with jokes on them. This plush Amuseable Cracker, on the other hand, would prefer not to be unwrapped and just stick to snuggling up while you figure out where to watch The Grinch.


A cheerful snowman Jellycat

Maddy Snowman, well, he’s kind of a big deal. This review says it all: “The Perfect Snowman. It‘s really soft and fluffy, his smile is very cute, he lights up the room just by existing! Just the perfect snowman, you should definitely get one for yourself.” For the record, he comes in two sizes so you can pick the perfect one for your mantle.


A classic gingerbread man plush

Jolly Gingerbread Fred is absolutely invited to Christmas dinner, and he’s ready to impress in his little red bow tie. He’s available in Jellycat’s Huge size, meaning he can be as tall as 20 inches, or you can opt for a wee gingerbread fellow closer to real cookie size at just 7 inches tall.


A soft, wintry dragon friend

Jellycat’s onyx, rose, and sage dragons already have plenty of fans, but this Snow Dragon is a holiday 2022 release. As one reviewer says, “I was blown away by how heavenly soft he is. He is delightfully floppy and fat and rests perfectly on my shoulder. The fabric for his wings and spikes is so much nicer in person than in the photos, it sparkles and looks so pretty against his white fur.”


A potted poinsettia holiday Jellycat

Talk about a totes adorbs perennial plant. The Amuseable Poinsettia will never wilt or go out of season, and it’s available in both a classic red color and a minimal white hue as well. They have soft petals, wooly planters, and fluffy faux soil, and measure about 10 inches tall.


A happy little candy cane

If you’re a fan of the candy itself or really go all in on candy cane-themed Christmas decorations, the Amuseable Candy Cane Jellycat plush is a must-have. One reviewer writes, “The small one is the best if you want cuddly fluffiness. They have an AMAZING texture. I love them. Who would've thought you could make such a simple item so adorable!”


The cutest holiday Jellycat cake

Frankly, the only way they could make cake any better is to give it tiny feet and a pleasant expression, as Jellycat has done here with the Amuseable Slice of Christmas Cake. It has a fluffy cake interior with suede-like frosting and marzipan layers, and the perfect little holly “quiff” on top.


A sweet, smiling snowflake

OK, so this Amuseable Snowflake does not have feet, but somehow that doesn’t detract from its cuteness one bit. As one reviewer writes, “A little snowy angel. She's so soft and fluffy and huggable. I really like how she can sit. The texture is amazing! I'm in love with this new Jellycat!”


A skiing mouse holiday Jellycat

Let’s just say, if you’re trying to find a cuter holiday plush, good luck. This Merry Mouse Skiing (along with all the other variations, like Santa Mouse and Sweater Mouse) is undeniably adorable. Just look at that little green turtleneck and his oversized ears. Don’t even get me started on his feet in the skis.


A hang-able stuffed holly

Hang your Amuseable Holly on your tree, the fireplace mantle, or anywhere you’d like to see these three silly grins, really. The brand describes it as having stitchy, needlecord leaves and suede-y berries. This new holiday Jellycat plush measures 7 inches high and 9 inches wide, so it’s substantial enough to cuddle with, too.


The softest penguin plush

Looking for a winter baby shower or newborn welcome home gift? The Ditzi Penguin is subtle in color so it will match any nursery aesthetic, has “cloudy-soft, creamy” fur, and is safe from birth according to Jellycat. It’s got a sweet, sleepy expression and comes in two sizes (6 or 10 inches tall).


A snuggly polar bear Jellycat

Perry Polar Bear comes in a variety of sizes to suit your fancy, and he’s already a fan favorite according to the reviews. One calls him “a warm cozy boi,” going on to say, “He's one of my favorite Jellycats that I own so far. He's as luxuriously soft as any other brand new Jellycat that you get, and I love his sweet little face. He's well-made and gives off very cozy vibes.”


A Jellycat in its own stocking

The Shimmer Stocking Bunny and its matching stocking are a little smaller than a real-life stocking, but that just makes them perfect for cuddling up with. It’s not clear on the Jellycat website whether the bunny actually comes out of the stocking, so just be mindful of this when purchasing.

Which new holiday Jellycats will make their way into your collection? If the answer is “all of them,” no shame.